The True Causes of Upper Back Pain

What are the causes of upper back pain? Do you know what is actually creating the upper back pain you suffer? More importantly do you know what you can do about it?

Read on to find out why upper back pain occurs and what you can do to ease your pain.

Back pain is actually the second most common reason to see your doctor. The statistics say that over 80% of adults will suffer from back pain. Did you know that upper back pain is increasing in those statistics?

As you sit more, become more sedentary in your job, upper back pain is on the rise. Why?


What Are The Causes of Upper Back Pain?

causes of upper back painThe main causes of upper back pain are not related to how you sit, the objects you lift, stress or any other activity. Research has proven that the cause of your pain is due to imbalances in your spine. If you want to know more about these please read our web page Back Pain Causes.

But to overview what occurs, imbalances develop from the many small traumas to your spine, from day to day life. If these small trauamas don't heal they accumulate and allow your spine to twist and distort.

The imbalances allow muscles and joints to change how they function. As a result you have certain muscles that become weaker, others that tighten and also joints that don't move as freely as they should.

Combined these slowly become worse as more and more minor traumas occur, ttension increases in your upper back, which then allows pain to develop after some minor activity... you sit too long at your desk ... you lift an object ... or even stress increases.

With your upper back you also have the rib cage, which can tighten as well.

But it is not just the physical activity you do that can cause these imbalances to develop.


The Main Cause of Upper Back Pain

The main cause of upper back pain is stress. This may sound strange, but as you sit longer, have more pressure on you at work, become more tired and over worked, these pressures sit on your upper back.

Have you heard the saying that "stress rides on your shoulders". If not it is actually a common saying in my country, because it is true.

When you sit and hunch over your computer, books or even the kitchen bench. You place a lot more strain on your upper back. With time your upper back tires, which means muscles tighten, joints slow and pain occurs.

You can stretch and strengthen muscles, you can get joints moving better, but unless you reduce the stress that is placed on your upper back the pain will return. To get complete relief you need to use a combination of techniques to cover not just the physical causes but also the stresses that play their part too. Simply click the following link to ...

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But there are also many simple things you can do to help to ease your pain now...

What is The Best Approach to Ease Your Upper Back Pain?

Most upper back pain affects those who have occupations that force you to use the area more often, office workers or those tied to the desk are common, as are students and even those who lift objects above their heads.

As tension increases there are many simple things you can do to ease some of the tension:

Tip#1 - Take a Break

sitting at desk causes upper back painSimply changing the activity and therefore changing your posture can make a big difference. Get out of your chair, go for a walk, stand up and stretch and have a break for a minute or two. Do this regularly during the day and you will see a difference.

Tip #2 - Change Your Computer Screen

If you are working in front of a computer, changing the angle of the screen will change your posture. If you tilt the screen so that is more angled pointing upwards you need to lift your head up when looking at the screen, which takes stress off your upper back.

Tip #3 - Breathe

The upper back and rib cage are connected. Also when you slouch forward, become under stress, and even when lifting heavy objects, you change how you breathe. If your breathing has become shallow you will increase tension on our upper back.

Performing breathing techniques during the day (even when you are not at work) can help to keep your breathing deeper and more relaxed, taking tension off your upper back.

Tip #4 - Remove the Imbalances

The best thing you can do is to remove the imbalances present in your spine, as these are the true causes of upper back pain. If your spine is balanced then the causes of upper back pain have been eliminated. If you are balanced then your day-to-day activity will not cause tension easily. So with adding in taking a break, breathing better and changing your screen position, you can prevent upper back pain easily.

How do you remove the imbalances?

Simply click the link below to learn more about the only back pain program that removes both joint and muscles imbalances, and teaches you how to permanently remove the causes of upper back pain.


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