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Only 37 minutes left…
August 11, 2008

Sorry to bother you, but I didn’t want you to miss out…this is just a quick, last-minute reminder to let you know that you only have 37 minutes to invest in The X-Pain Method V2.0 at its special launch price.

Go here now X-Pain Method V2.0 to relieve your pain and save money doing so.

Although the first bonus, 24/7 lifetime access to me, is already sold out, there’s still a chance for you to grab the second bonus, which is 3 email consultations with me over the next two months.

You’ll be able to ask me for advice and help about your own particular back pain problems. I’m certain that that will be more than enough time to help you to solve them.

This second bonus is now only available for another 37 minutes.

Go here now X-Pain Method V2.0.

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