"How To Create A Calm Stress Free Mind In Just Minutes"

Without Tapes, CDs or Spending an Hour Each Day

By Dr Graeme Teague, Specialist Chiropractor
B.Sc, B.App.Sc(Chiropractic), Cert.Hom

Dear Friend,

Did you know there is a difference between mental relaxation and meditation? Most people get confused as the term meditation is used a lot with numerous modalities dealing with the mind.

Mental relaxation is like taking a holiday in your mind. You picture a lovely beach scene with Palm trees and a blue ocean, or a babbling stream, a forest or some other relaxing picture.

These will help you escape from your daily hectic life, a time where you can close your eyes and suddenly become a million miles away from all your current problems and stresses ... it is just escapism.

Now I'm not saying this is bad or that you shouldn't do this, in fact it is a good way of literally taking a break from your life when you need to most. Mental relaxation will not change how you deal with stress.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is different to mental relaxation in that its' purpose is to stop your thoughts. Once you have mastered the ability to have no thoughts present in your mind at will, then you are able to use your mind.

Intuition, creativity, energy and enthusiasm come from that quiet mind. You will have seen many meditation techniques talk about asking questions and waiting for answers. That meditation allows you to access the ability to solve problems, reduce stress and so much more.

But unless you have a quiet mind these are impossible. Meditation is trying to make your mind as calm as a mill pond, water that is crystal clear and no sign of a ripple anywhere.

When your mind is like this, asking a question or looking for answers is like watching a small ripple form when you drop a pebble in the pond.

If your mind is like the Pacific Ocean, then you could drop the Empire State building in it and not see any ripples at all.

Meditation is not placing scenes in your mind, it is emptying it, so you can access all the benefits meditation has to offer - being less stressed, sleeping better, have more energy, better health, less aches and pains and you live longer ... and happier.

The Goal Is A Quiet Mind

A quiet mind is developed through practice, stress is automatic.

Not all stress is bad. Stress is actually an important and necessary part of life. It will prepare your body and mind for situations that need strength and action. Small amounts of stress will even improve your concentration and job performance.

It is when stress continues and increases throughout your day that it causes the ill effects.

Chronic stress suppresses your immune system, so you are more likely to suffer from flu's and colds, it causes rapid ageing, makes the body retain excess fat, dulls thinking, increases pain and generally reduces your quality of life.

This is why it is said that "stress is the number one killer in today's world".

If you can cultivate a quiet mind, you will find your muscles will relax, breathing becomes slow, deep and regular, health improves, you can slow the effects of time ... and will live longer.

Does All Meditation Create A Quiet Mind?

There in lies the difference between meditation and mental relaxation.

Mental relaxation is putting scenes of peace, happiness or enjoyment in your mind. That way you are able to forget the stresses around you and feel relaxed. (We'll teach you a simple way to do this too, but calming the mind is the key.)

Meditation is the process of not thinking ... having not a single thought in your mind. This will create mental relaxation and a quiet mind and will give you the many benefits meditation has to offer.

Most meditation techniques are just mental relaxation, whether you are listening to a CD, picturing a beach scene, saying a mantra, or counting your breathing. This is creating more activity in your mind, not less.

Sure some of these processes can be used to start the process towards creating a calm mind, but they are not the only step. These types of techniques will give you benefits but they also are more likely to cause more thoughts in you mind.

You can see how close you are to having a quiet mind now... If you instruct your mind to become quiet it should, and remain quiet for a minute or two easily. Tell yourself now to stop thinking, just say ... "for the next 2 minutes I will think of nothing at all."

See how you go. Do you suddenly find that your mind races, that you have endless thoughts, questions or a state of busyness in your mind. If so then your mind is not clear and calm, no wonder when ...

The world around you is fast paced, hectic, filled with deadlines and you also have family life which is just as busy. This causes your mind to be active all the time. When you sleep your mind is active also, it never gets a rest.

The ability to have a quiet mind without practice is almost impossible with all the events around you.

This is why stress affects you, unless your mind can have some peace and quiet, it will work constantly. This takes huge amounts of energy and hence your body tires, slows and ages quicker.

Why Do So Many Meditation Techniques Fail?

You may be like the millions of others that at some time have decided to learn to meditate. You took a class, or bought some CD or course over the internet. Yet you struggled with the technique...

