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Back Pain Adviser, September 2007 Issue -- what is the simplest cure for back pain.
September 07, 2007

Welcome once again to the Back Pain Adviser E-zine.

Our goals are to give you the most valuable and expert advice on back pain, sciatica and neck pain issues. In this issue of the Back Pain Adviser you receive:

  1. Site Update – what has changed and been added to the Back Pain Advisor

  2. Tip of the Month – apply this tip, lower back pain can disappear quickly with this.

  3. Article of the Month – The Biggest Cause of Lower Back Pain… and its’ Cure!

  4. The Future – what we have planned for our site.

  5. Your Questions – answers to your questions you have sent.

  6. Our Discount Offers – your benefits, in more ways than one.

  7. Friends and Family – send this e-zine to your friends and family.

Please Remember: this e-zine is designed to be brief and informative. No doubt you are like me and do not want to spend hours sifting through irrelevant details. So the Back Pain Adviser is kept brief, with information and tips you can apply now. So on to the issue…

Site Update:

Since the last issue of the Back Pain Adviser, the site has added pages for your viewing:

Back Pain Treatment – there are too many pages to list here and what they relate to. The treatment section you can now see on the site has pages on symptomatic and therapy options. Each type of therapy is explained. The "Sugar Test" is released and explained. Remedies that I use in my practice and are available on the web that are great for removing back pain (remember this is only the symtpoms, you still need to remove the cause), and much more.

Tip of the Month:

The tip of the month for September actually relates to the article below. So please read this to understand why you are about to do the following.

There is a reflex point on the inside of your thigh. It stimulates the nerve and blood supply to your abdominal muscles. If you rub firmly, but not aggressively down the thigh you may notice some tender spots. If so then your abdominal muscles are not working correctly

You need to rub these tender spots in a circular motion for about 30 seconds. After this period the tenderness should have eased. If not rub in the opposite circular motion. If still tender then do each day, even a few times each day until the tenderness disappears.

This will stimulate your abdominal muscles to work and support your lower back and pelvis. Add in some stretches for the Hip Flexor muscles then lower back especially will disappear quickly.

Article of the Month:

These articles are brief versions of articles published by Dr Teague in either Ezine articles or other article web sites. Dr Teague is a frequent contributor to these sites with articles on back pain, sciatica, and neck pain issues.

The Biggest Cause of Lower Back Pain… and its’ Cure!

If you are reading this now, most likely you are sitting with lower back pain. You can’t get comfortable for too long or your back pain will get worse. You will have to leave your computer and either lie down or go for a walk… just to make life more comfortable.

Lower back pain affects over 80% of the adult population – fact. Boring fact I know as you know it affects you 100%. And you just want to be free of your lower back pain… for how long though?

Would you like to be free of lower back pain now and not have it come back? Imagine how you could play with your children; take up that hobby that you stopped because your back was just too sore. Just feel what life would be like getting out of bed in the morning (not groaning with lower back pain), going to work (being able to perform 100%) and then coming home feeling great (lower back pain really makes you tired doesn’t it).

By now you want to know what does cause you to suffer so much from lower back pain. Well, the answer is so simple you will be disappointed. You probably may even guess what it is…

There are two main culprits: your weak abdominal muscles and your tense hip flexor muscles!

Now I know you may have spent countless hours (probably more when you were younger) doing abdominal exercises. From crunches to knee lifts, endless sit-ups to many so called “miracle” ways to get wash-board abs. But you still suffer from lower back pain.

Well I have some good news and some great news…

To strengthen your abdominals you don’t need to do sit-ups again or crunches… and that is the good news. The great news is you can stimulate your abdominal muscles in just a few minutes. You see, there is a reflex point on your inner thigh that stimulates the nerve and blood supply to your abdominal muscles. If you rub this is a certain way, you increase their strength.

Wait a minute…

Do not think you will get wash-board abdominals from doing this. This is a way to increase their functional strength, so your lower back pain disappears. That is what you want after all, isn’t it. You also want to be able to get back to the gym, do all the sit-ups, crunches; knee lifts etc and get those abdominals back. Which will happen faster if the nerve and blood supply is working perfectly.

If you are asking why your abdominals is one of the biggest causes of your lower back pain, the answer is simple…

Your abdominal muscles help support the pelvis. If they weaken then your curve in the lower back increases (a sway back), which then irritates the lower back joints. The muscles around the joints then become tight and suddenly you have that situation where your lower back is ready to blow.

You lift up a chair, bend over to grab an object, wrestle with your children or just get out of bed, and then… lower back pain grabs you. You now a part of the statistics – 80% of all adults suffer from lower back pain at some stage – it is now affecting you 100% though.

