Burning Back Pain - what can you do to stop the burn

What is burning back pain, why does it happen and what are the best ways to ease the pain?

These are the common questions you may want answered if you are suffering right now with the burning type pain. This web page will outline these questions plus their answers so you have a plan of attack to help remove the pain you suffer with.

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What Is Burning Back Pain

simulating burning back painAny pain that burns, although very uncomfortable, is actually nothing to worry about. The burning pain usually develops from muscle tiredness.

You can simulate this burning pain by sitting against a wall with your knees bent and trying to maintain his position for a few minutes. As your muscles tire they will shake first and then as they tire further the muscle will start to burn.

The same occurs with burning back pain. It is related to muscle tiredness.


Why Does The Burn Happen?

imbalances cause burning painMuscle tiredness develops as muscles are asked to work harder than normal. When your spine becomes out of balance, muscles and joints suddenly are forced to work differently. Every muscle pulls in straight lines, joints move in certain directions.

If the imbalances are present then the muscles are trying to work but are pulling on angles. This means that they are struggling to perform their usual activities and with time will tire.

The more common areas that are affected are hence the areas you use most. Imbalances in your spine are not local, they affect the entire spine from tip to toe.

Because your entire spine is not functioning correctly, where you get burning back pain is where you are performing the most activity.

So burning lower back pain and burning upper back pain are more likely than problems elsewhere.

The best approach though is first to detect the imbalances. If you know which type of imbalance you have then you are able to determine which muscles and joints are at fault.

If you try to just correct the muscle without removing the imbalance, the muscle will not change and the burning back pain will remain.

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But once you know imbalances exist in your spine the next step is obvious...


What Are The Best Ways To Ease Your Pain

Although your pain is due to muscle tiredness, just aiming to correct the muscles is not wise. The imbalances are both a joint and muscle issue. So to get lasting relief you must correct all the imbalances present.

However to ease some pain now you can stimulate the muscle to ease some of your burning back pain.

As I said the lower back is more common to get the burn and also between your shoulder blades.

The following are some neuro-lymphatic points you can rub that will help stimulate the nerve and blood supply to the muscle and can help ease the pain.

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But try the following now...

neuro for burning back painFor the lower back simply rub the neuro-lymphatic point on your low back itself. If is just in the dimple area of your lower back. This reflex cover a few muscles around the lower back.

To stimulate the reflex simply rub the area in a circular motion for about 20-30 seconds. You can do both sides at once or individually whichever is most comfortable.

For the upper back, the most common muscle relates to the Mid Trapezius or Rhomboid muscles which sit between your shoulder blades. These muscles help support the weight of your head on your shoulders and help with shoulder movements. Hence are common to tire when spinal imbalances are present.

The reflex for these muscles are actually hard to reach yourself s they are between your shoulder blades. If you have a partner simply have them rub half way down the shoulder blade between the blade and your spine. There is a second reflex on the front of your rib cage though.

It is located just below the nipple between the ribs and another at the base of the rib cage. Again simply rub in a circular motion for 20-30 seconds to stimulate the nerve and blood supply to these muscles.

The video below also demonstrates the motion to use when stimulating these reflexes.



But burning back pain can be controlled, removed and prevented easily. As I said the muscles tire due to the imbalance present in your spine.

So to get lasting relief from burning back pain you need to remove these imbalances. Simply click the link below to learn how to find your imbalance and the simple techniques to remove and prevent your burning back pain.


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