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2 simple ways to stop back pain almost immediately.
February 08, 2008

Welcome once again to the Back Pain Adviser E-zine.

Our goals are to give you the most valuable and expert advice on back pain, sciatica and neck pain issues.

Please Remember: this e-zine is designed to be brief and informative. No doubt you are like me and do not want to spend hours sifting through irrelevant details. So the Back Pain Adviser is kept brief, with information and tips you can apply now. So on to the issue…

Yes the Year has Started

2008 has begun to kick in at last. If you are in the north - winter is here, for those in the south - summer is blazing. But no matter where you are people still have back pain and can learn simple ways to eliminate it…

2008 is the year to learn to be free of back pain!

Tip of the Month - Lie Down… before you fall down

One of the best preventative exercises you can do is to lie down more often. The reason is simple enough…

Most adults never rest against gravity. When you sit or stand you are fighting gravity, gravity compresses your discs, tires your joints and fatigues your muscles. Over 95% of all back pain issues relate to the day to day stresses on your body. Falls and injuries are an infrequent cause. Although you may lift something and feel back pain…

Most times it is something you have lifted hundreds of times before. Suddenly it was today that it caused back pain. Why?

It has been a build up of tension on your spine until your spine could take no more. Then back pain arrived with a “normal daily activity”.

Lying down more often reduces the stress of gravity on your spine. It helps muscles stay stronger, it releases pressure off the spinal joints and will actually help your discs stay healthy.

So each night, rather than sitting on the couch and watching TV… lie on the couch OR lie on the floor.

Lie down more often in weekends (you don’t need to go to sleep – just rest). The more you lie down the more anti-gravity effects you will gain. So try it and see how it is not just your spine that benefits.

Things You Need to Know

How can you eliminate your back pain, neck pain and sciatica? What techniques are good and which aren't? This section is here to teach you the many ways you can help your self to a pain free life.


One of the common things I am asked about, especially in social situations, is what is Acupressure? Most people have heard of Acupuncture, so is Acupressure just the same without needles?

Basically yes, but with a few clarifications…

Both techniques have the view the body has channels of energy running through it. If these become blocked then certain functions in the body will not work as well as they should. Using needles in Acupuncture or your fingers in Acupressure you can remove these blockages and restore health.

Although there are many skeptics, numerous research papers have shown both methods to be highly effective at restoring health, stimulating various functions and yes … relieving pain. In fact there are surgeries performed today using Acupuncture as anesthesia, so you are awake during surgery but cannot feel a thing.

The big difference between Acupressure and Acupuncture is you can do Acupressure at home. No practitioner will give you a set of needles and teach you to do Acupuncture on your self.

Acupressure however is very easy to apply on your self and is actually more effective as a result. Why?

Your back pain is habitual. To change a habit you need to imprint a new habit and then reinforce it. To reinforce it you need to use daily stimulation – hence this can be done with Acupressure, but not Acupuncture.

The reason I teach you to use Acupressure is for 4 reasons:

  1. You can apply it your self, with no side-effects, and it takes only a few minutes to do.
  2. It gives you a set of tools to use anytime and anywhere, so you can help your self and others.
  3. You are able to change the bad habits of your body simply and easily.
  4. You can feel it working – so you can see improvement because symptoms ease and because you can feel the points working.

Acupressure takes only a few minutes each day to do, is 100% painless, impossible to do incorrectly, and highly effective at removing back pain and stopping it returning.

If you want a simple point you can do now to help ease pain, boost energy and help your joints move better…

Simply hold the inside of your knees, so that one hand is on your left knee and the other on your right – you can cross your arms over if it makes it more comfortable. Rest your hands there for a few minutes or longer – you cannot overdo the Acupressure points. Do this as often as you like, the more you do it the quicker the results. (no pressure is needed, just rest your fingertips on the point – it has a 3 inch radius so you won’t miss it)

The X-Pain Method

The only e-book with techniques, you can learn, that re-align your spine, gets joints moving freely and easily. The best stretches and strengthening methods and so much advice, tips and tools to remove and prevent your back pain.

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Your Questions:

Please remember, you can email me at with any questions you have and want answered. These can be used as part of this section, but you will also get a personal reply to your questions. So please feel free to contact me with any ideas, issues or information you want to see on the Back Pain Adviser.

Q: I have jaw pain and neck pain, are they related because when my jaw is sore my neck seems to be worse?

In fact the jaw and neck are very much related. The muscles that surround the jaw start from the skull and attach to the jaw, other muscles then attach the jaw to the collar bone via the hyoid bone (the U-shaped bone in your throat).

If the muscles of the jaw tighten or the jaw joint itself, then your neck becomes under more pressure. The same applies if the neck tightens then the jaw can become involved.

If you suffer from both jaw and neck pain, you need to address both. The good news is the techniques that help your neck in the X-Pain book, will also ease your jaw pain. To target your jaw though you can use a simple Acupressure point technique. Place your hand on the jaw that is tender and then place your other hand on the opposite outside ankle. This will target the jaw joint and its’ muscles and ease their tension. Also make sure you check the point #4 on the base of the skull as this relates to the jaw and neck aches and pains.

Just click on this link to order. Or go to our web page on the X-Pain Method


So thanks again for all your emails. Keep them coming and if you want changes ask for them. I try to keep the material as informative for you as possible.

For those who have ordered the X-Pain Method, please email me if you need advice, direction or just for feedback. It is great to hear from you as your back pain eases and disappears. Part of the enjoyment of practicing and teaching.

Until next month

Cheers, and stay back pain free.
All the best
Dr Graeme Teague

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Friends and Family

In Conclusion:

Remember, this e-zine is for you our readers. It is designed to help you understand more about your back pain and how you can help yourself. Also who to see and when. As we strive to be a leader in the structural field, your feedback is essential.

If you have any area you want covered on this newsletter or on the site, please contact us and let us know. All feedback – good or bad – is essential for us to continually grow and improve. So please contact me through the web site or via and put “E-zine” or “feedback” in the subject line. Thank you in advance for your input.


Dr Graeme Teague

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