Back Pain Prevention - Are You Fit AND Healthy?

If you are one of the countless people wanting to improve fitness, prevent back pain or injury, and want to help gain the health to keep you active in your older years, then read on.

Over the past years there has been a great push to get healthy, yet as you become more active you may have found you start getting little niggling injuries.

A sore low back, a tight hamstring, a sprained ankle or strain in some muscle you are using more nowadays.

But it is not just the structural system that can become involved, you may feel tired, catch colds more often, have a digestive system that is not just right.


Before we get to the why, there is a great saying you may or may not have heard, it goes...

back pain and fitness


"Everything is OK in the end. If it's not OK, then it's not the end!"

It's a motto you can live by while you're trying to gain fitness.


The Fitness Motto

When you first start to get fit, you don't feel great. Jogging, swimming, cycling or any form of exercise, including joining a gym, is plainly painful.

You start feeling muscle tiredness and a few joint aches, as you haven't used these before.

Even if you started reasonably fit, as you extend yourself, you notice a few aches and pains.

This is good, it's a sign your body is adapting to your new fitness lifestyle.

You persevere as you know you will get through this and it will be "ok in the end".

The problem for most though is that it never really goes away, there is no "end".

You keep training and you notice that the goal of having great fitness, or being free of back pain, or improving your health is not happening quick enough.

You may even have to stop your exercise regimes as you recover from an injury, a cold or some other event occurs that prevents you from exercising.

Frustrating I know...


Why Is Health Prevention So Hard?

The reason this occurs is simple.

Health and fitness are not one in the same. Being very fit doesn't mean you will be healthy, and being very healthy doesn't mean you are also fit.

They are two separate entities.

Health means your body is in balance, you have a good overall health, your stress levels are low enough and your energy levels are great.

Fitness means you can exercise at a high level and recover quickly so you can repeat the exercise.

If you have poor health you will find it hard to get fit.

If you have poor fitness you will never become completely healthy.

Oh what a dilemma...

But there is a solution, to improve your fitness you must:

  • Eat a well balanced diet, as without the right fuel exercise will be harder.

  • Exercise regularly to improve your fitness, aerobically and physically.

  • Be in balance, more on this soon.


By exercising you are reducing stress as physical activity has been shown to release hormones that reduce stress and also by exercising you tend to clear your mind.

However, if your structural system is not balanced, then you will find your chosen exercise places undue strain on your body and your health will suffer... and you struggle to improve your fitness.

The same with those wanting to improve health, you see a practitioner to boost your heath, you eat well, learn to meditate, use a few self help techniques to maintain good health ... but if you don't add in physical fitness then you will never be fully healthy.

Fitness helps improve your circulation, physical exercise stimulates your digestive system, improves lung function, boosts energy to name just a few benefits.


What Is the Answer to Health and Fitness?

If you plan to get fit and healthy, by now I assume you are eating well. You may have learnt to meditate or reduce stress, you've started a physical exercise program, but ...

Are you in balance?

If your structural system is out of balance, fitness will be hard to attain and injuries more likely. Your health relies on structural balance as much as it does having organs functioning well.

Prevention is the better way to health.

back pain prevention

Learning simple ways to maintain a healthy spine, ways to check your balance and simple techniques to make sure you return to balance are the key.

I treat many people who consult with me because they are in pain.

I treat just as many people who attend my clinic because they find they are not performing in their chosen sport or leisure activity to the level they believe they should attain.

Being in balance is the answer to both, as you return to balance back pain, neck pain, sciatica or any injury will ease and heal.

If you return to balance your physical exercise will not place strain on your structural frame and you can perform better and prevent injury easily.


Checking your structural balance is best done when you are not in pain.

Pain is an indicator that your balance has shifted so much that you need to stop activity. Whether it is back pain, neck pain, sciatica, a muscle strain or injury elsewhere...

If your body is in balance, you can exercise and find that fitness improves rapidly, injuries are rare if at all, your health improves and the methods you use to improve your health work even better.

So click the link below or the links on the right side of this page, to use the most effective back pain program. It will help you now if you are in pain ... and if you are pain free you can stay that way.

Don't wait for pain or injury to occur, remember everything is ok in the end, if it's not ok then it's not the end.

You will get to that fitness level you desire, only when the end is pain free and you are in balance. Back pain prevention is the key. Click the link below to learn more...


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