Back Pain Relief and Your Jaw

One of the most forgotten areas in the structural system, that relates to back pain relief, is your jaw. Otherwise know as the TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint), everyone knows where it is but very few know of its' importance.

If you have ever seen a map of the brain showing where the joints, muscles are located and which parts represent each, you'll see the TMJ is by far the greatest area. Why?

Your jaw helps with balance, in other words your brain looks at the position of the jaw as one of the reference points to see how your posture is.

If the jaw is out of balance, then the brain believes your entire structural system is out of balance. I know this sounds strange, but you have heard of ...


The Glass Jaw

the tmj is disrupted by blows causing back painYou may have heard of boxers having a glass jaw. This means that when they get struck on the jaw they fall over and lose the fight easily.

The reason this occurs is these people have a jaw that is more sensitive. When they get hit the jaw moves to the side and the brain thinks their entire body has shifted ... which it hasn't.

The confusion starts as the other mechanisms that relate to postural balance such as your eyes, your feet, and the neck all say something different.

But because the representation on the brain for the jaw is large, this over rules these other areas and the person falls over as your brain looks at the jaw first. And because the jaw has tilted it believes you have and tries to adjust your position according.

Causing you to lean to the opposite side and fall over.

Strange but true...

The same applies to back pain. If the jaw is out of balance, the muscles tight around the jaw so that it isn't sitting correctly then your body will change its posture to suit the jaw.


What Symptoms Can The TMJ Cause

As posture from tip to toe changes, you can get pain almost anywhere. The more common areas are shoulder and neck pain, but also Sacro-Iliac pain is common too.

Depending on how much imbalance is present you can literally get pain in your feet, knees, back, neck and suffer with headaches.

This is why it is an important joint to assess and treat with back pain.


Can You Fix The Problem?

You can easily assess the jaw by either noting tension around the area, where you feel you are clenching your teeth, or that jaw just feels tighter than it should.

these msucles can cause pain, and need massaging for reliefAlso there are two muscles that are essential for joint position and movement called the Pterygoid muscles. Massaging these can tell you they are tight and hence the jaw a likely cause of back and neck pain.

To correct the jaw easing tension on these muscles can help with back pain relief. But as always pain is never caused by one issue.

This is why I try to impress on people that you need to assess and treat the entire spine. Looking at just the site of pain will cause most people only to get temporary relief at best.

Our X-Pain program teaches you how to make sure all elements causing your pain are eliminated. With just a few minutes of time each day for a week or two, you can systematically remove all the causes and lead a pain free life.

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