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I have been in private practice since 1991, helping thousands of people find relief from back and neck pain, reducing stress, boosting energy and many other health complaints. There are only ever a few products I recommend, why?

I have seen many so called "miracle products" come and go, the promise lots and deliver little. Over the years I have formed a select group of products that will help you in your goals of being healthy and pain free. You can see these below.

And if you have any questions, or need advice on which is best for you, please contact me and I will do my best to help. Simply click here to go to our contact us page and I'm only an email away.

Recommended Products



Free Relief Guide

free guide of back pain advisor Learn why you still suffer with pain and the simple plan to become pain free. Whether you have back pain, neck pain or sciatica, you can get relief within days even if you have suffered for many years. Discover the secrets of long lasting back pain relief ... Click here to grab a FREE copy now





Inversion Therapy

inersion tables We have sourced the best and cheapest inversion tables for you to try. Inversion will help with your symptom relief by removing pressure from your spine, and you'll get those added benefits of improving your circulation, reducing stress and many others.
Learn more and save here...



Blood pH Balance

ph and blood product Research has discovered that increased acidity will cause aches and pains, fatigue, headaches, heart problems, blood pressure, sugar metabolism issues and much more. Now you can balance your acidity with just a few drops of this amazing product. Learn more here...



The Calm Mind

how to calm the mind If you have ever felt meditation was just too difficult, that your mind wondered of task, that 30 minutes or more was just too much time out of your day ... then the Calm Mind will work miracles. The simplest way to learn to calm and relax your mind bar none. Click here to create a clear, calm mind now!



Stop Smoking Now

quit smoking help If you are a smoker and want to quit, then we have sourced the best programs that have the best results. Smoking kills ... and now is the best time to stop ... and the easiest. Learn more about the best programs available!



The FlexBrain Method

mind over body help A sharp, healthy, active mind is the single greatest asset you have. And the power to achieve and maintain that kind of mind rests with you. Take action now to guarantee yourself a lifetime of vibrant mental health and all the rewards that go with it. Order The FlexBrain Method today!





The X-Pain Method

the x-pain method program

Electronic Version $67

Finally get long term relief from back pain, neck pain and sciatica. The only COMPLETE back pain system available, proven to work for almost 20 years.

"I had tried everything else...I have never found anything out there with this much information that actually have changed my life." Terry Bracken, USA.
Find out more here!

Trigger Point Therapy

trigger point therapy Trigger points have been shown to cause up to 75% of back pain, and are very easy to release with this simple therapy.

No equipment, no pills or injections, no doctors ... and no more pain. Read more here!




Headache Relief

how to stop headaches If you suffer with tension headaches or headaches in general, then the Headache Code is the only system that removes all the causes, not just muscle tension. From Acupressure to turn off your headache now to a simple breathing technique to ease stress, all the causes are covered ... and removed. Learn more here!


Isometric Strength

isometric strength If you want to gain strength, yet are worried that vigorous exercises at a gym may cause back pain once more, then isometrics is the answer. This system has been used for centuries by all the "strong men" of the past, including Bruce Lee. Read more here!


Magical Mind - Magical Body

magical mind magical body In Magical Mind, Magical Body, Dr. Chopra will teach you how to take conscious control of your mind's incredible power. You'll learn how to access the part of your mind that has the ability to create the chemical drug that you need, and in the precise dose.
Click here to


Fit Over 40

how to be fit over 40 Here's how you can get fit and healthy faster and with greater certainty of success than ever before. No gimmicks. Just some time-tested strategies that anyone can apply at any age...and I mean anyone. Learn More...



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