Four Simple Tests for Back Pain

Are you going to suffer from Pain Now! ...or will you suffer in the future?

If you have back pain now then you already know what life is like suffering in pain. The following is a brief 3 minute video demonstrating 4 tests to see if pain is likely to happen or if you have imbalances in your spine ... and the best solutions to your pain.

If you think you have back pains, or worried you may soon, then the best approach is finding the causes and eliminating them.

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If You Passed The Test?

pass the back pain testIf you passed the test, yet have back pain then what should you do. Did you know that preventing back pain is actually easier than curing it?

Most people wait until pain strikes before they do anything about it. This is just like waiting for your car to break down before you ever decide to tune the engine. We don't do this with our cars, but we do this with our body and spine all the time.

Waiting for pain to occur is not advisable. If you know how to detect the imbalances in your spine, you can therefore see changes before pain strikes. This is the best way to prevent back pain.

So the only vital skill in relieving back pain is knowing how to detect imbalances. Sure you still need to know how to correct the imbalance, but unless you know which imbalance you have, you will never be able to remove pain effectively or prevent it.

This is why at the Back Pain Advisor, we teach you this skill free of charge. We believe everyone should possess the knowledge to detect imbalances in your spine, no matter what technique or program you decide to use to ease your pain.

So if you want to know how to find your imbalance, whether you are in pain now or not, simply click the link below...

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What Is The Next Step?

If there is one piece of advice that you take away from our site, it should be this...

Pain is just a signal!

Think of your back pain as you would think of a fire alarm. The fire alarm is triggered in your house when there is enough smoke and flames to set the alarm off.

With back pain the same applies.

When the imbalances in your spine have become severe enough pain will develop. So being free of pain doesn't mean you are in balance. It just means that your imbalances are not severe enough to trigger your alarm signals.

So detecting imbalances the best skill to learn to not only remove back pain but to prevent it. Simply applying these simple tests in the video above allows you to monitor your spine for imbalance and then act if imbalances are present.

If you'd like to learn more about detecting these imbalances and how to remove them easily, simply complete the last back pain step. Just click the link below to learn more.


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