Back Problems and what you should do now

There are so many back problems today, from your lower back to your neck. The statistics are getting worse with over 80% of adults suffering at some stage. The latest results say that over 47% of adults right now have some back pain.

Who cares?

I know you don't, if you already have a back problem then you want to know 2 things. Read on to find out the two most common questions asked.

What causes back pain?

No matter where your back pains are they are caused by two main issues - muscles and joints. If your muscles are out of balance you get back pain, if your joints are out of alignment you also get back pain.

Most people believe the cause of back pain is lifting poorly or incorrect lifting. You may think you twisted the wrong way or did some activity that "caused" your pain.

In fact the causes are the distortion patterns in your spine that allow imbalance to occur in your muscles and joints.

Did you notice I said muscle balance - not muscle tightness. Muscle balance relates to the tight and weak muscles. If one muscle is tight you can have an opposite muscle that is weak. To correct the problem you must balance these, relax the tight muscle and strengthen the weak muscle.

Joint alignment is important as if your joints do not move well, muscles will become out of balance.

This is why it is essential to correct all the causes of your back pain. Knowing the causes also tells you how to remove your back problems.

How can you relieve back pain

To have good back pain relief, you need to remove the distortion patterns that allowed pain to occur.

It is a simple process to remove all back pain, no matter where it is. You need to identify the cause, balance your muscles, realign your spine and then improve your healing and recovery rate.

Follow these 4 simple steps and your back pain will disappear quickly. Only correct one aspect and your back pain will return again soon.

Back pain relief is achievable, quick and easy if you know the right techniques and then take action. There is no point in knowing what to do unless you apply the simple methods to find the causes and then remove them.

The first and most essential step in back pain relief is identifying the cause, what distortion pattern exists. Then you can target those areas to relieve back pain quickly. Simply click the link below to learn how to detect your imbalances...

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Are Back Problems Really A Problem?

For most people, the pain you have now is minor. You are searching the web to find out why your pain has occurred and the best ways to make sure it doesn't get worse or return.

The best way to look at your back problems is that they are a warning signal...

Time to make sure your spine returns to balance and your minor pains now ease and disappear. There is no better time than now to act, back pain is easier to remove when it is minor.

Leaving it for weeks or months, waiting for it to stop you from enjoying your day to day life is not advisable.

Even as time passes, you will always have the occasional ache or pain, as this is part of life. But these minor aches and pain should always settle quickly and never develop into moderate or severe back pain.

Your body is governed by a few simple natural laws, one is the law of healing. Your body is designed to correct these minor aches and pains, but when life becomes stressful and hectic, this healing response can sometimes be a bit too slow and pain develops into something greater.

This is why detecting imbalances in your spine is the only vital skill in back pain relief. Sure you still need to learn the many simple ways to return your spine to balance, but detecting these imbalances is essential.

If you'd like to learn more about how to find your specific imbalance (free of charge) and the simple ways to make sure back problems never occur, simply click the link below.



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