Discover How To Build SUPER HUMAN Core Strength To Protect Your Spine & Gain Invincible Back Pain Resistance ... In Just A Few Minutes Each Week

Easy-to-Follow Workouts Allow You To Quickly Build Strength, Resistance and Improved Posture. All In The Privacy Of Your Own Home, Saving You Time, Money & Expensive Gym Equipment or Memberships!

From Dr Graeme Teague:


By now you have used many of the X-Pain techniques, you are most likely pain free or thereabouts. Yet you still feel not quite 100%. You probably still have the fear that your back pain may return again one day soon.

Don't worry this is a common fear of most who have suffered with back pain many times before. Those debilitating aches and pains affect you more than just physically. You never, ever want to experience that again...

Well, there are two ways to make that happen. You can hope and pray that your back will stay strong. Or you can guarantee success by training your body to stay pain free.

It Took Me Years Of Research and Frustration to Learn What Will Only Take You Minutes!

Although I was a trained Chiropractor, and very successful at it, I also suffered with chronic back pain. I had regular treatment from my practice partner, but it still returned again and again. Sound familiar?

I developed the X-Pain Method from all the frustration, both my own and my patients, who also had repeated back pain. I wanted to develop a simple system that anyone could use at home to end back pain once and for all. There was one big problem...

I am the most lazy person I know. I do not like hard work, find it hard to keep to routines and I'm also very impatient.

I needed to develop techniques that were easy to do, quick to do, highly effective and fast in action!

The X-Pain Method is an accumulation of all my expertise in the structural field. It is still the most comprehensive back pain relief system on the market. It is used by people like you who are tired of suffering from back pain and want answers, simple yet effective answers. But I didn't stop there...

Core strength is one area you know that must be addressed. Sure all the X-Pain techniques help to improve muscles and joints, but you still should build strength in the muscles that stabilize and support your spine. This is the only way you can guarantee never to suffer with back pain again...

You now have the ability to learn from all the best fitness experts I know. Together they developed a simple routine even my grandmother can follow that will build core strength. Building core strength is like gaining fitness. You must learn to walk, jog and then run. Once you gain fitness then you can extend your body further and further.

With core strength the same applies...

You must first activate your muscles, then build strength, follow that with dynamic movement and finally stability. If not then you will again only have temporary results, your muscles will not support your spine and then one day you will bend, lift or twist and ... BANG!

Your back pain has returned yet again. You don't want that and never do I.

The LAZY Way To Build Core Strength In Just Minutes...

The Core Training Guide was written for you personally. A simple step-by-step approach to building core strength, gaining incredible resistance to those important areas of your spine. To actually allow you to bulletproof your spine once and for all.

It is a no fuss, no fluff, straight forward guide to gain strength. All you need to do is follow the guide and watch as each week you gain strength. Imagine being able to:
  • Assess your Core Strength - discover your spinal protection levels and watch as your strength increases incredibly fast, even after the first week.
  • A Simple Breathing technique that will build abdominal strength fast - you can even use this while commuting to work in just a few seconds.
  • Target Your Obliques - one of the harder areas to train, but you can target these to gain strength and resistance from those twisting type injuries.
  • Create Spinal Stability - strengthen your posture and stand more upright. Imagine feeling taller, more confident all from just a few simple exercises.
  • Two Simple Exercises - that only take less than a few minutes to do, these cover all the core muscles and are ideal for long term results.
  • Imagine Never Worrying About Back Pain Again....
There is a catch...

The Core Training Guide is usually only available to those who belong to the X-Pain Membership Program. It has never been offered for sale before and probably won't again. This is a one time offer so you can build the strength you need to gain all the resistance you need to remain pain free for the rest of your life. What price can you put on that.

I have decided to make the price at a level that everyone can afford. You want to have all the ammunition to make sure you stay pain free, you want a simple step-by-step, week-by-week plan to build core strength. You don't want to spend hours at a gym doing boring exercises or paying huge money sums of money to become a gym member.

All you want is a simple, affordable guide that teaches you the most effective ways to build core strength. To be able to stop worrying that back pain will return in your future.

Now you can stop worrying, you can build core strength for only $47

Oh yeah ... the catch!

This is the only time you will see this offer, the book should be priced at over $67, but for this one time only offer, you can grab it for only $47. The Core Training Guide will never be up for sale again, this is your only opportunity...

If you want to know more about the Core Training Guide, then please email me. You have my email address, so feel free to use it and ask me any questions you may have. The material in the Core Training Guide is simple, easy and quick to do. By now you will have seen all our material is based on a JUST DO IT principle. Little in way of theory, just techniques to use and use now.

Just click the big orange "add to cart" button and you can be building your core strength in just minutes.

And as always, your purchase is 100% safe with our 60 day money back guarantee. If you feel the Core Training Guide is not for you, for any reason then just email me and you will get a full no questions asked money back guarantee. I only ever want you to have the best and most effective ways to stay pain free, if you do not feel satisfied with any of our products, you can have a full refund.

(All you need is a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything like that. And it's totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.)

Wishing you great success and a happy, healthy, pain-free life.


Dr Graeme Teague

P.S. Remember, this is a one-time offer. This is the only opportunity to grab a copy of the Core Training Guide. It will not be for sale again, at any price. Just click here to grab a copy now

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