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Only 21 hours remaining…
August 11, 2008

Thank you to all of you who took advantage of The X-Pain Method V2.0 special launch price and extraordinary bonus offers.

As I write this, I believe only a handful of the bonuses that offer 24/7 lifetime access to my expertise remain. If you think that lifetime access to a health practitioner who has healed his own back and can definitely help you heal yours is a great idea, hurry and click here immediately X-Pain Method V2.0.

I look forward to hearing from those of you who’ve already taken me up on this exceptional offer.

There are only 21 hours left before this special launch and bonuses offer expire, then the guide will revert to its full price.

Click here now X-Pain Method V2.0 to heal your back pain safely, easily and permanently. You deserve it.

Yours sincerely,

Graeme Teague

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