What Is Gout - and what can you do?

gout pains occur commonly in the big toeIf you suffer with joint inflammation, you may have gout. It is a form of arthritis that can commonly affect the big toe joint, but it may also appear in the feet, ankles, hands and elbows.

When gout strikes it will usually attack a single joint, so if you have aches and pains in multiple joints you are less likely suffering with gout. This is more the result of spinal imbalances.

The cause of this type of arthritis is elevated uric acid levels, which can occur from a variety of causes. Many people will note that rich foods, shell fish, red wine and few other foods can trigger an attack.

It is often accompanied by sudden and quite severe periods of pain, swelling and redness around the joint. Movement of the area is severely restricted due to the pain.


How To Relieve Gout

For many people the gout attack is the first sign of any problem and to confirm the diagnosis doctors often perform tests such as blood analyses or tissue examinations under the microscope.

There are many medications that can give you gout relief, but most if not all have side effects. If this is a recurring issue, then you need to look at the underlying cause and correct the imbalances present allowing the uric acid levels to increase.

There are a few things you can do now to help...


Adjust Your Diet

fruit and veges help with gout reliefAdopting a low purine diet is one of the easiest ways to cure. Limiting the consumption of fish, shellfish, poultry and products containing yeast are also a part of a creating a low purine diet.

Beer consumption also needs to be limited as it contains alcohol which can cause dehydration, and it also contains purine.

Certain studies show that drinking coffee can actually help ease the pain and prevent the condition - and the more of it the better.

Other natural gout remedies include fruits and vegetables low in protein, lemon juice, fish oil supplements, ginger, turmeric and colchicine. Include them in your diet or source some Omega-3 fish oil supplements.


Remove Body Toxins

Even doing a regular detox can help. The kidneys are the area that relate to uric acid levels. Years of poor diet, stress and many other factors can allow the uric acid levels to increase.

Hence performing a simple detox on a regular basis can help. This doesn't mean you need to radically change diets, or consume products that taste revolting. You can do many things simply at home to help or head to your local health store to find a detox kit.

Drinking lemon juice in water can flush the liver. It sounds strange but lemon juice actually will reduce acidity levels in the body which will help with the gout pains.

relieve gout with a kidney detoxCranberry juice is well known to help detox the kidneys. Drinking a glass of cranberry juice and it should contain at least 25% cranberries ion the juice) can help to remove toxins from the kidney.

You can do this daily or just on a semi-regular basis to maintain a better health level for both your Kidneys and Liver.

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