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"Do You Want To Be Taken By The Hand & Shown The Quickest & Most Effective Way To End Your Back Pain, Bulletproof Your Spine, Reduce Stress & Build Core Strength..."

On rare occasions we open the X-Pain Members Club to selected clients of the X-Pain Method. This membership site is usually reserved to my private clients from my practice.

But to encourage you to take your back pain relief efforts to the next level ... I am opening the Club briefly.

The Club guides you more personally through the X-Pain Method and adds in other techniques to help you further.

I developed the X-Pain Club so my patients could follow a simple week-by-week plan to guarantee they not only removed their back pain ... to build strength in their spine ... to reduce stress ... to have a full, fun-filled enjoyable life ... without back pain.

Over the years the site has developed, techniques have been added until it has now become a complete Back & Stress Relief Program.

If you want long term back pain relief, want to reduce your stress levels and build core strength then the Club gives you all this and more.

The X-Pain Club helps you to look forward knowing that you will never have to suffer with back pain again.

If you want this, then the X-Pain Club is for you...

"How To Accelerate Your Back Pain Relief..."

The X-Pain Method alone is the only technique that removes every cause of your pain ... simply and easily ... using only a few minutes each day.

But ...

To make sure the process is even easier ... to guarantee you succeed at ending pain permanently - you can join the:

The X-Pain Members Club

The X-Pain Members Club is usually reserved to my private clients and takes the back pain relief process to another level.

Inside you'll get:

An Email Alert Service

This means you get an email from me, encouraging you to use the techniques, so you know which to use, when to use them and the best plan of attack to remove your pain.

There are 8 Phases of care over a 4 month period that will train your body to become and remain pain free (remember it only takes a few minutes each day for the first few weeks - then just a few minutes each week to reinforce the new improved habits)

You literally train your body to become pain free and stay that way ... you will develop a bulletproof spine.

You also receive...

The Accelerated Back Pain Techniques

These are the techniques I use with those stubborn, difficult back pain cases (the reason why other practitioners send me their clients who don't respond).

Warning: some of these techniques are unusual - but they work incredibly fast and can be used by anyone with any type of pain. You will learn how to:

  • Rehydrate Your Cells - even if you drink liters of water you can still be dehydrated. You will make sure all your cells receive a water supply (Keeping your joints flexible and your brain in top gear)

  • How to reconnect your proprioception (this is the balance mechanisms that can become "turned off" and cause spinal instability)

  • The ONE joint nobody ever corrects that can be the main cause of repeated or recurring back pain

Inside the Club you will also learn...

Core Training

This is a manual we commonly sell for $67 to my private clients - to train the core stabilizing muscles to gain the strength they need.

Core strength is vital for long lasting back pain relief.

The Core training manual guides you through at a simple pace ... to make sure you build strength quickly and easily ... gaining every ounce of strength you need to bulletproof your spine.

Imagine knowing how to use:

  • A SIMPLE test that measures your core strength. Do you know if you have a strong core? (You can use the same test to build strength quickly)

  • Two Exercises that build both strength and endurance in ALL your core muscles. No more spending hours at a gym trying to build strength that just doesn't last.

  • The one exercise you MUST use before you ever try any Core training routine. Fail to master this and your core will be as weak as a kitten.

But back pain relief doesn't stop there, to guarantee success you also need to learn ...

Stress Relief with the 'Calm Mind'

Stress relief is an area that most discount ... you may be saying - "I'm not stressed" or "stress doesn't affect me".


Stress relief is an integral part of removing back pain. Stress increases muscle tension, slows the healing process and just makes pain feel a lot worse than it is.

Reducing stress is a simple and easy process when you use the Calm Mind...

The Calm Mind technique is the best way to relieve stress ... to train your mind to be calm and relaxed ... to make sure your energy levels are always high ... and to speed your healing process.

Best of all there is no need to learn some long winded mediation routine that is so difficult to do that you give up almost immediately.

You'll learn:

  • A simple breathing technique that CALMS your mind ... gets joints moving ... and drops tension from your shoulders. (You can use this anywhere at anytime to help you feel calm and relaxed)

  • The ONE TASK you can do now ... that banishes almost 90% of your stress. It will also save you a few dollars every week in the process.

  • A simple hand position that literally stops unwanted negative thoughts creeping into your mind. This stimulates your creative abilities and unlocks your intuition - imagine unveiling that miracle idea or finding the perfect solution to that worrying problem.

The Calm Mind has never been released outside my private practice before and is sold at $67 ... yours free as part of the X-Pain Club.

You'll get all of these in one package ... to make sure you become pain free ... now and for many years to come.

Thank You ...

You also have complete and total access to the FAQ section, where you can ask any question that may be troubling you, the Tips section which has numerous ways to help improve your back pain long term and much much more...

We usually charge my private clients a monthly fee of over $37 to just join the X-Pain Membership Club, the eBooks are usually sold independently of the members area. For this limited time, and only a few spots are available, I will to open the site for a one time LIFETIME ACCESS price...

If you want to be:

  • Taken by the hand and guided personally through all the best techniques to end your pain (guaranteeing your back pain relief success)

  • Develop a rock hard core, gain stability and super human strength - develop fail-safe protection for your spine

  • Calm your mind in just seconds, learn to release stress in any situation - justwatch tension melt away from your spine in the process

  • Be able to DETECT problems before they start - imagine having your own warning alert to prevent future problems

  • Improve all areas of your health, in your own home at your own pace

Remember you get:

  1. Complete LIFETIME ACCESS to the X-Pain Membership Program

  2. All the Accelerated Techniques that Dr Teague reserves for his private clients

  3. The Core Training that has never been released before, or maybe again

  4. The Calm Mind Technique that has revolutionized stress relief

A total value of over $200 without including the $37.95 per month we usually charge to join the Membership Club. For a limited time and for a limited number of select clients, I have decided to make you a SPECIAL Offer to join.

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You will only be billed for the next 4 months ... then you have FULL LIFETIME ACCESS!

No more payments ... no hidden costs ... full access for ever ... just $6.95 per month for the next 4 months.

This is a thank you gift from me to you ... to encourage you to remove every part of your pain ... reduce stress ... and to enjoy your life once more ... you will get your life back!

All you need to do now is click the bright orange "Subscribe" button and you have complete access.

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