Back Pain Relief Exercises - How To Succeed

By Dr Graeme Teague B.Sc, B.App.Sc(Chiropractic)

There are many back pain relief exercises, all claiming to be the best things to help you relieve your pain. Yet most people remain in pain or only get partial relief. Why?

Once you understand why back pain occurs and the simple steps you must follow you will realize why so many back pain relief exercises fail to help.

What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain, which includes both sciatica and even neck pain, is caused by a few issues. You have muscle imbalances and joint imbalances.

simple back pain relief exercises By imbalance we mean that these systems fail to function correctly. Muscles can be overly tight or in a weakened state. Once this occurs the muscle will not perform its function properly and allow either pain to develop or other systems to fail.

Joint imbalance is the same, the joint fails to move as it is designed which allows pain to develop and other systems (usually the muscles) to fail to function correctly also.

In other words, all pain is caused by systems that fail to function correctly. These imbalances are due to the many activities you do in your day and not one single event that starts your pain.

Even research has shown that all back pain is due to the accumulation of many micro traumas over time which allows the muscles and joints to fail to function correctly. Pain is the signal the body sends out once systems start to fail.

How does this help you to understand why back pain relief exercises fail so often ...

Success with Back Pain Relief Exercises

Most back pain relief exercises use a single based technique, which means they will focus just on the muscular system. Stretches and exercises are the most common techniques used to deal with back or neck pain.

Yet research has shown that it is not just muscles that cause pain, so only using muscle based techniques will obviously allow you to fail to get lasting relief.

back pain relief exercises Will incorporating joint and muscle techniques will allow you to cover all the causes?

In fact, even if you use both joint and muscle techniques, you still will not be guaranteed success. All pain situations are not just musculoskeletal; they also involve how well your body heals, your stress levels, your general health and well being.

Don't expect to remove pain if you are highly stressed and have poor health.

So to use back pain relief exercises effectively you must use a system that combines the musculoskeletal techniques along with simple ways to boost your health and reduce your stress.

Otherwise pain may ease in the short term but is likely to return again soon. Back pain relief exercises are effective and will help ease pain, but when combined with other techniques such as Acupressure and Reflex therapies, you have a total package.


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