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do you know the 3 reasons why you still have sciatica.
November 09, 2007

Welcome once again to the Back Pain Adviser E-zine.

Our goals are to give you the most valuable and expert advice on back pain, sciatica and neck pain issues. In this issue of the Back Pain Adviser you receive:

  1. Site Update – what has changed and been added to the Back Pain Advisor

  2. Tip of the Month – apply this tip, use it or lose it.

  3. Article of the Month – Sciatica… 3 reasons why you still have it

  4. The Future – what we have planned for our site.

  5. Your Questions – answers to your questions you have sent.

  6. Our Discount Offers – your benefits, in more ways than one.

  7. Friends and Family – send this e-zine to your friends and family.

Please Remember: this e-zine is designed to be brief and informative. No doubt you are like me and do not want to spend hours sifting through irrelevant details. So the Back Pain Adviser is kept brief, with information and tips you can apply now. So on to the issue…

Site Update:

Since the last issue of the Back Pain Adviser, the site has added pages for your viewing:

Burning Lower Back Pain – does this mean it is serious? What is it and what can you do about it?

Cure for Lower Back Pain – is there actually a cure? If so what should you do...

Sciatica Relief – how can you remove your sciatica effectively and quickly...

Updated X-Pain – we continually update our web page on the X-Pain Method, testimonials from those who use this unique method to get rid of their back pain once and for all.

Tip of the Month:

The saying "use it or lose it" applies even to back pain. In most back pain conditions, movement will actually help your condition. Movement means to keep active, but not over do it. Go for a walk, do some gentle stretches and keep your joints and muscles moving. It actually does help.

Article of the Month:

These articles are brief versions of articles published by Dr Teague in either Ezine articles or other article web sites. Dr Teague is a frequent contributor to these sites with articles on back pain, sciatica, and neck pain issues.

Sciatica… 3 reasons why you still have it

Sciatica… you know the pain that travels down your leg and makes life so horrible at times. Your back pain is affecting your life; you can’t do so many activities you once could. You may have sought treatment from many different practitioners, you may even have purchased many products off the internet… but your sciatica remains.

Did you know there are 3 simple reasons why your sciatica and back pain remain? Would you like to understand what these are so you can be finally free from your debilitating back pain? You may even be surprised to find that you can change most of these your self.

Here goes…

Reason #1: Your sciatica remains for the primary reason of habit. No you don’t have habits that you must change like your posture or how you lift. Habit relates to the internal mechanisms of your body. Habits form because of consistent and repetitive acts.

If you have had your sciatica for over a month (yes it only takes 31 days to form a habit) then your body believes it is perfectly normal to have sciatica and back pain. To remove your back pain and sciatica, you need to change these habits. The big question is how?

Treatment from a practitioner will not change habits. Why? It takes 31 days to change a habit. Do you know of any practitioner that does (or willing to) work 31 days in a row? Probably not.

Therefore to change habits you need to use techniques your self, consistently, repeatedly at home to change habits. For sciatica and back pain to disappear once and for all, you need to learn ways to help your self.

Reason #2: Most sciatica and back pain treatments fail as they only address one aspect of your problem. You will see some practitioners, and many internet sites, saying your problem is due to muscles. Then other will say it is joints. Then more who say it is inflamed tissues. And so on.

Who is right and who is wrong. In fact they are all right and all wrong. Back pain and especially sciatica is a combination of factors. Tight muscles, weak muscles, joints not moving correctly and inflammation – these all create your pain.

You also have emotional stress, general health, and fatigue levels that are just as important.

To have a complete and permanent relief from sciatica and back pain, you need to address all these areas. Which leads you to reason number 3…

Reason #3: Most people fail to remove their back pain and sciatica because they believe that to do so is too hard, too laborious, or too time consuming. You may also believe that unless you see results in a few minutes that things are not working.

