"Are You Worried About Your Back Pain?"

The 7 Mistakes People Make That Keep You In Pain

by Dr Graeme Teague, Specialist Chiropractor
B.Sc, B.App.Sc(Chiropractic), Cert.Hom

Are You Worried About Your Back Pain? The 7 Mistakes People Make That Keep You In Pain

When back pain first starts it is completely natural to believe it will disappear. Why?

Your body is designed to heal, just like a cut does. Your back is no different and you may had many times when pain arrived and then disappeared all on its' own within a few day. This is why most people wait when pain first occurs.

To what are the common mistakes and how can you avoid them...

Mistake #1 - Not Taking Action

As soon as back pain occurs, even if it is minor you should act. Sure it may ease by itself but if you take action early you can guarantee it will ease.

Even using Ice/Heat will help to ease pain, you can perform a few stretches to ease muscle tension and just going for a good walk can help your body to return to balance.

Doing nothing relies on hopes and prayers to help. Sometimes pain will ease ... but if it doesn't then inaction has allowed pain to become harder to remove. Start early and end pain early!

Mistake #2 - Pain Is Just A Signal

Yes, pain is like a fire alarm. It tells you that the spinal imbalances have occurred at a level where you need to act. Pain only ever occurs AFTER a problem has developed.

Pain also leaves first and then followed by your body returning to balance.

Many people make the mistake of stopping treatment or using self help techniques as soon as pain eases. You should continue with treatment until your spine is back in balance. This is why it is essential to learn how to detect imbalances.

That way you can reassess your spine regularly to make sure the balances remain, and not rely on pain as the only signal to say you need help.

Mistake #3 - I'm Fit and Strong ... So I Won't Get Back Pain

If you went to your local gym and asked to see who had pain ... you will find that many so called "fit and healthy" people still suffer with all types of back pain. Being fit and healthy will help prevent back pain, but it is no guarantee. Spinal imbalances occur from the daily tasks you do.

You bend, lift, twist, carry objects and even sit in poor postures for prolonged periods of time. These stresses cause muscular and joint tension to develop which then pulls your spine out of balance.

Being fit and healthy does not mean you will always look after yourself. Even the gym exercises you do, if done incorrectly or if you have imbalances already, can lead to back pain.

Mistake #4 - The "I've Done Everything" Syndrome

Many people have tried numerous ways to ease pain ... and failed. Firstly this is not your fault, but the fault of ineffective techniques and treatments.

Giving up will only lead to ongoing pain, and possibly surgery as you age. Leaving your back pain and assuming nobody can help will eventually allow your pain to become chronic and degenerative changes to develop.

The reason you have not found success is that nobody has taught you how to assess the imbalances correctly and then give you a detailed plan to remove ALL the causes. Stretches and exercise will only go so far.

All back pain is a combination of joint and muscle imbalances, you must correct both to get long lasting relief. You also need to learn simple ways to maintain a healthy spine that requires minimal time and effort on your part.

Nobody will stick to a program that requires 30 minutes every day ... for life. Through my many years of practice I've seen every technique available. Some are very good, but very few ever go that extra mile to make sure all the causes ease ... and less teach you a simple maintenance program.

Mistake #5 - It's Taken Years To Develop Pain ... It Will Take Years For It To Ease

This is a very common statement made by practitioners and those peddling ineffective techniques. Back pain is just a process, whether it has been present for a few days or a few decades, the mechanisms are the same.

Removing back pain requires a step by step approach to remove each cause. No matter where your pain is or how long you've had it, a simple plan will always work and work quickly.

Sure there are some that will take time to get significant change, but you should notice improvements quickly. If you find you are having treatment or using techniques and months have passed and you can not see a difference ...

Then you need to look further. Either change the techniques, practitioner or ask more questions of those you have learned to trust.

Mistake #6 - Treating Symptoms and Not Causes

A lot is said about treating symptoms and that it is bad...

In fact everyone is wrong, treating symptoms is good and it is one of the first things you should do ... after all you want to be out of pain as fast as possible.

The mistake is ONLY treating symptoms. You should aim to ease pain quickly and then you must remove the causes. This is the various muscle and joint imbalances, along wit the habitual nature of your pain.

Unless you remove the causes and change the habits, pain will return. This is the biggest mistake made in back pain relief, and one most people make.

Mistake #7 - Not Taking Action

Yes I mentioned this first and last, it is that important.

No one cares more about your health and pain than you do. Even if you have the best practitioners available, it is still you that cares the most and you need to learn how to remove your pain at home.

Understanding why pain develops, how you can detect the imbalances and the simple steps to remove the symptoms and the cause is vital.

Here's what you need to know:

1. Take Action Now!
As soon as pain occurs you need to act, if it has been present for a while and you are reading this, then now is the time to take charge and remove your pain.

2. Pain is Your Friend
Pain tells you that you have imbalances and they have become severe enough to warrant attention. Don't ignore those pain signals but don't rely in just pain to say you are healthy and in balance.

3. Fit and Healthy?
Yes even if you are fit and strong, back pain can still occur. Being fit is still a good idea to help maintain your spine though.

4. Something Will Work
Don't give up, stay positive, keep an open mind ... all qualities when you have tried other products that haven't helped. You just need to use a complete system to guarantee results.

5. Change Occurs Quickly
Remember your back pain didn't occur overnight and for most it won't disappear overnight. But change should be quick ... if not ask questions.

6. Don't Just Treat Symptoms
Remove your pain and what is causing it, this is the only way to go. Symptom relief is not the big bad evil, unless that's all you do.

7. Take Charge!
It's your health, your spine and you should learn why your pain occurs and the simple process to remove it.

You need to take charge, ask questions, demand answers and learn to be pain free. In the end the power is in your hands.

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