The Causes of Back Pain and Their Cure

Back pain affects many, yet the causes of back pain are misleading. You will read that you need to be careful how you lift, or your posture at work is poor and can lead to back pain.

That falls and injuries are unavoidable and are one of the common back pain causes.

In fact this is incorrect and can prevent you from finding a lasting cure for your pain. This web page will outline the true causes of back pain, those recognized by modern research as the underlying cause of ALL back pain.

Knowing what the causes are helps you to identify an easy cure for back pain, so you can live your life free of pain.


The "True" Causes of Back Pain

Research has proven that the true back pain causes are not how you lift, bend, twist, or carry an object. That falls and large traumas are infrequent causes of back pain.

What they found was that almost ALL back pain is caused by many small traumas over a period of time. The traumas come from every physical thing you do. These traumas by themselves are not enough to cause any pain at all.

Most of these small injuries will heal by themselves and cause no pain at all. But as we lead busy lives, don't give ourselves enough time to rest and relax, some of these traumas don't heal. They remain and cause muscles and joints to function poorly, also as times passes you accumulate more of these small traumas.

the causes of back pain are spinal imbalancesThese small traumas cause your spine to become out of balance. The spine twists and distorts as the muscles and joints function poorly and pull your spine out of alignment. This in turn creates further stress on your spine, so that these small traumas create even more imbalance and the cycle increases.

The imbalance allows muscle tension to develop as muscles are forced to work in an inefficient manner due to the imbalance. Because the muscles attach to your joints, stress and tension is placed on the joint slowing their normal motion and allowing further imbalance to develop.

This allows the imbalance to increase and eventually pain occurs after some small trauma ... you lift your child ... pick up a pen from the floor ... shift a chair ... or just suddenly feel stiff and sore.

So that causes of back pain are actually day-to-day life ... something you can't fix.


Knowing these are the true back pain causes, allows you to identify an easy cure. Removing pain short term and long term is still the main goal once you know the actual cause. If you want to remove these causes quickly and easily, simply...

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Are The Causes Different For Each Area Of The Spine?

The underlying causes are the same whether you have lower back pain or neck pain. But with each area there are certain muscles and joints that are the more likely cause of imbalance.

With any treatment program, it is essential to know which imbalances you have, and which specific muscles or joints you need to target to get not only quick relief from pain, but also a lasting back pain cure.

For more detailed information on each area of your spine, the muscles and joints involved and the types of imbalance that occur, simply click the following links:

Once you know why your pain develops, the next step is understanding how to remove your pain...


Back Pain Causes and Their Cure

As you now know that the causes of back pain are these small micro-traumas over time, and that these cause imbalances in your spine, finding a cure is simple.

With all back pain relief, people believe you need to spend countless hours exercising, stretching, popping pills or rubbing in creams.

In fact, as it is only small traumas and small imbalances to your spine, it is easy in fact to correct these.

imbalances are the cause of all back painThe first step is finding and identifying the imbalances that have developed. Once you know which imbalances are present you can target a few muscles and joints to correct the imbalances that have developed.

The biggest mistake made in all back pain relief is targeting the wrong areas. Most people do this by thinking that a few standard stretches and exercises will help.

To correct these imbalances you must target both muscles and joints. The imbalances are after all spinal imbalances and not just muscular imbalances.

The causes of back pain are centered around the pelvis. The pelvis is like the foundation of a house.

If the foundations are strong the house is strong. The same with your spine...

If the pelvis is balanced the rest of your spine will be straighter and stronger. The pelvis twists as these traumas occur over time. As it twists then the rest of your spine will twist and distort causing the muscles and joints to function poorly.

To remove all the back pain causes you therefore need a systematic approach following simple steps that first identify these imbalances, then ease pain quickly and finally rebalance the spine and pelvis.

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