Burning Upper Back Pain

Burning upper back pain, although less common, it is actually probably the easiest type of upper back pain to ease and remove. It usually relates to some minor tiredness in your upper back muscles.

Read on to find out why it happens and what you can do now to ease your discomfort.

The 2 most burning questions you probably have are ...

What causes burning upper back pain?

The burn of upper back pain is a result of a few upper back muscles being both tired and tight. This may sound unusual; in fact it is the actual mechanism that leads to chronic muscle tightness. burning upper back pain affects many

When muscles tire they tighten. When your upper back muscles strain to work they tire, tighten and then burn. It is the same situation as if you were to sit against a wall, with your back straight and knees bent. After a while your thigh muscles will quiver and shake, they will then burn as the muscles tire and eventually you give up trying to sit like this.

With burning back pain, the same mechanism is in play...

The 4 main causes of any back pain are tight and weak muscles, poor joint movement and pelvic imbalance. As joints fail to move correctly, and as your pelvis twists and distorts, muscles are forced to work harder. They tire and then the burning sensation develops.

With your upper back you have the added joints - your ribs. It is the ribs and the muscles between your ribs that commonly cause the burning pain in your upper back. The problem with your ribs is you cannot rest them, trying not breathing for an hour... impossible.

Burning upper back pain may feel uncomfortable and be worrying, in fact it is easy to remove and ease. This leads you to the second burning question...

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How can you ease your burning back pain?

Easing your upper pain long term requires you to target all the factors causing it. You need to get the joints moving freely, relax the tight muscles, stimulate the nerve and blood supply to the weak muscles and rebalance your pelvis.

This is still the best approach to take, but for now you want to ease your pain quickly.

upper back pain is more commonStimulating the muscles is the main focus to stop the burn, and probably the easiest to do. You can do this by rubbing a couple of reflexes that stimulate the nerve and blood supply to the area.

One is located at the start of your collar bone on your chest, the other is actually between your shoulder blades. The second is harder to reach yourself and you may need help to rub it.

Simply rub these reflexes in a circular motion, gently but firmly. Do this for 10-15 seconds and the burning pain can ease quickly.

If not, it means there are other factors involved and you need to then find the cause of your back pain.

What is the best approach to get lasting relief for your burning back pain?

To get long lasting results you must both remove the symptoms and the cause. First you must identify which spinal imbalances are present, then attack the symptomatic processes. This can be achieved by using many techniques from ice/heat, Acupressure and anti-inflammatory measures. Then you must perform corrective techniques that target the spinal imbalances.

The principles of Spinal Balancing address the both the pain and the root cause of the condition that is responsible for your lower right back pain. Through self assessments, your individual spinal imbalances can be identified, and a targeted corrective program can be developed for your specific needs.


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