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Read on to learn all the answers to the questions we get on a regular basis from our clients. Back pain is simple to fix, but understanding more about your pain, why it happens and the simple cures, is best.

Below are just some of the questions we get asked and the answers ... for most of you, the samae questions are on your mind. if you can't find your answer though, please remember to use our Ask The Doctor web page.

The X-Pain Method

The X-Pain Method teaches you how to relieve back pain simply & quickly.

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Water & Back Pain

We are all told to drink water, it is good for your health in many ways.

Back pain is one of the areas that water is essential for. It helps with pain, muscle elasticity, joint movement and fatigue.

So how much should you drink?

Enough to hydrate your body.

There is a problem...

Too much drinking and you can leach your body of vital minerals and vitamins.

Not enough causes dehydration which will make your back pain worse or slow its healing.

The solution...

Add 1/4 the glass with clear apple juice and the rest water and your body will absorb the water better.

You need therefore less volume to get better hydration.

So drink about a liter a day of this to help.

For help with your back pain simply click the link below...

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The X-Pain Method

The X-Pain Method teaches you how to relieve back pain simply & quickly.

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The X-Pain Method

The X-Pain Method teaches you how to relieve back pain simply & quickly.

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Q: Does My Short Leg Cause My Back Pain

A: Actually your short leg and back pain are related as symptoms and not causes.

When the pelvis is out of balance it will create a short leg situation, plus be the cause of your pain.

Sure if the leg has been shortened as a result of a fracture or severe injury, then it may be part of the cause. But with most this is rare.

But check to see if your pelvis is out of balance, and from there you can see what's causing your pain. Read more by clicking the link below...

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Q: Are there Reflexes for back pain

A: Yes reflexes do affect back pain. Think of the startle reflex when you are a baby - these if they remain can cause muscles to tighten with minor stresses.

There are neuro-lymphatic reflexes which cause the muscles to retain fluid, to slow in function.

Then there are neuro-vascular reflexes which relate to the blood supply to muscles.

The reflexes are the common reason why sometimes back pain doesn't ease with the standard approaches. And why we teach reflexes as part of our program - to make sure pain eases plus ALL the causes are eliminated.

If you'd like to learn more about this unique approach, simply follow the link ...

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Q: What Are The Foundations of The Spine

A: There are actually 2 foundations areas for the spine. The first are your feet and the second your pelvis.

Each by itself must be balanced or pain can develop anywhere in the body. But the feet are the most important as you use your feet constantly and they are commonly neglected in back pain conditions.

Try standing on one foot with both eyes open and closed and see if there is a difference comparing each side. If so, then you know there is imbalance in either of these areas.

If you have imbalance then you need to learn how to correct this as most practitioners will only check your spine and not these areas.

You can learn more and get back into balance by following the link below...

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Q: How Long Should I Use Heat

A: Heat is great for muscle and joint aches, it has a soothing effect and helps relax the area. Also by increasing blood supply it also helps remove the toxins created from trauma to the area.

Make sure though you don't use only heat in the first 48 hours of injury, as it will also increase swelling. So you must still use ice to control that.

But you can leave heat on the area for as long as comfortable. Also as frequent as you wish during the day.

But as always, heat may ease some of your pain, you should still identify the imbalances causing your pain.

Click the link below to learn for free how to detect your imbalance ...

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Q: Can You Drink Aches & Pain or Stress away?

A: Yes, but not how you think. Did you know that your brain is the first area in your body to dehydrate?

That once dehydrated, stress affects you more, you are more prone to aches and pains, headaches, fatigue and much more.

But drinking water and more of it most times won’t help. You need to reprogram your body and mind to accept use water better, plus drink better water.

This doesn’t mean drinking from a spring, but adding in a ¼ glass clear apple juice and the remainder water. This tricks your body into processing the water as a food.

It will cause a cellular hydrating effect, reduce stress, boost energy, ease headaches and even help with aches and pains.

A simple trick that works. We teach many of these types of techniques inside our Calm Mind Program and the X-Pain Program.

Click the link below to learn more about the Calm Mind.

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Q: Does Scoliosis Cause Back Pain

A: Actually it depends on the severity and cause of the scoliosis.

Many people have minor curves in their spine and no pain at all, whereas others can have severe pain.

As long as your joints and muscles are in general balance pain will not occur. Also as your spine balances the curvature in your spine can reduce too.

If you have severe scoliosis then at times surgery may be your only option. But even so, making sure your spine is generally okay is still advisable.

For those with lesser degrees of scoliosis, then balancing your spine should help with your pain whether it is caused by your scoliosis or not.

But the first step is always finding the imbalance in your spine, from there you know what to target to get relief and to help reduce the curve in your spine.

Finding the imbalance is the KEY and you can learn this skill easily and for free, simply click the following link...

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