Meditation is no different to learning to run...

The first step for a child is learning to crawl ... then walk ... and then finally run.

Meditation is the same, you first must take those initial steps to train your mind to relax, become calm and quiet. Most meditation techniques ask you to perform advanced techniques before you have mastered the basics.

Sure there are many CD's that will put you in a state of meditation and you will gain the benefits of meditation. But if you are like me, I don't always have 30 minutes to strap on some headphones, or you are at work and stresses are piling up ... who can tell the boss they are going to pop out for 30 minutes and listen to a CD?

And if you've tried the numerous other techniques that tell you that 30 minutes twice a day is a minimum time you must spend to develop your meditative skills ... good luck. You need to quit your job just to spend that time they say to dedicate to meditating.

Most meditation techniques fail on many levels ... they take too much time - are too complicated and advanced to perform easily - you need to sit down and listen for 30 minutes - or they are just the mental relaxation approach.

They all fail as they are not easy to use when you need it most. You also want to train your mind to repel stress quickly, a set of tools to use at work, home on the sports field or anywhere you need.

What Is The Best Way To Meditate?

Actually there is no "best" way, everyone is different in what they enjoy or find benefit with. But there is a best way to start...

To achieve a quiet mind you need to follow a simple step-by-step process. It is no different to training for a marathon. If you were told to go and run 26 miles today you wouldn't survive. You definitely couldn't do it every day ... for years.

You need to use a system that allows you to meditate anywhere, anytime and any place ... in just a few minutes. Once you have mastered this process, the advanced techniques are easy and you won't need hours each day to develop these skills.

To get to this level, you need to follow a series of simple steps that train your mind to relax, calm and become quiet...

The Secret To Meditating Like A Monk

In order to meditate, to calm and quiet your mind you have to start at the beginning, and that's with removing some of the stresses that surround you. You must change your surroundings so that you have less stress, otherwise it is too difficult to calm your mind.

While this may sound complicated, or that you'll need a radical change in your lifestyle, in fact it is very easy to do. There is no need for major change, in fact the less you do the better.

So how do you calm and quiet your mind?

Use This Simple 4 Step Formula To Calm Your Mind

Remove Your Stress

The first thing you do is eliminate some of the bigger stresses around you. You can do this by performing two simple tasks that literally will turn off most of the stress that surrounds you.

Over the years of helping people relieve stress, we have found there are three simple processes you can do today that will drop stress from your body and mind almost overnight.

Once you've achieved success, the next step is every simpler.

Calm Your Mind

Calming your mind is easy if you follow a plan. Like we said, you need to crawl before you run ... the same with calming your mind. In this step you will learn a 3 step process that trains your mind to slow its' thoughts, to become calm and quiet.

In just a few minutes you can feel your mind being more peaceful, calm and yet your energy levels are getting better and better.

Once you mind is calm and quiet, you can then perform the advanced techniques in the next steps...

Reprogram Your Mind

For some you have had major stresses in your life, for others it is just the daily grind of working endless hours under stress. Either way there are two simple techniques that can literally reprogram your mind.

These are seldom taught, yet have been used for centuries to help stop your mind succumbing to stress. This is where your mind really accelerates.

When you can reprogram your mind for success, to repel stress and to set and achieve goals, the sky is the limit. Once you can do this then the last step is put into place...

Remove the Underlying Cause

Yes there is an underlying cause as to why stress affects you. With some simple Acupressure techniques you can rebalance your body and mind so it becomes healthier - physically and mentally.

This ancient technique is one of the older forms of Acupressure, which is seldom seen. As you can feel the Acupressure points working, you are able to see changes occur and make sure you stay in balance.

Why Have I Not Seen This Process Before?

Most meditation techniques try to make you run before you can walk. They ask you to jump straight in with complex visualization techniques, or mantras, yet you find your mind is already packed with thoughts.

Adding in others is just going to cause an overload. In fact recent studies showed that 54% of those learning to meditate felt anxiety levels rise ... not reduce. The reason being the techniques were too complex, too involved, too hard and ... too stressful to learn.

The reason our simple system is seldom seen, is that most people who teach meditation have been using it for years and find it every easy. But they forget they weren't an expert when they started.

They too struggled for many weeks, months or even years until they mastered the art of meditation. So they teach advanced techniques that they find easy to do now ... but you find almost impossible.

