Do You Know The True Back Pain Causes?

When people mention back pain causes, the immediate response is usually how you've lifted, bent over or done some particular task.

In fact these are the final mechanisms that "created" your pain but the actual causes are different. There is a big difference from the creation of pain to the actual underlying cause.

To get long lasting relief from back pain you need to understand the difference for two reasons.

Firstly, trying to lift better, sit more upright or change some posture may help to ease pain now. It will not change the mechanics of your pain and pain will return.

The second reason is that symptom relief can occur in minutes if you use the right techniques. Removing the causes takes time (usually only minutes) but is your best focus to make sure you rid yourself of pain and stop it returning.

But first...

What creates your back pain?

As I said above, back pain is "created" by the final act you do that triggers your pain. In a recent study, one of the major insurance companies in Europe found that the so called "cause" clients said started their pain was not a large enough force to cause any pain at all.

lifting can help to cause back pain They concluded that the episode of pain people were suffering from was in fact an accumulation of many micro-injuries over a period of time.

Your back pain may have been noticed after that final act, but it was not "caused" by it.

The pain you feel is created from a mixture of muscle tightness and localized muscle spasms called Trigger Points. These commonly cause the sharper and more uncomfortable pains.

Inflammation can also play its role in causing pain too, although this is more noticed as the dull achy type pains. (Unless inflammation of the nerve occurs.)

Symptom relief is targeted towards these factors and pain can ease in a matter of minutes if effective techniques are used.

However, reducing muscle tension or working on Trigger Points will only offer temporary relief. The underlying back pain causes need addressing or these muscular issues will return.

What are the back pain causes?

spinal imbalances are one of the back pain causesThe causes of back pain are the accumulation of muscle and joint tension, caused by the inefficient action of the spine due to various spinal distortion patterns.

But to keep things in understandable terms ...

Muscle tension occurs as the body fails to work in balance and muscles are placed under undue strain. If a muscle is asked to perform its actions in a manner that is not ideal, it will tire.

As a muscle tires, it then tightens and Trigger Points can develop. Once this occurs you suddenly find one day you try to lift, bend or do some "normal" daily task and back pain is created.


The muscle tires that last amount and the pain suddenly occurs as the muscle goes into spasm - in fact it is not sudden, it is an accumulation of tension over days, weeks, months or longer.

The underlying cause is therefore not the activity you do but the imbalance that has occurred in your spine and pelvis, that has allowed the muscles to become under huge strain for long periods of time.

The underlying physical causes of back pain

The true underlying back pain causes are the distortion patterns that exist in your spine, that cause muscles to work less effectively.

These distortion patterns (which are explained in greater detail in our Free Back Pain Relief Guide) affect the entire spine and will create as much lower back pain as they do neck pain.

Your spine is connected from the base of your spine to the top. Each joint is affected by those above and below it.

If a distortion occurs around your pelvis it will literally twist the entire spine. This twisting causes the muscles and joints to work in lines they are not designed for.

Your normal daily activity therefore creates strain on the muscles which then tire and lead into pain.

These spinal imbalances or distortion patterns are a combination of both muscular and joint issues, and are centered around your pelvis. Your pelvis is the foundation of your structural system.

Once the pelvis is out of balance it causes the spinal muscles to work harder and less efficiently and hence tire from normal daily use.

The added stresses of overwork, heavy lifting or even postural changes will accelerate the tension increase ... pain then develops.

Once these distortion patterns are present for a few weeks they become a habit. Your structural system becomes acclimatized to working in this less efficient fashion. The muscles are therefore under more stress and strain and pain develops over time.

It is the habitual nature of these patterns that allows back pain to repeat and become chronic.

How to remove the back pain causes

These distortion patterns are habitual and muscles continually tire and tighten. You can stretch and strengthen the muscles regularly, but unless you change these imbalances pain will return or at times only temporarily ease.

To remove these back pain causes, you need to target these patterns until you train your body to work in balance. This is probably the main reason why so many "practitioner based" treatments fail for back pain.

Changing a habit requires targeting these areas on a daily basis, just for a few minutes, but still daily.

Most people cannot afford to see a practitioner every day for a month or two to remove these imbalances. But using techniques at home to balance the muscles and joints, to release these patterns is both achievable and cost effective.

To get long lasting relief you need to remove all the causes of back pain. There are many simple ways, as taught in the X-Pain Method, to ease back pain.

The key to long term back pain relief is balancing your spine and pelvis, removing the distortion patterns. If the back pain causes are removed ... pain will ease ... disappear and not return.

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