Why Does Back Pain Repeat?

... and how can you stop it!

By Dr Graeme Teague B.Sc, B.App.Sc(Chiropractic)

Back pain statistics are frightening, especially if you are in pain right now. Research has shown that over 80% of adults will suffer with back pain at some stage. That in any given year, 47% of adults are in pain as we speak.

Worse still are the rates of chronic pain ...

Most people will remain in pain or have it repeat throughout their life, and it will become more chronic as you age.

The back pain professions are not that good either. A relatively recent research into Chiropractic stated that the more you adjust the spine the more likely you are to suffer with back pain. Terrible and I'm a Chiropractor ...

Gymnasiums are full of people in pain yet they exercise regularly. Physiotherapy has as good success as Chiropractic in lasting back pain relief. Medicine can offer you surgery or a life popping pills.

This is not meant to frighten you but help you understand that you are not alone in your pain, or in your fears that this could become a lifelong issue.

This article will dispel a few myths, answer a few questions and help you guarantee you lead a life free of pain. But first ...

The Simple Reason Why Back Pain Repeats

Back pain repeats for one simple reason ... unless you remove all the causes back pain will repeat.

The problem with structural professions is pride. Each profession sticks to itself and believes they have the answer. The problem is each profession only ever looks at part of the problem, which comes from their philosophy or concepts of practice.

Taking a holistic view is not often seen.

Your spine is made up of many different structures and not just the obvious ones either.

You have muscles, joints, ligaments and the discs of your spine ... but these are just the physical elements of the spine.

You also have reflexes that allow your spine to move in a coordinated fashion. You have organs that relate to certain muscles in the spine and body. You can have referred pain from remote areas, including trigger points. Even stress and fatigue can influence how you spine moves.

All these factors need to be assessed and corrected to have a holistic view of back pain relief.

Professions don't have the time or inclination to address all the potential issues that can cause back pain. Using self help based techniques means you can work on each element and systematically remove ALL the causes of your pain.

Back pain repeats as usually more than half the issues creating it remain and with time allows back pain to develop once more. Unless you address each and every cause it will repeat.

The structural professions and also most self help techniques fail to address all the causes.

So what is the solution ...

How To Stop Back Pain Once And For All

The simple reason as to why back pain repeat is the answer to how you can remain pain free.

All you need to do is address each and every cause!

For most people this sounds like a task that would require hours of your time each day, and for many months to see a positive change.

However, there are simple ways to address the causes without spending more than a few minutes each day ... and long term only a few minutes each week.

You need to have a plan ...

First you must address the physical sides of your back pain. You have to rebalance both the muscles and the joints to make sure the physical elements are working well. This is simply achieved using proven techniques that work quickly.

You need to work on more than just a few stretches or exercises to remove all the physical elements.

Even once you have achieved this you still need to make sure certain reflexes function well.

Did you know that unless the nerve and blood supply to your muscles was functioning well, muscles will never rebalance? There are reflexes that make sure this supply is optimal.

Did you know that each organ has muscles that correlate to it? So unless the organ is functioning well these muscles will fail to balance. Again, this area need addressing to make sure pain leaves and doesn't return.

With a combination of Acupressure, Reflex therapy and Spinal Balancing you can address all the elements that cause your pain.

Making sure back pain never repeats is a simple process.

You must address the physical and non-physical elements of your pain to have lasting relief.

The biggest mistake made in back pain relief is believing the physical elements are the only area that needs work on.

One of the biggest myths of working on these other areas is that you need to make major changes to your life style, spends hours each day working on your health and maintain it by spending just as long.

In reality, you only need a few minutes each day to balance the physical sides of your pain. The reflexes, organ balances, stress levels and even your general health can be easily balanced using simple techniques that take just a minute or two each day.

With less than 30 minutes daily you can return balance to your spine and health! Best of all long term all you need is a few minutes each week or two to maintain that healthy balance.

The X-Pain Method is the only program that addresses ALL the causes of your pain and guarantees that you lead a pain free life ... now and for many years to come.

You can read more about this program and how you too can make sure back pain never repeats by simply clicking the link below.


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