Back Pain Advice - things you need to know

You may well know the statistics that back pain affects over 80% of adults and that back pain advice is usually centered around what exercise or stretch to perform.

Are you also aware that most back pain relief efforts fail and that people remain in pain or it returns again once more soon?

The reason for the poor relief results is that the wrong back pain advice is given... mistakes are made ...


Poor Back Pain Advice - things to avoid

When you are in pain, the first thought is to find ways to remove your pain as fast as possible. Drugs and medication are consumed constantly to achieve this (read more about medications at everyday health, yet research has shown there are other more effective methods to ease pain quickly.

If pain strikes, if you place ice on the area for 10 minutes, then replace it with heat for 10 minutes, pain and inflammation will reduce. Repeat this three times in one session and a few times in the day and pain can settle quickly.

walking is good back pain adviceGoing for a walk is also very helpful and the best back pain advice to give to anyone in pain. Walking helps the joint motion, stimulates blood flow to help heal and reduce inflammation.

So if you can avoid using medication. Medication should be used if pain is severe or these simple methods are not easing pain quickly.

There are many ways to ease pain both short term and also to get lasting relief. Click the following link to find out ...

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Back Pain Advice for Lasting Relief

The best advice I can give you is to make sure you remove both the symptoms and the cause.

Pain needs to stop, it drags you down, stops you enjoying your day and it is essential for it to disappear.


There is no point in removing pain if it returns again. Each time your back or neck pain returns, it becomes harder to deal with. Chronic back pain means precisely that ... a life filled with pain.

All back pain is simple to fix...

The underlying causes of back pain are usually (meaning in over 95% of all back pain cases) minor...

Back pain advice includes joint techniquesA few imbalances in your spine, a few joint and muscle imbalances and combined pain will develop over time.

Most pain occurs after a "normal" daily activity and not major falls or traumas. The underlying issues are minor and easily fixed by yourself at home if you have the right methods to use.

But never stop using the techniques you've decided to use when pain stops...

Pain is a signal to act and to do something about the causes. Just like a fire alarm it is a warning signal only. You wouldn't try putting out a fire by turning off the fire alarm would you?

The same with back pain, you must address the cause and the symptoms.


Lasting Back Pain Relief

To make sure you remove pain quickly and to stay pain free, you must follow a system.

First you must detect where your pain comes from, the imbalances that have developed in your spine. Once you know which imbalances you have you will know what to target for both quick and lasting relief.

The second step is symptom relief though. When you are out of pain, your body will heal faster.

Knowing simple symptom based techniques can ease pain quicker, better and without the potential side effects of medication.

Finally you must address the cause. The imbalances you have are a combination of joint and muscle imbalances. Therefore you must use both joint and muscle based techniques.

Too much back pain advice rests on stretching or exercising. This may help the muscles but does little for joint motion or the overall spinal imbalance.

To get lasting relief you must address the joint and muscle imbalances. This is the best back pain advice you can get ... just click the link below to see the best and only proven 3 step method for lasting back pain relief.


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