Back Pain - what are the true causes

Back pain affects over 80% of adults, you will read countless articles about why it happens, the theory behind why it happens and very little on what you can do. Most people are searching and looking for answers.

Read on to find out what the actual "true" cause of your back pain is and what you can do now to ease your pain.

But first, some statistics to make you aware of how important it is to take action and remove your pain before it becomes chronic.

You know that over 80% of adults will suffer with back problems at some stage. That right now 7% of adults are in pain and 47% of adults will suffer this year.

Did you now that only 255 of those in pain now will be pain free in one year. The rest are worse or the same, and this included those seeking help and advice from various structural experts.

Why are there so many people with painful backs, when you know what causes it...

The causes of back pain

You know that you lift too often and objects that are too heavy. You sit poorly and your posture is not ideal. You stoop when you stand and you bend the wrong way at various times.

All of these cause your back pain, or do they?

If these caused pain, then there would be more than 80% of adults in pain, you would also have children being in pain more often. These factors are the last situation that allows pain to occur. They do not "cause" your pain.

You will see various modalities saying that pain is caused by tight muscles causing your body to fail to work correctly, leading to pain.

Others say it is weak muscles, Chiropractors say it is joint movement.

Who is right?

Actually they are all right and wrong. It is not one thing that causes your pain, it is a combination of factors, and not just physical.

If your spine twists and distorts pain will develop with time as your muscles and joints fail to support your spine. Then when you lift, bend, twist or sit, pain will develop. A recent study showed that the final situation that people said caused their pain, was not big enough to cause any pain at all.

The study concluded it was an accumulation of micro-injuries that lead to pain. These micro-injuries occur as your spine is distorted and allows the smaller movements to irritate the muscles and joints.

The physical cause of your back pain is the spinal distortion patterns that occur. The patterns are a combination of tight and weak muscles poor joint movement and a pelvis out of balance.

And these are just the physical causes. You also have stress, general health and fitness and your energy levels that will also allow muscles and joints to tire and create pain.

This may sound like pain is impossible to cure. In fact it is easier now than ever before.

What can you do now?

Back pains are easy to cure, all you need to do is remove all the factors that cause it. But you need to use effective techniques.

You need to stretch tight muscles, but the important aspect is not what to stretch, but how and when to stretch. You do not need to spend half an hour or more stretching a few times each day.

You also need to build strength in weak muscles. This actually has the poorest success in back pain relief. Why? Unless you improve the nerve and blood supply to your muscles, exercise will fail to improve your structural strength.

Then you need to balance your joints and pelvis. Until recently this was the area of seeing a practitioner. Now there are self-adjustive techniques you can learn to get joints moving and your pelvis balanced. You still need to use effective and SAFE techniques, not those from people with no expertise in this area.

The first and VITAL step to relieve back pain is finding the distortion patterns. Unless you know which pattern you have you will not know what muscles or joints to target. There are only 4 main patterns to detect, which makes life a lot easier. Detecting these imbalances is therefore the key to success, and also why we teach you this vital skill free of charge. Simply click the link to...

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Is Prevention Easier Than Cure?

When you are in pain, you obviously wish to remove it as fast as possible. The first step is detecting these imbalances, and then the next step is learning simple ways to turn off your pain. This is achieved by many different methods.

You can reach for a bottle of pills, whether they are medicinal or natural.

You can remove trigger points, use acupressure, stretch, ice and many other simple techniques.

But the final step is always removing the imbalances in your spine.

Preventing pain is actually easier than curing it. For many people reading this pain is minor, you are searching for information on your pain and why it occurs. Please read through our site as there are many articles to read, tips to follow and advice on how you can ease pain.

But the best advice is to learn how to prevent back pain. If your pain is minor, now is the best time to detect your imbalance and then use a few simple techniques to make sure you return to balance and help prevent your back pain now and for the future. Simply click the link below to learn more...


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