"The CRITICAL Time In Back Pain Relief"

By Dr Graeme Teague, Specialist Chiropractor
B.Sc, B.App.Sc(Chiropractic), Cert.Hom

When back pain first strikes you have a certain time frame to act ... if you do then pain will likely ease quickly and you can get back to life's activities again.

Fail to act in this critical time frame and pain can become longer lasting and slower to heal.

There are 3 critical periods of time, each has techniques you can use to help make sure you heal and pain eases as quick as possible.

The time frame is ...

"The First 48 Hours"

As I have written before that those first 48 hours can make or break back pain ...

If you suddenly find yourself in pain, if you act quickly you can ease your pain sometimes within minutes.

In those first 48 hours the best approach is to use Ice and Heat ... where you ice the painful area for 10 minutes followed by heat for 10 minutes.

Do this 3 times and you will reduce both pain and inflammation.

Assuming pain is not too severe, then you also want to keep active.

Gone are the days where the 'bed rest is best' advice was the rule. Studies have shown that if you do commit yourself to bed, pain will heal slower and you are more likely to develop ongoing problems.

You want to keep active ... which doesn't mean going for a jog or lifting weights.

Being active means keeping this area moving gently, which is why walking is still the best activity for back pain relief. Walking for as long as comfortable...

If you can walk for 30 minutes then you will see great changes in those early hours of having pain. Keeping the joint moving helps to reduce the inflammation, it helps muscles to keep supple and the joints don't become 'sticky'.

If you have had a fall or injury doing these simple exercises will stop your pain quickly and life will return to normal.

If you haven't had an injury or fall, then your sudden pain is not sudden...

It is an accumulation of those micro-injuries over time. Which indicates that those first 48 hours have past ... the next critical time therefore applies.

The Next Days and Weeks Of Back Pain Relief

Following those first 48 hours or ...

You have done some normal daily activity and found pain occurred, lifted something you have lifted hundreds of times before, carried your child, or just woke up with pain ...

You have had an accumulation of micro-injuries over time.

These next techniques are therefore the KEY to remove your pain and prevent it returning. (Better still the ESSENTIAL time applies and preferably you should be using the techniques in the next section...)

To remove all the micro-injuries you need to have a systemized approach to eliminate each and every individual cause.

You need to follow 5 simple steps:

Distortion Pattern Assessment

The first step is essential, you must find the exact cause of your pain ... using postural clues or muscle imbalances you can see the specific pattern you have.

What if you can't see these patterns?

Sometimes these are subtle and you need help - which is why you get unlimited email support from me personally (when you purchase the X-Pain Method) - you can send me a photo or the muscles test results and I will diagnose the pattern instantly ... free of charge.

Once you find the distortion pattern, you are then able to start immediately to remove your pain.

Simple & Quick Symptom Relief

If you are in pain, the body will not heal ... you need to reduce and ease pain before you can address any muscle or joint imbalances.

One of the most commonly forgotten areas of back pain relief is trigger point work.

Releasing trigger points will reduce pain almost instantly and allow you to target the underlying causes of your pain...

Remember - Trigger points are for symptom relief and do not address the actual causes of your pain. This is what the next step addresses incredibly well...

Muscle Balancing

Balancing muscles is another vital step in long-term back or neck pain relief.

Ineffective treatment of muscle imbalances is one of the main reasons for the development of the habitual pain cycle. If treatment only addresses part of the problem ... pain will return and the habits will form.

The standard generic stretches that most of you have seen, plainly do not work. To balance muscles you must:

  • Stretch muscles that are tight - effective stretching is understanding what to stretch, how to stretch and when to stretch (Hint: stretching just prior to bed allows muscles to stay relaxed and reduces tension overnight - this amplifies the effects of stretching 10X)

  • Improve the nerve and blood supply to the muscles - if the supply is poor exercise will not allow muscle to gain the 'functional' strength they need to resist back pain.

  • You must strengthen muscles that are tight - muscles tire and as they tire they tighten (almost every muscle that is tense is also weak - fail to strengthen these and pain will return).

Most techniques stop here ... pain eases ... pain returns ... you stretch and strengthen again ... pain eases ... pain returns!

The habitual pain cycle once again - the next 2 steps guarantee every cause is eliminated and you break the cycle ...

The next step is...

Pelvic & Joint Balancing

Don't worry - the techniques I use in my private practice to adjust the spine are painless, safe and noiseless. You can perform these on yourself effectively and ease joint tension immediately.

As the distortion patterns are located around your pelvis - balancing the pelvis is essential. With these distortion patterns certain specific joints will also tighten ... and need to be released.

To adjust a specific joint - you can simply press on the joint, breathe in and out a few times and release the tension quickly.

To rebalance your pelvis, you can use some simple techniques while lying down that will straighten the pelvis in just a few minutes.

Once you have balanced the joints the final step is ...

How To Break The Habitual Pain Cycle

This is the 'true' cause of all chronic and recurring back or neck pain...

There are a few simple ways to end the ongoing cycle of pain. All are very easy and quick to perform and you can do these even while watching TV in your armchair.

The two quickest ways to break the cycle are:

  1. Using the corrective exercises daily to train your body to become pain free. (no time consuming or boring exercises ... only simple, easy and fun techniques that take no time away from your leisure or work activities)

  2. Acupressure techniques will stimulate the body to heal, recover and break the habitual nature of pain. (an ancient, safe, effective & fast way to become pain free)

It takes 31 days to form a habit - it takes 31 days to break it!

Breaking the habitual pain cycle is the key to long-term pain relief.

But the best approach is to follow the only ESSENTIAL time in back pain relief...

"The ESSENTIAL Time In Back Pain Relief"

It may sound strange but the most essential time in back pain relief are those days or weeks BEFORE pain occurs...

How do you know when back pain will occur?

How can you predict when to act?

Simple ... don't stop. The main reason why back pain occurs is that you accumulate many little stresses on your spine. As pain eases you believe that as pain has gone you no longer have any other issues relating to your spinal health.

This is the BIGGEST mistake made in back pain relief.

Pain is ONLY a signal that tells you that the imbalances have become severe enough to warrant some attention.

Think of pain as a fire alarm ... the alarm occurs AFTER the fire not before.

Back pain is precisely the same. You develop the imbalances in your muscles and joints, these build to a point where pain develops ... the final lift, bend or twist trigger the alarm to say the imbalance need attention.

For most (and this is not your fault, most of you are only taught to remove pain) you use a few stretches or exercises until pain eases ... and then stop.


Well all the exercises and stretches take so much time from your day that ... who is motivated enough to keep using them every single day?

If you know how to assess the balances in your spine you can determine when you need to act ... finding the imbalances and checking these regularly will help.


DON'T Make The Mistake So Many Others Make!

Why wait for back pain to become severe, or live in hope that it won't return, when you can guarantee a life free of pain.

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