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X-Pain Method V2.0 only 47 minutes to go
August 04, 2008

It's just about time to launch the mightily new and improved version of the X-Pain Method. I've spent quite a bit of last night writing a letter which explains everything about this new version, how it's different and better than the first version and what you'll get.

It actually took a lot longer than I thought it would, simply because there's so much! So I have to warn you now and I apologise it's quite a long letter. Please forgive me for the length.

I know that many of you are ready to order the X-Pain Method V2.0 immediately... if that's you, just skip to the bottom of the letter, complete the form and place your order.

Those of you who want to know about every single inclusion in the guide, well then I think I've explained everything adequately. Take your time, go through the letter print it out if you need to and check it all out before you decide.


We are planning to release the new version all going well technically at exactly 9:00 pm EST.... I will send out a direct link to the letter a bit later, but the best way to get it this afternoon is to go to the countdown page.

If you refresh that link after 9:00 pm EST it will direct you to the proper page where you can read my letter and order the X-Pain Method V2.0.

Here is the link to the countdown page: X-Pain V2.0 Launches Now!

Remember to refresh that page after 9:00 pm EST to get the X-Pain Method V2.0.

Yours sincerely,

Graeme Teague

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