Do Large Breasts Cause Back Pain?

By Dr Graeme Teague B.Sc, B.App.Sc(Chiropractic)

If you have large breasts compared to your physical size, then back pain can be a frequent situation. You will see many articles on the pros and cons of breast reduction surgery, but who should you listen to?

To make a decision you need to weight up all the facts, and the facts should only relate to your particular situation. I write this article being a Chiropractor who has seen many clients over the years who have large breasts, who have been totally upset by the advice they have received.

In fact my wife has had breast reduction surgery in her twenties and has never regretted the surgery at all. But you still need to look at the situation regarding your individual case. This article will help to inform you of your options and the reasons why large breasts cause your pain.

Frame Size VS Cup Size

Your body is designed in a particular way to carry itself. You have a spinal curve that acts like a shock absorber, and the curves are set at an angle to create maximal effect. If these curves change stress is placed on your spine and back pain can develop.

In fact back pain is created by three main issues:

large breasts back pain relief Muscle Imbalance - this is where certain muscles tighten and others lose strength. The loss of strength may not just be physical strength but a loss in blood or nerve supply.

Joint Imbalance - this is mainly centered around the pelvis which is like a foundation to a house. If the pelvis is out of balance then the entire spine will distort and lead to back pain and muscle imbalance. You can also have individual joint imbalances which relate to the small intrinsic muscles around the joint and the joint itself.

Trigger Points - these are small nodules of muscle spasm which can develop after trauma to a muscle, whether this is chronic strain or an acute trauma situation. Trigger points can commonly refer pain remotely to their location.

The point is: when your cup size is too large for your actual frame, you place stress on the muscles and joints in your spine. The curvature of your spine fails to be balanced and back pain is likely.

But if you have large breasts then you know exactly what I'm talking about. You will get back pain when you rest, when you exercise, as you sit and study, basically you live with pain.

The weight of your breasts places strain on the muscles in your upper back, this strain causes a compensation in the pelvis and lower back, which can lead to as much low back pain as there is upper back pain.

When you exercise it can literally feel as if your upper back is tearing apart, which is what is happening as the muscles strain to hold the weight. Even if you have a well fitting bra, the pressure on your shoulders allows the same process to occur.

But the pain doesn't stop there. You find it hard to exercise due to the discomfort, you may be self conscious of your size and hence stoop, wear bagging/heavy clothing to hide your size, spend less time socially or being active as your feel people stare.

The pain of having large breasts is not just physical. So is there hope? Is there an easy solution to stop your pain and be able to exercise, socialize and live life once more?

Back Pain Relief

Back pain relief is a simple three step process. You first identify where your pain comes from, next you remove the pain and finally you remove the cause. Having large breasts, there is a small problem.

Identifying where your pain comes from is easy. There will be muscular and joint imbalances, trigger points that exist and numerous stresses which can also add to your pain. It is the combination of these that cause your actual pain.

Symptom back pain relief is not that easy. You can try using medication, Chiropractic treatment, massage, muscle balancing, Acupressure and many other techniques. You can even purchase our X-Pain Method from our site.

But these will most likely be temporary measures. I would love to say that I can help reduce your pain and I'm confident I can help get your spine and muscles in better condition. You will function better, joints will move freely, muscles will balance and you can easily remove trigger points with our program.

However it would not be professional to say I can keep you pain free. Having large breasts means you place constant strain on your upper and lower back. Wearing the correct bra, making sure your spine is balanced and exercising to build strength will help.

Long term back pain relief may not be possible until you reduce the size of your breasts through breast reduction surgery. But before you decide if surgery is best in your case, you should talk to your doctor, someone who can sit you down and tell you the pros and cons of surgery.

If someone tells you to live with the pain, or that by exercising you can build enough strength to stop the pain, seek advice elsewhere. A good doctor will measure you can then compare this to your frame size. If your breasts are too large then surgery is the only option.

Surgery OR Not?

I know you will read of many so called miracle cures, where you can balance your muscles, build strength and stop the pain. But the actual physicality of your situation means this is plainly untrue. The weight of having large breasts will mean you continually will have problems.

I have treated many women over the years with large breasts, with treatment (meaning regular treatment), they can become free of pain. If they maintain their spine then they can manage their pain, however they return for treatment complaining of the same pain yet again. And not to boast, but I am a Chiropractor other practitioners of all persuasions refer their difficult cases too.

large breasts back pain relief Does this mean you should not look at your spine? No.

Whether you have surgery or not, a good functioning spine will help with your pain. It won't necessarily remove all your pain or prevent the need for surgery. But it will benefit you in the long term by having a well balanced spine.

But the decision of to have surgery or not rests with you. You need to weigh up your options and look at three main issues:

  1. How much pain do you have compared to the pain free state after surgery.
  2. The risks of surgery and all surgery has risks. With breast reduction surgery you may not be able to breast feed, may lose nipple sensation, have scars inside and out, there is a risk of post-op bleeding to name a few.
  3. The cost of surgery versus the cost of ongoing pain and treatment costs to try to remain pain free.

All I can do is offer my opinion, teach you why your pain occurs and give you the options. The decision is yours and you need to talk to those close to you for advice and doctors who are open to this type of surgery. But...

Back pain relief is essential if you have large breasts or not. Check out our free guide and assess your spine and then seek advice from your doctor about the possible need for breast reduction surgery.


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