Acupressure or Acupuncture for Back Pain?

For thousands of years meridian based therapies have been used for back pain, neck pain and all health issues. They are based on the concept of energy channels running through your body, which can become blocked.

Once these blockages occur, tension builds which will eventually cause pain or discomfort. Acupressure and Acupuncture have been used to remove these blockages, but which is better?

How do these "blockages" form?

Energy blockages form the same way as spinal imbalances, each day you spend time stressing your body. Nothing major, just the daily tasks you perform add stress on your system.

Research has shown that it is the micro-injuries from your daily tasks of lifting, bending, carrying object and even prolonged postures that cause muscle and joint tension. As the muscle and joint tension increases it pulls your spine out of alignment causing spinal imbalances.

Energy blockages form the same way, this same tension will also allow the energy flowing through the channels to slow down. If it slows down enough, it stagnates and forms blockages. In the early stages will notice nothing, but with times these blockages can also create back or neck pain.

How do you remove these blockages?

acupuncture has helped back pain The blockages can be removed using many different techniques. Acupuncture uses needles inserted into the blocked area, to help release the tension and to get the energy (chi) flowing once more.

Acupuncture may use moxibustion (burning of herbs over the points), cupping, and other techniques to help get the energy flowing again.

Acupressure has the same approach but uses your finger, thumbs or knuckle to massage or press on the points. The pressure will release the blockage and balanced is returned.

Which is better - Acupuncture or Acupressure?

Both have their benefits and both have their negatives.

Acupuncture is probably quicker in action and with the extra techniques can remove the blockages quickly. However to keep the blockages free, you need many treatments over a period of time, you also need to see a practitioner to apply this technique.

Acupressure on the other hand, can be used by you at home. You can still seek help from a practitioner, but the beauty of Acupressure is the daily application at home.

Does Acupressure work on everyone?

acupressure is used for back pain There are many forms of Acupressure, and although not everyone will respond, there are numerous ways you can use this technique. There are two different forms of Acupressure also.

There are points you rub or press which are great for turning off those pain signals, hence great for back pain relief. There are the types of points you hold and wait to get the energy (chi) moving which help to rebalance your system.

Both forms have their benefits and using both is an ideal way to ease pain and help to return your body to a state of good health.

Will Acupressure be enough to stop back pain?

For most people, using Acupressure will work miracles. Pain will ease quickly, you will feel more energetic, less stressed and it will help improve you overall health and wellbeing.

But it is still best used with Spinal Balancing to make sure the muscle and joint imbalances are removed. Acupressure and Acupuncture work well, and can be used by themselves. But combining techniques will get you results faster and you are more likely to have long lasting relief.


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