There is hope for you, there is a solution, and if you stimulate your abdominals then lower back pain can disappear. Especially if you combine it with stretching the other major cause and if you learn to re-balance your pelvis and lower back (the major causes of lower back pain).


Have you just realized I said at the start… “the two biggest culprits that cause lower back pain are your abdominals and hip flexors”. Yet you didn’t hear a word mentioned on the hip flexors, did you. This is the next article that is coming soon, so watch out for your next solution to lower back pain.

The X-Pain Method

The only e-book with techniques, you can learn, that re-align your spine, gets joints moving freely and easily. The best stretches and strengthening methods and so much advice, tips and tools to remove and prevent your back pain.

**Click here to Order your Copy for only $24**

The Future – what do we have planned?

The Back Pain Advisor strives to continually update our site with informative, expert and valuable advice. In the coming month we plan to have the following web pages up and running:

Pregnancy Back Pain – a web page relating to pregnancy back pain and how to remove it safely for both mother and baby.

Video Demonstrations – We plan to have some video links on the site for demonstrating the stretches and other techniques on the site. We even plan to eventually have a video version of the X-Pain Method... don't worry, thise who havepurchased will eb the first to receive it free to get feedback etc.

Your Questions:

Please remember, you can email me at with any questions you have and want answered. These can be used as part of this section, but you will also get a personal reply to your questions. So please feel free to contact me with any ideas, issues or information you want to see on the Back Pain Adviser.

Q: You don't mention on your site about pelvic distortion, which is one of the major causes of back pain according to my Chiropractor.(abridged version from a 2 page email)

Currently on the site there is very little on the pelvis. We intend to rectify this as time goes by. But yes…

The pelvis is one of the major causes of any type of back pain, not just lower back pain. The pelvis is like a foundation to a house. If the foundations of your house are not balanced, then your house will creak and groan, it may even fall over. The same with your spine. If the pelvis is out of balance then the rest of the spine will not work correctly.

This is why the X-pain Method deals with pelvic distortions and teaches you to eliminate these. If not, then no matter where your pain is, it will fail to disappear permanently.

Your Discounts:

Yes we have e-books to sell. The X-Pain Method is an e-book based on my practice methods. It teaches you ideal stretches – when to stretch, what to stretch and how to stretch. It has ways to improve the nerve and blood supply to muscles, which increase their strength. Ways you can re-align your spine and adjust specific spinal joints – painlessly, effectively and safely. This has never been seen before as practitioners do not want you to know what they do. You can now remove and prevent your back pain, sciatica and neck pain.

As a subscriber to our Back Pain Adviser E-zine, you gain discounts:

I have some good news and some great news this month. I said last month that I have to remove the X-Stress Method from our book list due to an exclusivity deal with another web site owner. However, they have given permission for me to still use it as an upgrade version of the X-Pain Method. So it remains… yeah!!

Secondly, the new e-books “The Sugar Test” and “The Practitioner Guide” are now included in the X-Pain Method. I am not sure if I will list them as a bonus as I usually prefer people to find the bonuses once they order. That way it is like a special thank you and a surprise for them when they download it. One thing that is changing as a result… X-Pain will be going up in price to $34 as of September 10th. I have been getting repeated emails from the people who are helping me with my site and they keep expressing the price is too low. I have succumbed and the price will rise as of September 10th. So those who have ordered you have saved almost 25% by ordering early. For everyone else, X-Pain is now 25% off the future price, so get in quick before the 10th if you want a copy.

If you have ordered a copy, please email me as the Sugar Test and Practitioner Guide is your free as e-zine subscribers and ordered already.

Just click on this link to order. Or go to our web page on the X-Pain Method - but remember to click on the link here for your discount.

Upcoming Issue of the Back Pain Adviser:

In the next issue of the Back Pain Adviser we plan to have an article on muscular balance and how to achieve it, as well as more tips on back pain. We strive to continually give you the most valuable and expert advice on all your back pain issues.

Friends and Family

If you enjoy this e-zine and the articles and tips on back pain, then please feel free to send this to your friends or family, or they can sign up and therefore not miss any issues. Just send them this link or just click on the link and sign them up

Friends and Family

In Conclusion:

Remember, this e-zine is for you our readers. It is designed to help you understand more about your back pain and how you can help yourself. Also who to see and when. As we strive to be a leader in the structural field, your feedback is essential.

If you have any area you want covered on this newsletter or on the site, please contact us and let us know. All feedback – good or bad – is essential for us to continually grow and improve. So please contact me through the web site or via and put “E-zine” or “feedback” in the subject line. Thank you in advance for your input.


Dr Graeme Teague

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