Alleviate Back Pain in 3 Simple Steps

For most people who suffer with back pain, knowing how to alleviate back pain is not always easy. You try to stretch a few muscles only to find that pain either fails to ease or returns again soon.

There are many techniques you can use to alleviate back pain (want a definition of back pain -NHS back pain defined), but not all suit you personally. It is a matter of working out which is best for your unique situation.

But below are 3 simple steps you can follow to help now...

Will Ice and Heat Help?

If pain has only just occurred, whether from a fall or just a strain, then if you target the area quickly you can alleviate back pain almost immediately.

When pain first occurs it is like a shock situation. Your body is trying to protect itself from further trauma so a few physiological functions occur.

In all injuries, big or small, the body will cause inflammation, there is also toxic products floating around the area due to the trauma also.

Although inflammation is protective, excessive inflammation is not needed and can cause the problem to remain longer than it should. Most people take anti-inflammatory medications to help alleviate back pain quickly.

However, using ice and heat is just as effective and will also help to remove the toxic by-products from the trauma.

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Placing ice on the area for 10 minutes followed by using heat for 10 minutes will reduce the inflammation and improve the blood supply to the area. By improving the blood supply you help the body send pain reliving chemicals to the area as well as removing the toxic products.

In the first 48 hours, use the ice and heat often but you should use the following sequence: ice for 10 minutes, heat for 10 minutes, ice again for 10 minutes, heat for 10 minutes and then finish with ice for 10 minutes.

Doing this means you finish with an anti-inflammatory boost which will help to alleviate back pain faster.

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Movement is Best To Help Any Pain

Going for a walk, nothing fast is also another excellent way to alleviate back pain.

Your spine likes to move and movement helps to alleviate back pain in many ways. As you walk you are improving the blood supply in general to the area, which like above will help your healing ability and also help remove the toxic products floating around the site of trauma.

Movement also helps your joints to keep the good motion they need to remain healthy. Once muscles tighten they will cause restrictions in joint movement. Walking helps to maintain good joint health.

There is a word of warning though - if it is too painful to walk or if pain develops as you walk then please stop.

But most people will find that as you walk you will alleviate back pain quickly, and the more you walk the more pain will ease. A good 30 minute walk can do wonders.

The Final Step To Alleviate Your Back Pain

The final step is the most important step!

All back pain and neck pain, no matter how severe or acute, needs to be addressed. Too many people believe that because they can alleviate back pain quickly that all the issues have disappeared.

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One of the most vital skills you can ever learn is being able to detect the various imbalances in your spine that can cause back pain.

Being able to detect these imbalances allows you to assess your spine if pain occurs. Then you can make sure that as you alleviate back pain, the underlying imbalances ease also. If not then you need to use an effective system to return your spine to a balanced state.

From a long term perspective, being able to detect these imbalances allows you to assess and reassess your spine even when there is no pain. Then you can make sure you stay in balance preventing pain from occurring.

This vital step is the most forgotten and seldom taught yet remains essential if you want to make sure you remain pain free.

Sure you can alleviate back pain quickly with the techniques above. But if pain persists, if it is more severe or ongoing, then you need to detect which imbalances are causing your pain.

The One Skill You Must Have To Achieve Long Term Relief

If you are currently suffering with any back or neck pain, or even sciatica. Use the techniques above to start the process. But you need to learn simple ways to detect imbalances in your spine, which I can teach you free of charge.

It is vital that everyone has the skills to detect these imbalances. That way you can prevent pain from occurring and if you find yourself with pain, you know exactly where to target.

Our FREE Pain Relief Guide teaches you how to find these imbalances and is a simple system to use. Click the following link so you can download it now ... Your Pain Relief Guide.

Otherwise use the techniques above to alleviate back pain now, but make sure you remain pain free. You owe it to yourself and those who care about you.


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