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do you know how to increase muscle strength in just seconds?
June 06, 2008

Welcome once again to the Back Pain Adviser E-zine.

Our goals are to give you the most valuable and expert advice on back pain, sciatica and neck pain issues.

Please Remember: this e-zine is designed to be brief and informative. No doubt you are like me and do not want to spend hours sifting through irrelevant details. So the Back Pain Adviser is kept brief, with information and tips you can apply now. So on to the issue…

Back Pain Advice that Works!

Welcome again to the Back Pain Adviser. Do you know if your back pain is something to worry about?

We now have some back pain profile pages so you can see what is wrong and if there is help. All simple to fill in and only takes a few minutes to see what you need to do.

If you are interested in your structural health then head over to Back Pain Profile.

Can you imagine being able to be free of back pain, being able to do all the activities you use to. No more fears of surgery or a lifetime of back pain. Life the way it should be and a life you will soon have using the "X-Pain Method".

So enjoy this issue of the Back Pain Adviser and please email me if you have any questions or queries for any back pain issue you have. I am here to help you become back pain free.

Tip of the Month - Actually another Anouncement

The launch of the new version of the X-Pain Method is now only a matter of weeks away. For those who have ordered the original, don't worry. You will receive an email with an offer at a substantial discount.

The new version has video instruction and the techniques have been simplified further. A lot more step-by-step instructions and then the videos to clarify all the essential techniques. Feedback from some selected participants has been incredible.

So... watch out for the big launch

Things You Need to Know

How can you eliminate your back pain, neck pain and sciatica? What techniques are good and which aren't? This section is here to teach you the many ways you can help your self to a pain free life.

How Can You Increase the Strength of Your Muscles -in just minutes!

Muscle tightness is the biggest cause of back pain! The muscles themselves cause back pain, but they also allow the joints to tighten. This leads to further pain and discomfort.

The strange thing about muscle tightness is that it occurs as muscles tire. When a muscle tires it tightens and goes into spasm. The muscular pain you feel comes from muscles reduced in nerve supply.

This can occur over time as the area tires out from constant pain. Or if the area fails to function correctly then the muscles tire as they are asked to perform tasks they struggle to do.

Either way the muscles tire out and lose strength. This then allows them to tighten and then affect the joints they attach into.

Most people try to change the muscular system by lifting weights, doing exercise or stretching. In fact this does very little to alleviate the problem. Sometimes it can make the problem worse.

You may have had similar situations where you have exercised until you were blue in the face and still had back pain. Or you exercised and your back pain eased – you stopped the exercises and the pain returned. These are prime examples of muscles with reduced nerve supply.

So if you can’t exercise these muscles to improve strength what do you do?

There are some reflexes called Neuro-Lymphatic reflexes that allow you to stimulate the muscles nerve supply. They only require 20 seconds of stimulation to dramatically improve the nerve supply. Some people can notice significant changes in their pain levels after only a few minutes of targeting a few key reflex points.

The X-Pain Method teaches you these reflexes as part of its’ overall approach to removing and preventing back pain. Unless you target the muscles and their nerve supply you will not have long term relief from back pain.

The beauty of this system is that it only takes a few minutes to apply and then benefit long term from a pain free spine.

The X-Pain Method

The only e-book with techniques, you can learn, that re-align your spine, gets joints moving freely and easily. The best stretches and strengthening methods and so much advice, tips and tools to remove and prevent your back pain.

**Click here to Order your Copy for only $27.77**

Your Questions:

Please remember, you can email me at with any questions you have and want answered. These can be used as part of this section, but you will also get a personal reply to your questions. So please feel free to contact me with any ideas, issues or information you want to see on the Back Pain Adviser.

Q: If pain icreases when I cough or sneeze mean I have disc problems?

A: Coughing or sneezing increases the pressure around the spinal joints, so will straining of any kind.

If you cough or sneeze and there is inflammation around the joint - pain will increase. It will also aggravate the tight muscles and if there are disc issues, those too.

Although it feels painful, it does not necessarily mean you have disc problems or anything serious is occurring. It could be just a matter of a few tight muscles and the joints not moving well.

What you need to do is seek advice if it continues, especially if you are using techniques that will help with back pain issues. Techniques such as the "X-Pain Method" should ease pain quickly and then build on that steadily. If not then seek advice to rule out anything that is more serious first.

Just click on this link to order. Or go to our web page on the X-Pain Method


So thanks again for all your emails. Keep them coming and if you want changes ask for them. I try to keep the material as informative for you as possible.

For those who have ordered the X-Pain Method, please email me if you need advice, direction or just for feedback. It is great to hear from you as your back pain eases and disappears. Part of the enjoyment of practicing and teaching.

Until next month

Cheers, and stay back pain free.
All the best
Dr Graeme Teague

Friends and Family

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Friends and Family

In Conclusion:

Remember, this e-zine is for you our readers. It is designed to help you understand more about your back pain and how you can help yourself. Also who to see and when. As we strive to be a leader in the structural field, your feedback is essential.

If you have any area you want covered on this newsletter or on the site, please contact us and let us know. All feedback – good or bad – is essential for us to continually grow and improve. So please contact me through the web site or via and put “E-zine” or “feedback” in the subject line. Thank you in advance for your input.


Dr Graeme Teague

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