Back Pain - The Natural Laws of Life

... and how you can guarantee lasting back pain relief!

By Dr Graeme Teague B.Sc, B.App.Sc(Chiropractic)

In life and nature, and back pain, there are 3 laws. These laws never change and you are governed by these all the time.

Even with back and neck pain and sciatica, these laws apply and are the reason why so many people fail to get relief.

So what are these laws and how do they apply to your back pain relief efforts.

Law One: The Law of Healing

Your body is designed to heal naturally, quickly and permanently. Just look at how you heal a cut hand. You do not need to do anything. A bandage helps to keep the wound clean, it doesn't help it heal. This is the design of your body.

natural laws of back pain

Healing takes time, but your body should do it as fast as possible and permanently. A cut will not re-open in weeks or months or ever.

Your back is the same. Any back pain, whether it is sciatica, lower back pain, upper back pain or neck pain, should heal quickly by itself, quickly and permanently.

So why doesn't it? After all this is probably why you have visited the web site, and signed up for our free relief guide. You are looking for answers to why you still have back pain or why it repeats so often.

The answer lies in the second law...

Law Two: The Law of Habit

Everything you do is habit... good or bad.

the law of habit

It takes 31 days to form a habit. And an entire year for it to be permanent. What does this mean? Simply put, anything you do consistently over time will create a habit. You will then keep performing this habit and after a year it is a life-long friend.

This does not mean you cannot change it, but it takes 31 days to form a new habit, a year to make it permanent.

How does this relate to your back pain?

If your back is not working correctly, you have muscle tension, muscle weakness, joint stiffness and inflammation. If your daily work or the things you do allow these to remain - then over time your body will believe this to be "normal'. A habit forms, these muscle and joint issues don't heal. It thinks it is normal and suddenly your "natural healing ability' does not work at 100%.

Even if you stimulate your 1st law, unless you break the habits your body believes tension in your muscles and joints is perfectly "normal". You will heal acute episodes but you are left with lingering low grade pain and discomfort.

To stimulate the 2nd law, all you need to do is use techniques consistently to make the habitual change. This is why so many "treatments" fail because few can afford the time or money to see a practitioner every day for 31 days.

Self help techniques though, as long as they are not too time consuming, and are easy to use, can be used daily and therefore break the bad habits and form good ones.

You must activate all three laws to be effective at removing and preventing pain.

This is nothing to worry about. It is changeable. You need to change the bad habits to good habits, reinforce them and then your healing ability remains... and then the third law kicks in.

Aside: The Law of Healing remains TRUE!

Even if you have ongoing or chronic pain, even if you just have episodes of pain, the law of healing will still try to function. This is why you can have an acute episode of pain and it will settle. What you are left with is that ongoing nagging pain or stiffness that always seems to linger.

If your body believes this to be normal, it will always allow it to remain, after all it isn't life threatening or anything severe enough for your healing mechanisms to make a priority. There lies the answer ...

Making this underlying low grade, chronic back issues a priority for your body to heal. There are many ways to trick your body to believe that these underlying issues are severe, are worth attacking and removing completely so you can become pain free now and for the future years.

And to stay that way the final law kicks in...

Law Three: The Law of Increase

If your body is in balance, then the law of increase starts. This means that with time everything increases or gets better. In nature, everything is governed by the law of increase:

with time comes an increase in health

You plant a seed, a plant grows and a hundred new seeds develop.

You think a thought, that produces a new thought, and wisdom is gained.

The saying "with age comes wisdom" is true! You get better at activities the more you do them, you learn better more effective an efficient ways of completing tasks. If your body is in balance the same applies, so...

You get better at healing, have less and less back pain, and it disappears permanently. Only and I stress only, if you are in balance.

If your body is not healing, if you have poor internal habits that are allowing back pain to occur - you are not in balance. This is the reason why you have back pain, why it is not healing and why it repeats.

Understanding these laws helps you work out the best steps to remove pain and remain pain free.

The Natural Laws Of Back Pain Relief

Most back pain relief efforts fail for two main reasons.

The first is many people only look at the symptoms and not the cause. Unless you deal with all aspects of your pain, pain will return or fail to leave in the first instance.

Back and neck pain is not just a factor of muscles and joints. It is the many other elements that allow pain to occur and remain.

You must initially balance your muscles and joints; you must also make sure your ability to heal is optimal which means making sure stresses are low and energy levels high.

This can be simply accomplished using various acupressure techniques along with the structural techniques to work on your muscles and joints.

The second reason why people fail to get lasting relief is that they stop when pain eases.

You should always keep working on your spinal and general health ... forever.

This may sound time consuming or somewhat laborious, but in fact a few minutes each week is enough to make sure the natural laws of increase stay functioning and you continually improve.

There is no point removing pain only to let it return again soon. Maintaining spinal health is easy and this is why we give away for free the Back Pain Prevention manual with the X-Pain Method.

It is packed full with simple techniques to maintain your spine and overall health and well being.

If you want the best and simplest to remove pain and remain pain free then you owe it to your self to check out ...

The X-Pain Method ... 3 simple steps to a life free of pain!

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My back pain went away in 7 days using just the preliminary method.

Walter Hayashida
Montebello, United States

If Dr Graeme Teague books would be released worldwide, a lot of "back pain" doctors would be out of work! Many thanks to Dr Graeme Teague for helping me out with my back pain woes.

Zev Saftlas
Brooklyn, United States

I can't believe that it made such a difference but it did. It's amazing that your body knows how to readjust itself if you just prop it in the right way. Thanks so much. This will be a life long method for me.


Your book has been the best thing that has ever happened to me with respect to my back. It gave me control back into my life; in many ways it gave me my life back. GREAT BOOK, GREAT ADVICE, GREAT HELP. Thank you Dr. Teague.


I had tried everything else and thought what's one more thing. This E-Book is the real deal. The information is invaluable to anyone suffering from back pain or any other physical problems. It goes to the root of problem and you can do this in your own home at your own pace.

I have never found anything out there with this much information that actually works!

Terri Bracken

Graeme explodes and exposes the many myths and "insider secrets" regarding Chiropractic treatment. Thanks Doc - Xpain rocks!

Chris Sowerby

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