The ONE Vital Step for Lasting Back Pain Relief

Back pain relief is actually a skill and a skill you can learn. But with any skill there is a process to follow, to relieve your back pain you must follow a process, but there is one vital step everyone must follow if you plan to get lasting relief from back pain. Without this step relief is less likely to occur. So...

If you suffer with form of back pain, neck pain or sciatica you want answers...

Simple answers to your pain so you can get relief as fast as possible. This web page will outline what you need to do to finally relieve back pain once and for all. There are a few links below to help you find the stretches, exercises and techniques you'll need to use to remove your pain.

However there is a problem...

Most people jump into performing some stretch or exercise without first using the one VITAL step in back pain relief.

Without taking this step most people will only ever get temporary short-term relief ... some will actually make the problem worse and live in greater pain.

So what is that important step...


The One Step To Lasting Relief

Did you know that pain is not caused by an activity?

is back pain caused by liftingDid you know that research has shown that all the causes of back pain are created by many small injuries over time, that cause your body to twist and distort - called Spinal Imbalance.

That once out of balance, your muscle, joints, ligaments and tendons fail to work optimally. This causes them to tire and with time pain develops.

Sure you will notice the tight muscle or certain muscles that are not as strong as they were in the past.

And yes, many people will use stretches and exercises to target the muscles they feel are at fault, and at times get relief...

Did you know that pain is just an alarm?

A signal pointing out to you that there is imbalance in your spine. That this imbalance is causing your muscle and joints to fail and this leads to the pain signal.

So the one step you must perform before you do anything else is obviously finding this imbalance.

You can do this for free too...

Our goal here at the Back Pain Advisor is to teach you the simplest, yet most effective ways to ease back pain, to get lasting relief so you can lead a pain free life ... now and in the future.

looking for simple back pain relief that worksTo achieve this goal we know it is best for you to learn this one skill ... to detect which imbalances you have. Why?

We also know that most people will leave out site, try other programs, seek advice from a variety of practitioners ... but most will never find these imbalances.

If you don't you will end up most likely searching again and again for help.

Head over to our download page so you can detect these imbalances in just a few minutes. Then you can use the same techniques to monitor your progress no matter what program you use to get relief. But first you must use the only VITSL step in back pain relief...

Click the link below to learn how to detect your imbalance.

Click Here to Detect YOUR Imbalances + Stop Your Pain


Skills You Need to Become Pain Free

As I said above, it is simple to learn the skills you need to remove your pain. You need to first understand what is causing your pain, which imbalances you have, so that you know the specific muscles and joints to target to get relief from back pain.

But when you decide to act, to learn these skills there are certain aspects you must learn to be effective...

Easing back pain is simple, there are many techniques that will literally turn off pain signals. They are targeting symptoms, which people say is not a good idea. But nobody likes to remain in pain longer than they should ... also your body heals faster when free of pain.

So knowing how to relieve back pain quickly is an ideal technique to know.

Once you ease pain then you need to address the cause. To do this you must target both muscles and joints. The common techniques used in most programs are stretches and exercises.

The following links help explain more about these approaches, the mistakes to avoid, your treatment options and how you can apply these to ease pain and its' cause.


Stretches and exercises will help with muscle imbalances, however there is still the joint imbalances that need addressing also.

Your spine will twist and distort from the imbalances present. This is both a joint and muscular issue and to get lasting back pain relief you need to target both.

Click the link below to learn more about how you can eliminate ALL the causes of your pain and get lasting back pain relief.


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