Corrective Exercises for Back Pain

All exercises for back pain must be targeted towards both the symptoms and the cause, and also both muscles and joints.

Removing the underlying causes of your back or neck pain is your primary focus. Without removing the cause, pain will return and you are left suffering once more.

Before you ever attempt to remove the cause, first you must identify the exact cause of your pain.

What is the exact cause of your pain?

All back and neck pain is from the accumulation of many micro-injuries over time. Research has proven that it is not one event but the many small events that occur each day that lead to your pain.

Every day you lift, bend, twist, carry objects and even have prolonged postures that cause muscle tension. As muscles attach to your joints, this tension pulls your spine out of alignment and leads to what is known as "Spinal Imbalances".

How do you remove these Spinal Imbalances?

Balancing your spine is the process of targeting both muscles and joints, using a variety of technqiues including exercises for back pain. Unless you target both, pain will commonly return, which is why just stretching or exercising has poor long term success.

Spinal Balancing is a complete process of correcting muscles and joints and preventing the recurrence of these imbalances.

How to you rebalance muscles?

Muscle balance is precisely that - balance.

stretches for back pain It is a process of relaxing muscles that are tight and strengthening those that are weak. But this is where most techniques get it wrong...

Strength is not physical strength, the first step is actually improving the nerve and blood supply to the muscle so it can activate. If the supply is poor muscles will fail to fire when needed and hence lose power and strength.

If the supply is low, then muscles will tire and tighten - muscles that are commonly tight and in spasm are also weak. This sounds strange but this is the physiological reaction that occurs with muscles.

To correct the muscle balance you must first stimulate the muscle by improving its nerve and blood supply, and then stretch the muscle and strengthen it. Certain types of stretching techniques will stretch and strengthen the muscle at the same time, this saves a lot of time working on muscles as these techniques are usually performed within 30 seconds.

Long term relief then requires you to exercise the muscle to rebuild physical strength - core training is the most effective way to achieve this.

Muscles still work as part of a system, which is why unless you balance joints, muscles will also likely return to a state of imbalance. To discover the best exercises for back pain and the most effective way to get lasting relief, simply click the link below..

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How do you rebalance joints?

Rebalancing joints is both a safe and painless exercise. The main area to target is the pelvis, which is the foundation area of the spine. It is the pelvis that twists and distorts that is the prime cause of the spinal imbalances.

Rebalancing the pelvis is a process of targeting both the pelvis and the mechanisms that support it. Once the pelvis is back into balance, individual joints can be targeted to release their tension.

Most people expect this to be the domain of seeing a Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or some structural therapist. However there are certain effective techniques that you can use at home to realign your spine and release pressure from your joints.

What is the best approach to removing Spinal Imbalances?

The most effective way to remove spinal imbalances is using a simple 3-Step-System. Unless you use a system designed to find the exact cause, turn off the pain signals and remove all the underlying causes, you will only ever get temporary relief.

Long term results occur when you follow a system that removes ALL the causes.

This type of approach is also the most efficient, in that it is the regular use of techniques daily that makes the biggest gains. A few minutes each day is all that is needed and long term you will find that by assessing and reassessing your spinal balances allows you to make sure your spine stays healthy.

Nobody cares as much about your back pain as you do. It is a big decision to ask for help on the internet and finding someone you can trust is difficult. In my private practice I offer a free consultation so prospective clients can ask me a few questions and find out if I can help.

Even though this is the internet I would like to offer you the same. Before you decide to try this 3-Step-System you can grab a copy of our FREE Relief Guide which will explain more about our system and the concepts it is based upon. You are also welcome to ask me a question relating to your pain and I will give you an honest, personal opinion on whether we can help.


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