How To Use Back Pain Exercises to Stop Pain & Build Strength

Knowing which back pain exercises to use can be somewhat confusing. In fact if you start using certain exercises for back pain now, you could end up causing more pain.

This web page will demonstrate a simple exercise that you can use to both detect strength in your back and can also help ease pain.

However, exercising is not the first thing to do in any back pain relief program. The first and ONLY essential step is finding out the specific cause of your pain.

Without finding the true cause, you can potentially cause more harm by performing certain exercises. So if you wish to find the cause and avoid the potential aggravation of pain visit this link to understand mor eon the causes of back pain.

Before we start you need to understand more about your back pain and what you must do, as this is important no matter how much pain you are in now...


Which Exercises Are Best ...

There are more exercises that cause pain than that stops it. It is not the fault of the exercise but the process you follow.

back pain exercises can cause painBack pain is not just a muscular issue and it is also not just a matter of muscular strength.

Research has proven that ALL back pain comes from an accumulation of stresses placed on your spine. This creates imbalances in your spine, which with time causes muscles to tire and lose strength and joints to slow in motion.

Once a muscle tires, it is a normal physiological reaction for the muscle to tighten. It may sound strange but muscles that are tight are also weak.

This weakness is not just physical strength, it is also the supply of blood and nerve to the muscle.

So before you use any back pain exercises you need to improve this supply. If not no matter which exercises for back pain you use, the muscle will not build enough strength to stop or prevent your back pain.

Too many people start exercising only to find it takes forever to get relief or pain increases. The solution is knowing the best exercises for back pain and the best program to follow to make sure pain eases quickly.

Click the link below to find out...

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So please avoid the most common mistakes made in all back pain relief, don't start using back pain exercises until you know exactly what is out of balance and therefore know what is best to target.

But exercises for back pain have a dual purpose. You can sue them to detect if your back is strong or not.


How to Detect Strength AND Ease Pain...

The most effective back pain exercise is one that helps detect strength and build it. Did you know that doing a plank does this?

exercises for back pain using the plankIf you are not sure what the plank is, it is a core building exercise. Al you do is lie flat on the ground, then rest your elbows on the ground with forearms flat and pointing forward. Then go into a press-up position where you are on your toes, and make sure you keep your back flat and straight.

These back pain exercises can be used to detect strength in your core. The core muscles include your abdominals, hamstrings, lower back muscles and a few more.

If you can stay in this position for 90 seconds you have adequate core strength. If you can't then you need to use exercises for back pain to build strength in this area.

Here's a brief video demonstration of how to perform the plank...



The good news is ...

You can use the same exercise to build core strength. In fact core training is one of the essential skills to prevent back pain, it can even help to reduce the pain you have now, but please remember...

All back pain, including sciatica, is a mixture of both muscle and joint imbalances. To become free of pain both these areas must be addressed, if not pain relief is likely to be short lived.

Before you build strength you need to make sure all the imbalances are cleared from your spine.


What To Do Before Using Back Pain Exercises

As I said above, and as research has indicated, back pain is not just a muscular issue. The reason why the over 75% of the adult population end up with some level of pain as they age is that they fail to address the cause of their pain.

Back pain is BOTH a muscular and joint issue!

To guarantee you lead a life free of pain you must learn ways to detect the imbalances in your spine. Know the best and simplest ways to ease pain quickly...

Then know which exercises for back pain you must use to correct both the joint and muscular imbalances.

It is a simple process and you can dot his at home without the need for any expensive equipment, time-consuming exercises and you can both remove and prevent your back pain.

Click the following link to find out more about his simple process to make sure you use the right back pain exercises...


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