Mapping Trigger Points For Back Pain Relief

Trigger points are a common cause of back pain and you can get back pain relief almost instantly if you remove them . However there are some cautions when working with trigger points and knowing what to do and where to find these points easily can help you to avoid problems with self treating Trigger Points.

This article will help you to know the better way to identify and treat trigger points so you can get back pain relief quickly.

The Discovery Of Trigger Points

Trigger points were first talked about in the 1940's by Dr Travell, and since then have been used extensively by massage therapists, Chiropractors and Physical therapists to help alleviate back pain.

Although still not understood completely they are recognized as a cause of back pain. The problem with trigger points is that they tend to refer pain and hence locating them is not always easy.

There are two main types of points, active trigger points will have pain at the site of the trigger point and will also refer pain elsewhere. Latent trigger points are usually unnoticed until you either press on them or irritate them in some way.

Latent trigger points are also known to cause restricted joint movement as well as muscular tightness.

Back pain relief can occur by removing both the active and latent points which can cause dramatic changes in both pain levels but also freedom of movement. Many people will report the feeling of greater flexibility once trigger points are eased.

Diagnosing Trigger Points

trigger points help back pain This is where many practitioners and those seeking self treatment fail. Trigger points can be the size of a small mustard seed within the muscle belly. There can be also a variance in location of each person.

Skill of palpation even varies greatly between practitioners, so trigger points are sometimes difficult to diagnose or find, as they can mimic many other pain conditions. Many practitioners will neglect to check for these and assume that one of many other muscular based causes exist.

Trigger point mapping has helped to make the detection or at least confirmation of trigger points being active, a simpler process. Each muscles trigger points will refer pain to certain areas.

Identifying where your pain is can help to work out which muscle is likely to have trigger point residing within their fibers. Once identified there are many techniques you can sue to help release these points and get back pain relief.

Back Pain Relief Through Self Treatment

Although self treatments is coming more commonplace, there still needs to be caution applied when self treating trigger points. For example the trigger point sin the Quadratus Lumborum (the muscles that runs between the lowest rib and the top of the pelvis), are commonly a cause of back pain.

Pressing too hard on these areas can in fact bruise or injure the kidneys. So care is needed and an awareness of the structures and vessels in the area to avoid potential harm.

This is why certain apparatus where you lie on wooden pegs can be potentially harmful. Self treatment of trigger points using your own fingers is therefore easier to feel the trigger points but also less likely to cause too much pressure and traumatize the muscles or surrounding structures.

Lasting back pain relief still requires the need to address all the factors that cause your pain. Trigger points are only ever part of the cause and are easy to treat yourself.

Using trigger point maps you can easily locate where potential trigger points reside and self treatment combining manual pressure, stretching and even Acupressure techniques can release these trigger points quickly and give you good back pain relief quickly.

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