The brain entrainment methods of listening to tapes and CD's were born as a result of this common problem. Technology has allowed us to find ways to force your mind into a meditative state.

Now while these are fantastic and you will get the benefits of meditating from using these, you still are bound by time and a set of headphones.

Unless you can train your mind to relax and become calm and quiet, you are left relying on techniques that are not transportable.

The Calm Mind was developed from these frustrations. I've had many clients ask me for simple ways to meditate, to drop stress levels and become more focused and creative at work.

Are You Tired Of The Time Consuming, Boring Meditation Techniques? Do You Want A Simple and Effective Way To Calm and Quiet Your Mind?

Well it is simple and we're going to help you achieve success at meditating ... we've created a simple to follow program that takes only a few minutes to perform, that anyone can use. It.s called the Calm Mind...

Thousands Have Used The Calm Mind To Relieve Stress and Improve Their Health and Wellbeing...

This program has been used by thousands all over the world, and remains the easiest way to meditate and calm your mind. No matter if you're a stress junky, a complete worrier or your head is spinning with all the crazy thoughts inside.

This system is so simple to follow you will be wondering if it actually is working, until you realize that your mind is as calm as a mill pond. Not a single thought has occurred, you feel calm and relaxed, yet energized at the same time.

This is why the Calm Mind achieves, where many other products fail. Best of all you can perform these techniques at work when you need it most ... in just a few seconds.

The system is safe, easy to use and understand, it gets results because it takes you through the steps from the start, making sure you master each step in just a few days or so.

Each step is simply performed, there is no long winded theory into behind why it works ... it just does. So you get techniques from the word go.

Here Are The Exact Tools You Will Use To Relieve Stress and Calm Your Mind

Component #1: The Calm Mind Manual

Inside the manual you are taken step by step through the process of calming your mind. Each step is mastered easily with time ... for most just a few days.

Step One - you will learn 3 simple ways to stop the stress around you. These are still the simplest yet most powerful techniques you can ever use to beat stress. We'll walk you through exactly what you need to perform to master this step.

Step Two - another 3 step technique that trains your mind to become calm and quiet. This is the nuts and bolts of meditating effectively... this is the Calm Mind at work.

Each step is easy to follow, and takes you through the easy process of training your mind to become quiet. All you need is a few minutes each day ... at home or work to perform these.

Then once you calm your mind it becomes very easy to use ...

Step Three - this step teaches you two techniques you can use to literally reprogram your mind. Both of these techniques are easily performed and allow you to change how you deal with stress ... past, present or future stresses.

These have been used by the most sort after Stress Management professionals and are the best and quickest ways to gain the benefits of stress relief.

You will also learn how to use your calm mind to set goals and achieve them, to develop your intuition, creativity and so much more.

Not everyone needs these techniques or will use them, especially once you perform ...

Step Four - Acupressure has been used for thousands of years to return your body to balance. It is also used to help with all types of stress related illnesses. You now have the ability to learn one of the most ancient forms of Acupressure...

These techniques help remove the underlying causes of stress and the remove the effects on you general health and wellbeing. You can use these techniques in the comfort of your own home in just minutes.

Removing stress, calming your mind and using these Acupressure techniques will help your health, vitality, energy levels and so much more.

Component #2 MP3 Audios

Even though we teach you how to calm your mind without external assistance, brain entrainment is still an effective technique. You can spend literally hundreds of dollars on various recording, yet all are still almost identical except for the background music.

You have alpha, theta and delta brain waves. Brain entrainment technology allows you to produce a different sound in each ear, which will force your mind into different brain wave states.

We have produced three recordings you can use to put you into that meditative state. At times it is easier to just strap on some headphones and relax, and listen to the sounds as your mind drifts into those beneficial mind states.

Component #3 Peace Of Mind Unlimited 'LIFETIME' Support

One of the reasons why people get such great results from our system is because we provide extensive, effective and unlimited personal support.

"Wow! Customer service and someone that actually cares enough to reply."

Wow! Customer service and someone that actually cares enough to reply. It's hard to know when there is so much info on the internet. I really appreciate you getting back to me and so quickly.

Thank you so much Graeme. I will get busy and read more of the information as I did print it all out.