You then decide to stop using the techniques and fail to consistently change the habits that cause your back pain or sciatica. Reason #1 again.

In reality, to change the habits, to correct the structural and general/emotional causes of your sciatica and back pain need only take a few minutes each day to apply.

It is not strength of will or courage that wins the day… it is consistency.

A famous quote from Winston Churchill about winning World War 2. It can be applied to winning your war against sciatica and back pain. Learn to consistently target the areas causing your back pain and sciatica then… it will disappear once and for all.

The X-Pain Method

The only e-book with techniques, you can learn, that re-align your spine, gets joints moving freely and easily. The best stretches and strengthening methods and so much advice, tips and tools to remove and prevent your back pain.

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The Future – what do we have planned?

The Back Pain Advisor strives to continually update our site with informative, expert and valuable advice. In the coming month we plan to have the following web pages up and running:

Over the next month or so, we plan to increase the information available to you on muscular back pain. Muscles are a big cause of back pain, but it is confusing for most...

Are muscles too tight or too weak? Do muscles cause more pain than joints? Are there simple ways to release their tension or build their strength?

So keep checking back to the site, subscribe to our blog to get the latest developments and learn as much as you can to help remove your back pain... forever.

Your Questions:

Please remember, you can email me at with any questions you have and want answered. These can be used as part of this section, but you will also get a personal reply to your questions. So please feel free to contact me with any ideas, issues or information you want to see on the Back Pain Adviser.

Q: When I stand or walk, I seem to lean to the side. Do I need to change my posture to correct this and if i do will my back pain disappear?

The simple answer is no.

Your posture is a result of how your spine and muscles work, as well as how tired or stressed you are. Just think, if you are really tired, do you stand up straight or slouch?

Chances are you will slouch. So although many people try to change their posture, in hope their back pain will ease. In fact they are approaching it from the wrong end…

Change your back pain, improve your energy, remove some stress and your posture will change. And it will stay that way permanently.

As part of the X-Pain Method, I try to teach you the many simple ways to remove your back pain. At the same time your general health and emotional health improve with the techniques also. Back pain treatment needs to be holistic, otherwise your back pain will return.

Your Discounts:

Yes we have e-books to sell. The X-Pain Method is an e-book based on my practice methods. It teaches you ideal stretches – when to stretch, what to stretch and how to stretch. It has ways to improve the nerve and blood supply to muscles, which increase their strength. Ways you can re-align your spine and adjust specific spinal joints – painlessly, effectively and safely. This has never been seen before as practitioners do not want you to know what they do. You can now remove and prevent your back pain, sciatica and neck pain.

As a subscriber to our Back Pain Adviser E-zine, you gain discounts: As a bonus for being a subscriber to The Back Pain Adviser we are upgrading the X-Pain Method so if you purchase the X-Pain Method you get the X-Stress Pack included. Usually the price for both is $37, but for only $27.77 you can order both.

Just click on this link to order. Or go to our web page on the X-Pain Method - but remember to click on the link here for your discount.

Upcoming Issue of the Back Pain Adviser:

In the next issue of the Back Pain Adviser we plan to have an article on breathing and why it is important for back pain, as well as more tips on back pain. We strive to continually give you the most valuable and expert advice on all your back pain issues.

Friends and Family

If you enjoy this e-zine and the articles and tips on back pain, then please feel free to send this to your friends or family, or they can sign up and therefore not miss any issues. Just send them this link or just click on the link and sign them up

Friends and Family

In Conclusion:

Remember, this e-zine is for you our readers. It is designed to help you understand more about your back pain and how you can help yourself. Also who to see and when. As we strive to be a leader in the structural field, your feedback is essential.

If you have any area you want covered on this newsletter or on the site, please contact us and let us know. All feedback – good or bad – is essential for us to continually grow and improve. So please contact me through the web site or via and put “E-zine” or “feedback” in the subject line. Thank you in advance for your input.


Dr Graeme Teague

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