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If you are looking for a back pain cure, then read on to learn a simple technique you can use now. Relieving back pain can be simple and easy, finding a cure ... well you need to understand a little more about your back and muscles.


If you don't understand the two most ESSENTIAL facts about back pain, no matter what you use now, your pain will return. Read on to make sure you can find a cure not just temporary relief.

Back Pain Fact #1

The first is probably the main reason why pain returns. It is an overlooked area even by practitioners. What is it?

Pain signals.

Yes pain is just a "signal" saying you have some tight muscles, weak muscles and joints not moving properly. As these increase your body sends a signal to let you know.

Back pain is just that a warning signal.

So when the signal has been "turned off" does that mean all the issues are gone? When a fire alarm is turned off does that mean the fires are out?

Well unless you remove ALL the causes you will return to pain again soon. Don't rely on pain to tell you when to use techniques or when to stop. More on that soon...

Back Pain Fact #2

This leads on from the issues above...

You must remove ALL the causes if you want long term relief from back pain. There is no point just targeting your muscles, as if you have joint imbalances then the muscles will tighten once again.

You also need to look at the weak muscles as much as you do the tight muscles. You also need to look at the nerve and blood supply to the muscles not just exercising them to gain strength.

If you only remove part of the problem you will only have temporary relief.

But what can you do now to ease your back pain while you look for a cure for back pain that will give you long term help.

A back pain cure that works

Although the pain signal is only a signal, there is a simple technique you can use to help turn the signal off and give yourself some relief from back pain.

There are some little nodules of tight muscle fibers that create almost 75% of you pain. They are called trigger points. They are also easily removed by placing pressure on them and then taking a few deep relaxing breaths.

trigger points help cure back painIf you have lower back pain, the trigger points are commonly in the muscles either side of your spine. All you need to do is make a fist with each hand and then lie on your back, on your knuckles on these trigger points.

Lie there, try to relax onto your knuckles and take a deep breath in and out a few times and should feel tension and pain ease.

If you have upper back pain, then you will find trigger points in your upper back muscles and also between your shoulder blades. It may help if you have someone else press on the trigger points with their thumbs or knuckle. They will be tender to press on so very easy to identify.

This is a simple way to relieve back pain quickly. But you should still aim to find a back pain cure. But the one technique that you should always use when removing back pain is ...

The FIRST step in finding a cure for back pain that works

One of the most important techniques you can ever learn that will guarantee a back pain cure happens quickly is assessment. What do I mean by "assessment"?

You need to learn how to identify or find the distortion patterns causing your back pain.

If you can assess your spine and see the distortion patterns then you can eliminate the two most common mistakes people make. Using pain as a signal and not removing all the causes.

As I said, pain is only a signal. If you can assess your spine then you can use the techniques you have chosen as part of your back pain cure until all the causes are gone. You can see changes in the distortion patterns and not rely on pain as your only measure of success.

Finding the cause is easy to do and it gives you a set of tools to use long term to make sure you stay in balance. Any cure for back pain has its' first step in finding the cause.

Most people have been told that the cause of your pain was how you lifted, or carried an object or even your posture at work. However, the true underlying cause of your pain is due to imbalances in your spine.

These imbalances allow muscles and joints to tire and with time and your daily activity, pain to develop.

Therefore the only way to get a long-term back pain cure is to detect these imbalances, and then remove them. Long term this detection method can be used to monitor your spine to make sure you stay in balance.

If you'd like to learn how to detect these imbalances and get a lasting back pain cure, simply click the link below...


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