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Many people search for back relief, yet struggle to discover anything that actually lasts. In fact statistics say that 75% of adults searching for help with their back pain, will not find the answer.

You will get temporary relief at best, but for most no back relief at all.

This web page is here to help you become part of those 25% that find success. To make sure you succeed at getting relief for back pain, you must first understand why your pain occurs and then the simple steps to remove it.

We will also show you a simple technique you can use now to help ease some pain today. But first...


What Are The Back Pain Causes

Most people believe that back pain occurs after some trauma, actually you are partly correct.

In almost all back pain situations, the back pain causes are multiple small traumas over a period of time. You lift, bend, twist and carry objects. Each of these creates stress on your spine and leads to your pain.

Pain occurs as muscles tighten and joints fail to move freely. With all your day-to-day activities, you tire out your muscles and joints.

Pain seldom arrives the day you lift, it occurs over time. Today you lift your child, do the garden or some other chore. The muscles that you use tire and they then tighten.

As muscles attach to the joints, the joint motion is affected; it becomes sticky which makes the muscles work harder to do their normal duties. As they work harder, they tire further and the cycle continues until one day, as you get out of bed, or a chair, or do some "normal" daily activity ... pain occurs.

As the research concludes ... back pain is created by many micro traumas, created from day to day living.

You cannot eliminate all these micro traumas and it's hard to avoid lifting objects that are too heavy, or learn to lift correctly every single time you lift.

The best plan of action is to train your spine to resist the trauma and stay pain free. Learning some simple techniques that you can use when back pain first arrives allows you to be proactive with your back relief efforts.

The technique below helps with this, as you can use it as soon as you feel pain start to build ... or even before it starts.

But if you are after long term back relief, then you must follow 3 simple steps.


3 Simples Steps for Back Relief

As I said above, the back pain causes are the small traumas that occur from life. These traumas cause an imbalance in your spine, which allows the muscles and joints to tire and tighten.

If you detect these imbalances, you are therefore able to target the right muscles and joints to get lasting back relief.

imbalances coreected for back relief

So the first step in all curative methods is finding these spinal imbalances. There are four common imbalances that can occur. Each has a group of muscles associated to it and also a type of pelvic imbalance that needs correcting.

The second step is in fact symptom relief. Many people believe that attacking symptoms is the wrong place to start ... which is true.

The starting point is finding the imbalances; the next step though, is removing pain. Your body heals faster when pain free, so to remove the underlying back pain causes, is quicker if you are pain free. Hence the second step is learning how to relieve back pain.

This can occur with simple things such as ice or heat, certain stretches and even acupressure techniques. In fact there are certain acupressure techniques that will literally turn off the pain signals.

Most people still use medication for symptom relief, which is also okay. However, learning some simple acupressure techniques means you are never without the tools to help relieve back pain... which are your hands.

The final step is of course, is to remove the underlying back pain causes, which are the imbalances you detected in step one. This requires a combination of stretches, strengthening techniques (not going to a gym) and joint techniques. You can also add in other acupressure techniques that will help speed up recovery and healing rates.

Back relief is a simple process and there are many simple methods available to make sure all these steps are covered. Simply click the link below to discover...

Click here for a SIMPLE 3 Step Method That Works!

But there is a simple technique below you can use now that will help ease pain. Use this today to relieve back pain, but remember, long term relief only ever happens if you follow the above 3 steps.


A Simple Technique To Relieve Back Pain

It is your muscles that create most of your pain, sure inflammation may create some, but the majority is due to muscle tension. Muscle tension occurs as the joints and muscles tire, it is a normal body reaction for muscles to tighten once they lose strength or tire out.

For quick simple back relief, you can ease muscle tension by stretching or the technique below. Stretching is effective if you can target the right muscles.

However the more common muscles that create your pain are not always easy to stretch, as they are the deeper muscles that attach around the joints of your spine.

To target these you simply need to put pressure on the muscles and allow the body to create a relaxation effect which causes the muscles to relax also.

you relieve back pain with tennis balls

You can use your knuckles of your fist or a tennis ball. Simply place a tennis ball on the area of discomfort and rest your body weight over it. Rest there and relax as much as you can for a minute or two, or until you feel the muscles underneath relax.

If the area is tender, it may be best to do this initially standing and resting less of your weight over the ball. As the tenderness eases, you can lie on your back and use more bodyweight.

For most this can allow back relief to be almost instant. You can repeat this often in the day as the muscles tightens again ...

And the muscles will tighten again until you address the underlying imbalances. The most effective technique to remove the imbalances is using a technique called Spinal Balancing.

Spinal Balancing incorporates a few techniques that target both muscles and joints. Most self-help techniques only ever target the muscles and hence can miss half the issues causing your back pain.

Lasting back relief only happens if you remove all the back pain causes and not just a few. Click the following link to learn more about the easy steps to relieve back pain quickly.


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