Exercise for Lower Back Pain

What is the best exercise for lower back pain? Any exercise must achieve two main goals. It must relieve back pain quickly and secondly stop it returning.

Read on to learn a simple technique now that will help strengthen your lower back and help ease your back pain. You will also understand some vital information about lower back pain that is essential for long lasting relief.

Lower back pain affects almost every adult at some stage. Understanding why back pain occurs, its causes, allows you to work out the best exercises and techniques to use for lasting relief.


What causes lower back pain?

exercise for lower back pain Almost all pain is caused by muscle tightness, to get relief you therefore must learn simple ways to ease tension quickly. This can be achieved with certain types of stretches (the usual stretch and hold techniques have poor success), reflex therapy (stimulating certain reflexes helps muscles reduce tension in a few seconds for most) and acupressure (which has been used for thousands of years for pain relief).


Although muscles cause most of your pain, it is not just the muscles you need to correct. Muscles will tighten as joints fail to move freely, they can also tighten as other muscles weaken.

To get lasting relief you therefore must follow a simple program that removes both joint and muscle imbalances. If not, then relief is usually temporary at best.

Long term, if you don't correct these imbalances, then pain is more likely to become chronic.


Which Exercises Are BEST?

Most people assume exercise such as building strength will help with back pain. But if your pain is more than just a niggle, most exercise will in fact make the pain worse, not better.

The first step in all back pain relief is finding the specific cause of your pain ... the imbalances that are present that allow your muscles and joints to cause pain.

You can work out these imbalances yourself; simply click the following link to learn more about detecting these imbalances and removing your pain ...

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Once you know which imbalances you have, working out the best exercises to use is simple.

There are two main approaches with exercise, those that help to relax muscles and those that will strengthen muscles. Below is a simple technique that helps to build strength in your core muscles. You can also use it to test how much strength you have in your core.


An exercise for lower back pain

The following is a simple exercise for lower back pain you can use to help strengthen your lower back. It will help ease pain, but it will also indicate how strong your back is.

the plank lower back exerciseIt is a common exercise called "The Plank".

All you do is lie on the floor with your arms bent and you are resting on your elbows in a press-up position. You then raise your pelvis off the floor keeping your back as straight as possible.

Hold this position for 30 seconds or more.

If you cannot hold this position, or if it causes back pain then please don't try or attempt this. Even you look at this exercise and believe it will cause pain, don't use it.



What If It's Too Painful to Do This Exercise?

If you find that the exercise above is impossible, that your pain doesn't allow you to place this type of stress on your back then you need to take action.

It is nothing to worry about, the most common reason is that you have some pelvic imbalance and the muscles around your core are not activating. As a result the muscles have tightened and are causing you pain.

The best exercise for lower back pain are those that will help reduce muscle tension.

There are four main muscles that cause lower back pain. Stretching each of these in a certain way will help ease their tension and reduce pain quickly. It is also best to use some reflexes and acupressure techniques that will also help ease tension as well as reduce pain.

Combined, these can stop pain within a few minutes for most ... or within the day if pain is more severe.

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What is the best approach for long term lower back pain relief?

To get lasting relief you must both remove the symptoms and the cause, if not you are only ever going to receive temporary relief.

The first step is to identify which spinal imbalances are present, then attack the pain by using symptom based techniques. This can be achieved by using many techniques from ice/heat, Acupressure and reflexes, stretches and exercises.

But to get lasting long term relief, you must target and remove the cause.

Spinal Balancing addresses the both the pain and the underlying cause of the pain. It follows the above steps and uses a combination of technqiues to remove the cause. Any exercise for lower back pain can be used, but unless it address both the symptoms and the cause it will be ineffective.

So if you ar elooking for lasting relief, want an exercise for lower back pain that works, and to learn how to prevent back pain, simply click the link below...


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