Cheers and a Very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Bruce Duncan
Vancouver, Canada

We offer this to all our clients so that you can contact us for advice, help, guidance or just to ask a question whenever you need to. We pride ourselves on giving you answers as fast as possible and from me personally ... most times within 24 hours.

Whether you have questions on certain steps, need a little more guidance or just a general question, we'll be here to answer them for you. You can't get this kind of support anywhere ... not even from your doctor.

What you'll receive is:

  • My Personal Email Address - Unlimited Lifetime Access

  • Personal Support, Guidance & Help - when you need it

  • Life-Time Upgrades - free of charge

We spend a lot of time answering emails, giving our advice and therefore we cannot guarantee how much longer we can offer this so we suggest you take advantage of it now while you can.

We know that even though our system has been proven to work extremely well, in fact far better than traditional treatments, and even though we offer unlimited personal support, you still may be wondering...

"What if it doesn't work for me?"

Well that's why I offer a personal 100% money back guarantee. It's all very simple...

You Can Try The Calm Mind Totally Risk FREE...


"Your NO STRESS Guarantee"

6 Month - 100% Money Back Guarantee

"If The Calm Mind Does Not Teach You The Simplest Way To Relieve Stress, Quiet and Calm Your Mind Simply Send Me An Email For A Prompt and Courteous Refund"

Order the system, use it, and follow the simple steps ... put its' proven strategies to work for the next 6 months ... and you be the judge.

All we ask is that you give it an honest try, perform the steps as outlined and allow a few weeks to see changes occur. If you find that you are not noticing any changes in your ability to deal with stress simply email me for a full refund ... no questions asked.

We don't want anything to stand in the way of you trying our system and that's why we offer such a powerful guarantee. And we also know that some people may take advantage us, but that's ok because we know that the more risk we take the more likely it is that you will try our system.

Are You Ready To Become Stress Free?

We know you are and that's why you are here on this website right now, searching for ways to finally be able to repel the stresses that surround you.

And we know you have doubts about whether our system will work for you. So that's why we've provided you with a full 6 months to try our system at no risk, we don't want anything to stand in your way of learning to calm your mind.

Here's How You Can Try The Calm Mind For Yourself...

The Calm Mind is a downloadable product, so you can start in just a few minutes to calm your mind. You will start seeing the benefits even before you go to sleep tonight.

And the cost...

Many meditation programs cost in excess of $199, there are CD's you can buy for around $30 (but you need about 8 CD's to get the results you want), you could try a retreat or classes, and expect to pay literally thousands of dollars.

But you're here to reduce stress, not increase it, so we've priced this accordingly.

The cost of the system is just $79 ...$37

This price includes the Calm Mind manual, 3 audio recordings, and the unlimited lifetime support. And again, if you don't start seeing improvements and feeling less stressed, simply send me an email within six months for a full refund of your product price!

So go ahead ... make the decision right now to try the system.

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Plus, when you order today you'll also receive these
FREE Gifts for trying our system:

FREE Copy of "The Stress Guide"

This 88 page e-book is filled the traditional and natural ways to relieve stress. Here's a comment of this e-book ...

"Wow, Graeme, these are some superb tips on reducing stress ... and they are actually fun to read. I enjoyed most your tip on how to use the sky to reduce stress, and I loved your overview of precisely how to use color to change different people's moods. This is an ebook everyone should get."

David Leonhardt, The Happy Guy,

FREE Copy of "The Bach Remedy Guide"

Bach remedies have been used for over a century and work well to help you ease the effects of stress. But which remedies should you use? This e-book teaches you the easiest way to determine which remedy is best for you. No more hoping or guessing, now you can get the remedy of choice that works best for you.

FREE Copy of "Preventing Stress"

There are many ways to prevent stress; the methods taught in this e-book will blow you away at how simple it is to stop stress. Did you know that looking up at a 30 degree angle automatically stops the brain from processing stress signals ... there are many simple ways to help beat stress and this gem of an e-book teaches you many such simple methods.

Can YOU Really Stop Stress
and Keep A Clear Head That Easily?

Most people who use our system have found that even within a few days, they can feel that stress levels are reducing. As you master each step (mastering just means repeating the steps a few times), you will soon feel the benefits of having a clear, calm and quiet mind.

Apart from your stress levels, what have you go to lose...

Imagine what your life will be like when you know you can keep a clear calm mind...

Just think, it's been a few weeks, you've applied the techniques, spent a few minutes each day practicing calming your mind...

