48 Hours - Precious Time Indeed

... how to get back pain relief quickly!

When back or neck pain first strikes, those first 48 hours are essential. What you do then can determine if the pain will ease quickly or last sometimes what feels like a lifetime.

Even if you have had pain now for many weeks, months or years these technique below can still work wonders.

So, if this is your first attempt at using self help techniques, use these now and you will see good changes.

But as always if you want a simple solution to your back pain, neck pain or sciatica, there is only one real answer ... the X-Pain Method - 3 steps to a life without pain.

The first 48 hours is critical with any type of pain, including back pain. If you can help your body heal in this time frame then most back pain will settle quickly and not progress to being habitual.

But those first 48 hours are very important.

There are countless people around the world who have said - "if only I had sorted this out sooner".

In the first 48 hours you can help a lot. There is a golden rule for back pain and it states...

In the first 48 hours use ICE. Why?

When back pain first arrives, inflammation is a common occurrence. Even for those with long suffering back pain, there can still be residual inflammation around the joints.

Inflammation can cause the joint to become stiff and sore, or in severe cases the pain is both acute and can cause radiating pain.

Inflammation doesn't just affect the joint ... your muscles, discs and nerves can become inflamed when back pain occurs.

So before you reach for those trusted anti-inflammatories ... should you be using something else or should you let your body heal naturally?

"What Is Inflammation and Why Is It Necessary?"

Inflammation is your body's response to trauma or irritation ...

Just think of when you rub your skin, if you keep rubbing, it becomes red and swollen. Your body is trying to protect the area from further damage.

The same applies to your joints, muscles and nerves...

Inflammation is a protective device your body applies to help resist further trauma... and it works.

You are less likely to carry on lifting heavy objects, do the garden or exercise if your back is screaming with pain.

The more inflammation the more the pain increases.

Once the irritation or trauma ceases, your body will naturally remove the inflammation.

However your response to inflammation deteriorates with age, partly due to the reduction in enzymes that tell your body to reduce inflammation.

Also when you have repetitive traumas, fail to remove all the underlying causes of previous back episodes, have more stress in your life than you need, your health is generally rundown ... all of these can lead to a poor inflammation removal.

But if inflammation is protective ...

"Should You Remove Inflammation Initially?"

When inflammation is causing acute pain and protecting the tissues, is it actually wise to attempt to remove it?

Pain relief is good, nobody likes to be in pain, and inflammation can also be harmful.

Removing inflammation is therefore a good idea as long as you adhere to 2 rules:

  • avoid the activity that caused your pain or any activity that will stress your body

  • remove all the factors causing your pain, not just the inflammation

The best way to remove inflammation is to use natural methods. This way you will remove the excessive fluid but some will remain (that joint or muscle stiffness) enough to protect and bathe the tissues.

Using pharmaceuticals is therefore best avoided unless you have severe pain or inflammation.


"Are Drugs That Bad?"

Using the various NSAID's (non-steroidal-anti-inflammatory-drugs) should be used in times of severe inflammation or pain as they are generally the quickest in action.

For general use they are probably best avoided. Why?

As I said, inflammation is there to protect the joints and tissues, to bathe the areas with fluid to promote healing.

Removing inflammation will also remove these benefits and ALL drugs have some side effects - which are best to avoid if possible.

Whether you believe (or not) all the controversy over drug companies and there drugs, the same applies to most supplements that remove inflammation.

Taking a pill or potion has a mechanical effect on forcing the body to remove inflammation. Remove too much and that protection disappears and poor healing results.

The solution is to encourage your body to remove inflammation quickly ... and safely.

Safely meaning allowing the body to do its' work, to help it heal the area and protect it as need be.

"How To Encourage Your Body To Heal"

The best way to help your body heal is using the time honored ways to reducing inflammation.

If you encourage your body to heal, it will heal better and for longer. Remember you still need to address all the causes of your pain, not just remove symptoms or you will repeat the process again and again.

As you age, if you do not remove all the causes, pain will occur more frequently ... is harder to remove ... and chronic pain is likely as you age.

Removing inflammation has two stages...

The First 48 Hours

In the first 48 hours you are trying to reduce pain and inflammation.

back pain relief

This can be done by using the application of ice, although you still want a good blood supply to the area to help remove the toxins from the inflammation and trauma process.

All you need to do is apply ice to the painful area for 10 minutes and then after place heat on the area for 10 minutes. Repeat this 3 times but in the first 48 hours finish with the ice application.

Ice will reduce inflammation and acts as a pain reliever. The heat helps to encourage blood to the area and will stop any long term contraction of the tissues.

If you only apply ice, the tissues will contract and tighten, which can create problems when you try to balance the muscular system.

The same applies if you leave the ice on for longer than 10 minutes.

To aid the anti-inflammatory process you can also stimulate to Lymphatic Reflexes that help to encourage the body to remove inflammation.

If these reflexes are sluggish, your anti-inflammatory processes will also be slow.

Lymphatic reflexes are generally tender to rub if they are slow.

There are two reflexes that help with drainage - one is on the Xiphoid process and the other in the Shoulder Depression on your chest.

To stimulate these reflexes all you need to do is rub in a circular motion for 20 seconds. You need to rub gently but firmly - in other words not too hard or you will cause a bruise.

The tenderness will usually reduce after 20 seconds. If not rub in the opposite direction and it will reduce. The reflex acts as a pump, where one direction will release the pressure.

Please Note: by rubbing in the 'wrong' direction, you will NOT make the issue worse.

Sometimes also the tenderness may take a day or two to reduce if this has been a problem for a while (which for some is common).

You also need to keep moving if you can. Gone are the days when bed rest was emphasized. You need to move gently but keep moving as much as possible. This does not mean you should be constantly moving for 48 hours.

But you need to get up out of the couch or sofa and ...

Move it or Lose It

Going for a walk is one of the simplest and best things you can do to help ease pain. As long as you can walk without pain then walk...

sciatica relief

Movement helps with a pumping action that helps to remove inflammation, the same as the ice/heat. Movement also helps the muscles to keep warm and any fibers that have had a minor tear will heal better and faster.

Walking helps your pelvis rock, and your pelvis is the area where the four main imbalances are situated.

Walking for at least 10-15 minutes and if possible a good half an hour can ease pain and help your joints to move better and muscles to relax.

You may not know that every joint in your body moves when you breathe. So having a nice long walk which causes you to breathe deeper and more relaxed will help joints move more freely.

While you recover from your back or neck issue, walking is one of the best things you can do. If you decide to purchase the X-Pain Method, after using the techniques, going for a good walk helps to reinforce them and allow your body to heal faster.

Even once you are pain free, the benefits of walking helps not only your spine but your general health and well being.

Going for a walk helps with inflammation, muscle tenderness and joint stiffness. The three main causes of back pain.

So go for a walk...

The Long Term Solution For your Pain

After those first 48 hours (and even within those also) you still need to address both the symptoms and the cause of your pain.

The biggest mistake made in back pain relief is removing just the pain. Pain is a warning signal and that is all!

The underlying factors that cause your pain are essential to remove if you desire to have many years of pain free living.

The only long term solution is to use a simple program that removes both the symptoms AND the cause. A lot of people "claim" to have solutions. But they use techniques that only target a few of the issues causing your pain.

I have been in practice since 1991, treating and helping many thousands of people, just like you, who have endured pain for far too long. The only program that works long term is one that covers all the bases and guarantees you lead a life free of pain ... so if you want get back to the life you know you deserve, simply click the link below to read more about the only program offering you a final solution to your pain.


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