The Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain

If you suffer with lower back pain, then exercises for lower back pain are an essential tool to use. However, many people exercise without knowing why they are exercising ... or the best exercises to use.

This web page will outline the three exercises you must use if you wish to improve strength in your lower back and a brief video demonstrating these exercises.

But before you jump into exercising you need to understand a bit more about your pain and why exercising isn't enough to get lasting lower back pain relief.


Why Exercising Just Isn't Enough

Exercises for lower back pain are commonly used for ease pain, there are many out there you can choose from, but for most people they offer little help.

miracle exercises for lower back painWhy?

Before you exercise you need to know what and where to target. You also need to understand that your back pain is not just a muscular issue. That the process involved removing pain long term requires more than just a few exercises.

Sure you will see promises made on the web that there is a "miracle" exercise that will remove all your pain. However, this is plainly untrue. The simple reason is...

The causes of lower back pain after all are not just muscular; they are a combination of both joint and muscle imbalances, along with Trigger Points and in more severe cases inflammation.

To get lasting relief you need to target all these areas and a few strengthening exercises won't achieve that.


Should You Stretch or Strengthen

There is always a debate over whether back pain occurs because muscles are too tight or that there is less strength...

In fact there is no debate.

Both occur. Muscle imbalances are a combination of muscles that are tight and other muscles that are weak. However, the weak muscles do not relate just to the physical strength of the muscle.

nerve supply to lower back musclesWeakness can be related to a poor nerve and blood supply to the muscle, it can also come about as joint imbalances cause muscles to loose power and strength as distortion patterns occur ... if joints are out of alignment muscles are asked to work harder to perform their normal daily duty, hence they tire.

This is why it is essential to use effective lower back stretches that target the muscles that are tight and use exercises for lower back pain to target the muscles that need to increase in strength.

Combine this with methods to rebalance your pelvis and spine and you can relieve back pain quickly. It is a combined approach that is most effective, but before you start you need to know what to target.

There are four common imbalances that occur in the spine, with each imbalance there are certain joints and muscles that need attention. If you don't know which imbalance you have you can target the wrong areas and in fact make the imbalance worse.

This is why it is essential to detect which imbalance you have. It is the one skill everyone should learn, no matter which back pain program they decide to use... and this is why we teach you this free of charge.

Simply click the link below to learn how to detect your imbalance ...

Click Here to Detect YOUR Imbalances + Stop Your Pain

But once you know what to target, which exercise for lower back pain are best.


The Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Even though I said above you first need to find the imbalance (which is true) there are still 3 exercise for lower back pain you need to use to improve overall lower back strength.

They target the core muscles and if your core is strong you tend to have less lower back pain. The exercises below are the best to use and the simplest to use also. Sure you could add in ten more exercises for lower back pain, but the three below cover all the muscles that support your lower back.

They may help to ease some pain, but to get lasting relief you need to be more specific in your approach, more on that below.

The three exercises for lower back pain are:


abdominal hollowingAbdominal Hollowing - this strengthens your abdominal muscles but it also improves your breathing cycle which helps especially when you lift heavier objects. It is the first exercise for lower back pain and the most important. Why?

When you use any core exercise you must breath correctly to activate the muscle. This exercise teaches you how to breathe while exercising.

All you do is lie on your back, with your knees bent and hands palm down, and flat against the ground, or you can be seated in a chair (as in the video below).

Then breathe in as deep as possible and relax all your abdominal areas as much as you can. Then as you breathe out fully, tense your abdominal muscles by pulling them towards the ground. Just imagine you are pulling on jeans that are too tight and you are sucking in your abdominals to zip up the zipper.

Make sure your pelvis and lower back do not move, they should stay in a neutral position, it is just your abdominal muscles that should be working.

Hold the contraction for 7 seconds but still relaxed in the rest of your body if you can. Breathe gently while holding the contraction. Then breathe in again and repeat the process 5 times.

This will build strength in your abdominals quickly. Once you master this you can then start using the other low back pain exercises.

There are two exercises that cover all the core muscles and are the simplest and best to use for back pain relief. Make sure when you perform the Plank exercises you are using the hollowing technique above. It is easy to hold these positions below but when you use the breathing you will see how hard it actually can be to perform these correctly.

The two exercises are

the plankThe Plank - The Plank targets all the core muscles and also can be used to monitor your core strength. The longer you can hold the Plank exercise, the stronger your core is.

To perform the Plank, all you do is get into a press-up position, with you lying face down on the ground. Have your elbows bent and arms facing forward with hands flat on the ground.

Then you raise your abdomen so that your back is flat and in a neutral position. A neutral spine is the position of your lower back as if you were standing flat against a wall. So you need to make sure your buttocks are not too high or too low.

Then simply hold this position for as long as possible. Initially you will feel your muscles shake and quiver. This is your core muscles working hard to maintain this position.

The second exercise is ...

superman lower back exerciseThe Superman - Simply lie on the floor face down with arms outstretched like Superman, or over a Swiss ball if it is more comfortable at present due to back pain. Then raise your arms and legs off the ground again for as long as possible. If using a Swiss ball you only need to raise your arms and your body, keeping your toes planted on the ground.

Simply contract your back muscles as you breathe in to raise your raise into the position. Then as you breathe out contract the muscles as hard as you can, and breathe out for 7 seconds only and then relax.

This is an isometric contraction and you only need to do this once to build strength in the muscle, although as in the hollowing you can repeat this contraction up to five times as strength increases. You can also do this with the Plank to build strength, simply contract the abdominal muscles and hold for the 7 seconds.

Below is a brief video demonstrating these exercises for lower back pain...



These are simple but highly effective lower back pain exercises, that everyone should use long term to help prevent back pain and to build strength in your core.

But a word of warning...


Avoid These Mistakes Please

Exercises for lower back pain are common; they are used often, yet for most they offer little help in lower back pain relief.

Lower back pain occurs from imbalances in your spine, these are muscular and joint related. Even with the muscular side of the problem you need to boost the nerve and blood supply to the muscle, stretch and strengthen it for the muscle to return to balance.

But the one mistake people make in all back pain relief is that they rely on pain as the only signal to act.

Pain is just like a fire alarm - it tells you that the issues are big enough to warrant attention.

When pain goes it doesn't mean your spine has returned to balance. It just means the issues have reduced enough where the pain signal has stopped.

This is why detecting imbalances in your spine is the only ESSENTIAL skill in reliving back pain.

You can use this detection method to work out which muscles and joints to target, and you can use the same detection method to monitor you balance.

Keep using your chosen back pain program until you see balance is restored. Then maintain a healthy spine by building strength and using a few general health techniques.


Detecting imbalances is the essential skill you MUST learn, once you learn this then you are able to use exercises for lower back pain and stretches, plus many other simple techniques to become pain free. Click the link below now to learn more about detecting these imbalances...


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