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christchurch, new zealand chiropractor, Dr Graeme TeagueHi

I'm Dr Graeme Teague a Christchurch Chiropractor and this is just a brief overview of the Back Pain Advisor and my private practice. After all, you need to know my experience so you can trust my advice.

I have been in practice since 1991, in Christchurch New Zealand. I am a qualified Chiropractor with a bit of difference. In fact I incorporate many natural techniques into my practice.

My practice details are:

85 Major Hornbrook Road, Mt Pleasant
Christchurch New Zealand
Phone (03) 3840-160


Yes a real practice treating people with a variety of ailments.

Here's a brief overview of how I practice and the many conditions we help.

Overview - Specialist Chiropractor

I'm called a Specialist Chiropractor simply because there is no other term to define how I practice. I am Chiropractic trained but have further specialized in a technique called Applied Kinesiology.

This is a muscle testing method, which allows me to diagnose where problems lie. It's a simple technique and also very effective at helping us work out exactly what is happening within your body.

From a treatment perspective, we also never rely on one technique. Why?

All health problems no matter what they are, involve more than one issue. To correct any health issue you therefore must use more than one technique.

In my practice we use:


Most people think of Chiropractors as those that "crack" your back. In fact there are many safe, gentle and noiseless ways to get joints moving correctly. The techniques I use can even be taught to use at home easily.

They help the joint move freely but also help to relax the small muscles around the joint that support the movement. They are a more effective way to ease pain and to promote good joint health.

Reflex Therapy

There are reflexes in your body that help you move, that if out of balance can allow joints and muscles to tire and become painful.

We use certain reflexes to make sure your movement is balanced, that the nerve and blood supply to your muscles is also correct.

Without these in balance, most Chiropractic work will only gives temporary relief.

Stimulating reflexes is simple too, and within a few minutes you can feel tension ease and stress on your joints dissipate.


You may have heard or even seen acupuncture. Acupressure is the same concept without the needles. We use an older form of acupressure where you only need to hold the points and not rub them. They also have a larger size so are basically impossible to miss when you use these at home.

Acupressure is used in my practice and also taught to my clients, as it is a simple way to continually build on what we treat inside the clinic.

Acupressure can also be used to stimulate organ function and various systems within the body.

The benefit of this approach means we can also help many general health complaints, such as digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, stress and fatigue and so much more.


Homeopathy has been used since the 1700's and still is a therapy that is misunderstood as to how it works ... but it does.

Our approach uses homeopathics to reinforce the work of the other modalities we use. They are great to use as they have no side effects and encourage your body to heal at a faster rate, so that your ailments ease quickly but you are also able to build resistance against future problems.

The one element we teach that is seldom taught is ... self help!

Knowledge is the KEY

christchurch, nz, back pain helped with chiropractorThe main concept we use in our clinic and via our web site the Back Pain Advisor, is that knowledge is the key to everything.

If YOU know why a problem develops, and what YOU can do at home to help ease it, then the problem will disappear quicker and faster. This is self-help!

As part of this concept I teach people how to remove their aches and pain at home via our web site and our X-Pain program, teaching the simplest techniques that are highly effective and removing pain. Our X-Pain program remains the webs' most effective back pain relief program.

As part of my clinic I also teach my clients simple techniques to use at home that reinforce our treatment. This means less treatment times and costs, a faster recovery and healthier future.



If you are not living in Christchurch New Zealand, then browse our site, Use our "Ask the Doctor" service to find out how we can help you.

If you are local, meaning living within New Zealand, feel free to phone me and we can arrange an appointment time for a consultation.

I only accept those clients who I honestly believe I can help. With the variety of techniques used in my clinic, there are few people we can't help.

So enjoy our web site and I look forward to helping you remove your pain and improve your overall health and well being.

As always if you have any questions, advice or areas of concern ... just contact me through our Contact Us web page and I will endeavor to get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

So enjoy this site and all the knowledge it will give to you.

Yours in health

graeme teague, christchurch nz chiropractor
Dr Graeme Teague

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