How to Cure Back Pain - quickly

Knowing how to cure back pain is not that difficult. All you do is find the cause, remove the pain and eliminate the underlying cause.

However, most people never follow all these steps. After all you don't want to remain in pain longer than you should, so is there a quick way to cure back pain?

In fact there are many simple ways you can stop pain. Medication is one, but if you're reading this you have likely decided to try something different. Medication does its side effect anyway.

This web page will demonstrate a simple technique you can use to ease pain. I still encourage people to remove all the causes of their pain, as if all you do is remove pain without following those 3

simple steps above, pain will return.

But for now ...

A Simple & Quick Back Pain Cure

Research has shown that 75% of your pain can be attributed to trigger points. If you're unsure of what trigger points are simply click this link - Trigger Point Therapy.

A basic overview is that trigger points are localized spasms of muscle that can also refer pain to remote areas.

You can find these trigger points using what is called a trigger point map. Each muscle has areas within it where trigger points form. Each muscle has a definite trigger point map, so depending on your pain you can easily work out which muscle has these points.

Once located all you do is apply pressure on the point for 20 seconds or more, then stretch the muscle and repeat. Most times a few applications of pressure will eliminate the trigger point.

You still need to prevent them returning, which you can do by following a few simple steps.

But here's a brief video demonstrating the technique, and a picture below that of a common muscle that causes lower back pain. If you want more details of trigger points you can click the following link to read more about the X-Pain Method, which teaches you this, plus Spinal Balancing to remove all the causes of your pain.


trigger points to cure back painTo recap, make sure you find the trigger point, apply pressure on the point for 20-30 seconds, and then stretch the muscle.

It's a simple process but one that is effective at easing back pain quickly.

If you are after a more permanent way to cure back pain, then you need to follow 3 simple steps ...


3 Simple Steps To Cure Back Pain

Back pain is simple to eliminate.

It only takes 3 simple steps:

Step #1 - Find the Cause - this is a process of identifying which spinal imbalances you have, along with the locations of any trigger points present.

Step #2 - Remove Pain - this is achieved using trigger point therapy, plus acupressure and some simple technique to literally turn off the pain signals. Your body heals the following step faster if you are pain free.

Step #3 - Remove the Cause - which is a process of rebalancing your spine to make sure muscles and joints perform correctly, which also prevents the recurrence of any trigger points.

Combined these steps are the best way to get any lasting back pain cure. If you want to get relief quickly, learn simple methods you can use at home, then simply click the link below to learn more about how you can get a lasting way to cure back pain.


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