You are now able to be productive at work, remain focused, have those creative ideas flowing freely and feel energized rather than worn out and stressed at the end of the day.

You go home to your busy family life to find you arrive calm and relaxed, ready to enjoy those leisure activities you avoided as you were just to stressed and tired to enjoy.

What you'll learn with our system will not only help you eliminate stress, but you'll learn to keep a calm and quiet mind no matter what occurs around you, and only spend a few seconds getting to that calm peaceful feeling.

Click Here To Order Securely Through Click Bank

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What Price Can You Put On Being Stress Free?

What's YOUR Health and Wellbeing Really Worth?

If you think that our system is too expensive or if you think you can't afford it ... don't make that mistake.

You will spend the cost of our program on coffee, cigarettes or junk food many times over ... just think...

Would a small sacrifice of avoiding these for a few short weeks, in exchange for becoming stress free, be that hard? Is being stress free, feeling fitter, healthier and even younger, not worth $79?

You CAN afford this if you choose to. And you'll look back once you've got a clear and calm mind, and know that you'd spend 10 times this or more to feel like you will soon...

My private clients consult with me and expect to pay $300 per hour. Sure with my methods my consultation times are only 15 minutes. But if you're a new client you'll see me 4-6 times over the next two months ... that's still over $400.

Other practitioners in my city will charge you even more and offer less effective techniques that only provide short term, temporary results ... and keep your money even if results are poor!

And remember ... if for some crazy reason our program doesn't help you get relief you can still get a full no questions asked refund ... we refuse ABSOLUTELY to accept money from you if we cannot help...

Click Here To Order Securely Through Click Bank

(All you need is a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything like that. And it's totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.)

Still Have Doubts...

Now you may still have doubts about our system, you may have tried to meditate before and found it too difficult. Your mind wondered away from the scenes you were suppose to put in your mind, or you became fidgety or stressed just trying to follow the routine.

I know the feeling, I've been there too, which is why we developed this easy system. We have priced it at a level that everyone who needs this most can afford to try it.

At just $79 you can finally learn to have that calm, relaxed quiet mind ... spending just a few minutes not an hour or more each day.

To maintain a calm mind you must train your mind to repel stress, encourage it to deal with stress when stresses actually occur ... not listen to a CD hours after you have already become wound up like a tightly coiled spring.

The Calm Mind gives you the tools to reduce stress when you need it ... in just a few minutes at most. It remains the simplest system to use, enjoy and benefit from.

Don't pay almost $100 on some technique that is so complicated that you need to buy another stress relief product just to cope with the material. Why pay hundreds for a CD package that still takes you at least an hour each day to listen too ... can you really afford that time now, let alone ongoing for months and years.

If you are tired of feeling stressed, worn out and wound up, you must take action now. Don't sit around and wait for years to master the art of meditation ... you can master it in just a few minutes. Take charge of your health and wellbeing!

Don't put it off any longer ... order the Calm Mind, follow the simple steps and in no time you will find you are able to keep a clear, calm and relaxed mind state ... spending just a few minutes each day ... and if you can't see results quickly, send me an email and we will gladly give you a complete refund ... no questions asked.

Wishing you the best

Dr Graeme Teague
B.Sc, B.App.Sc(Chiropractic), Cert.Hom

P.S I know you want a life with less stress, to be able to perform at work in all situations with a calm relaxed manner, to be creative when you need to, assertive when you have to. The Calm Mind teaches you how to create this mind state where stress melts away and you can be productive and positive at work and at home. So order the system, try it and see for yourself ... if it doesn't help you eliminate stress and allow you to feel calm and relaxed, then just email me for a full refund ... I can't be fairer than that.





Here's How to Get Started

The Calm Mind

Online/Downloadable Program

You can have instant access to the complete system, you can watch the videos online or download and view on your PC. You have full access to print off the sections you feel you need (most only need to read a few pages)

The savings from making this a downloadable product are passed onto you, which is why we can offer this at such an affordable cost to you ... to help those who need stress relief most.


As Part of Our Committment To Help You Banish Stress & Calm Your Mind ... We Promised That As Soon As We Reached A Level Of Sales We Would Re-Price The Calm Mind To A Level To Suit Everyone ... We Keep Our Promises, So You Now Only Pay ...


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