Is Your Body's Acidity Keeping You In Pain?

You may or may not know that your body is approximately 70% water. To be healthy and pain free, you need all that water to have an ideal blood pH balance - not too acidic and not too alkaline. Why?

Studies have shown that the more acidity you have, the greater your health risks. This is not just aches and pains, but the acidity will affect your immune system, your heart, circulation and basically all areas of your health.

Maintaining ideal pH is therefore good to help ease pain, but just good for your health too.

What is pH?

The term "pH" means "potential hydrogen" and is used to measure your acidic or alkaline nature, the range of from 0 (acidic) to 14 (alkaline). Your body's level is usually about 7.4 in your blood and 7.2 in your tissues. Saliva is more acidic and usually in the range of 6.4 - 6.8.

In science class you may have tested the pH of various substances with litmus paper. When it turned red you knew the substance was acidic, and blue when it was alkaline or basic.

You can test your body's pH the same way, testing your saliva is the easiest way as it is as simple as sucking on a piece of litmus paper and watching to see the color change. The levels will change throughout the day, so it is a good idea to check it at the same time each day.

What happens if you are too acidic?

In the early stages of acidity, you may notice very little. This is why most people are unaware of their acidity problems. Initially too much acid will cause situations like the common cold, allergies, skin problems, headaches and aches and pains.

After a while, your system will struggle further and cells will start to deteriorate and eventually die. This occurs because acid blood blocks the absorption of essential vitamins, prevents good digestion, creates a toxic effect in your cells and speeds the ageing process.

How do you become more acidic?

Your blood pH levels are affected by numerous factors, your diet, lifestyle, and stress levels.

Processed foods, packaged foods, sugary foods, alcohol and many others promote acidity in your body. Sure there are many foods that counteract the acidic effects, but many diets today are filled with junk food and fast food, and lack vital minerals and vitamins that help many a healthy pH.

Stress plays a major role in creating acidity too. If you sleep poorly, live a fast paced, high stress life then your body is thrown into an acidic state. This is why many mind/body techniques benefit your health, as they help return the more alkaline nature as well as create calm in your mind.

What can you get the balance

In the early stages of acidity, you can help to create a more alkaline body. You can cause a rebound action and force your body to become more alkaline, only in the early stages though.

When you wake in the morning, if you drink a glass of water with a lemon squeezed into the water, you will stimulate an alkaline reaction. This may sound strange as the lemon is acidic.

What occurs is your body believes there is too much acidity so it kicks in the alkaline actions of the body to control it. This will only occur in the morning as you arise, and only help in those early stages.

Did you know there's a huge difference between acid foods and acid-forming foods? For example, lemons are acidic - but after they're digested, lemons become a powerful alkaline booster - and very beneficial for your blood pH balance!

You can aid this further by eating foods that are more alkaline and avoid those high in acidity. Almonds, yoghurt, fresh fruit and vegetables will help improve alkalinity. Avoiding or reducing soft drinks, alcohol, processed foods, sweeteners and cheeses will help stop the acidity properties.

Once your body has become acidic for a period of time, these types of measures are not enough to maintain that healthy alkalinity.

How can you keep the alkaline balance?

Studies have shown the only way to maintain a healthy alkaline state once you have been in a acidic state for a period of time, was to reduce stress and support the body's alkaline nature.

Stress relief through breathing exercises, meditation, and moderate exercise will benefit the alkalinity and many other areas of your health.

Supplementation with minerals will also help restore that alkaline balance. However there are many supplements promising miracles, but delivering minimal help. For optimal health, your body needs at least 72 trace minerals every day to help balance your blood pH levels and protect you from the ravages of high acidity...

These minerals are best delivered to your body by being in an organic colloidal sate - that means these minerals are ready and able to go to work for you immediately - to make up for any current mineral deficiency.

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Your Blood pH Can Be Causing You Pain!

Leading research has shown that if your body is more acidic, pain is likely to occur ... and not just pain!

Balancing your pH can help with heart problems ... joint pain ... high blood pressure... uncontrollable cholesterol... sexual problems... blood sugar problems... fatigue and sleep problems... and much more...

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