Chronic Back Pain

"What is Chronic Pain and What Are The Solutions?"

The statistics for chronic back pain, no matter where it is, are frightening. In fact chronic pain is more likely than a single episode.

So what is classed as chronic, why does it occur and most importantly is there a simple way to stop your pain and get long lasting relief?

Although you may be suffering now, don't worry, once you know why it occurs the answers become clear and simple...

What is Chronic Back Pain?

There are a few conflicting views on what is classed as chronic. The following are three such viewpoints from the various authorities on pain. They say...

"Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts longer than 3 months. Some experts define it as lasting longer than 6 months."

"A person with chronic back pain suffers from similar episodes of back pain that occur over weeks to months."

However, my belief is the final definition is most accurate...

"Pain that extends beyond the expected period of healing."

If you believe your pain should have eased by now, or has occurred again for no great reason, you have chronic back pain. It has nothing to do with severity and chronic pain is just as easy to remove as a one-off episode.

The first step in the process of becoming pain free is knowing ...

What Causes Chronic Back Pain?

what is chronic back painYou may be aware of the common causes of back pain. The tight muscles that need stretching. The weak muscles that need strengthening. Did you know you also need to improve the nerve and blood supply to your muscles to gain long term strength? One of the reasons why chronic pain occurs.

You also know that poor joint movement cause can back pain. That you need to have joints moving freely to become pain free.

Pelvic balance is less talked about, but one of the biggest reasons why back pain occurs. Back pain relief success is measured by how much pelvic balance occurs. If your pelvis remains out of balance, you will continue to have back pain.

However, all of these are only minor causes of back pain. The main reason why chronic pain occurs is slightly different. Chronic backpain occurs for two main reasons.

The Main Cause Of Chronic Pain

The main cause of chronic pain is that habits form allowing back pain to repeat and become chronic. These habits occur as the underlying factors leading to your pain have not been addressed.

To have long lasting relief, you must remove all the causes and change the habits that have formed.

This does not mean changing your lifestyle. It means training your body to become pain free and training it to stay that way.

You need to use techniques consistently over time to make sure pain goes and the good habits form. As you continue with the techniques, new habits form and pain will ease and not return.

This leads you into the other main reason why chronic pain occurs.

time to relieve back painIf you only rely on pain as a signal, then you will only have temporary relief. Pain only tells you that the distortion patterns are severe enough to need attention. Pain is like a fire alarm

An alarm is not triggered of as soon as a fire starts. It takes time for the flames and smoke to set the alarm going

The same with your body, muscles will tire and tighten, joints will slow and your pelvis will twist. One day your spine is overloaded once more, the stress is too great and pain starts.

Only using techniques until pain eases, means you only turn off the alarm and not put out the fire.

You need to keep using the techniques until all the causes are gone, all the distortion patterns have balanced, and until new habits have formed.

This leads you into one final question...

How Can You Identify When The Habits and Causes Have Gone?

Unless you learn how to identify the causes, you cannot identify when they have disappeared. The biggest and best tool in chronic back pain relief is not knowing how to remove pain, but knowing how to detect the distortion patterns.

If you can identify the causes, then you can use the same techniques to make sure habits have formed and all the causes have gone, not just pain.

Click on the link below to request a copy of our Free Back Pain Relief guide that teaches you how to identify the causes. It also teaches you some techniques you can use now for chronic back pain relief.

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