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simple headache relief Did you now that almost 70% of the population has said they suffer with tension headaches, and that 13% say they have had a migraine. This leaves very few people left who say they have never suffered with headaches.

No wonder the drug industry is booming with all the products that help with pain. Medication is after all the first thing you reach for when you have a headache. But medication has its side effects and is only ever going to give you temporary relief.

If you want natural headache relief, you must first identify exactly what is causing your headaches, and you may be surprised at some of the answers below.

What causes headaches?

There are numerous types of headaches, but here are some common causes that are similar in each. This is not a complete list, but identifying if these are part of your problem will help you to at least ease your headaches.

water helps with headaches Dehydration - your brain is the first area to lose water, your body is made up of almost 70% water, yet your brain is closer to 90%. If water levels decline your brain dehydrates and will cause you to lose focus, tire and develop headaches.

Drinking water has been well known to aid headaches, but there are even better ways to rehydrate and protect your brain from this process. On the flip side, avoiding those drinks that deplete your body of water is best - coffee, alcohol, soft drinks and sugary drinks.

Stress - stress is a leading cause of headaches. However it is your ability to deal with stress rather than the volume of stress around you that is the main culprit. Stress will allow your muscles to tighten, will help cause dehydration and will even cause your body to become more acidic, all leading to headaches.

Learning to reduce stress is therefore a vital step in getting headache relief and also preventing headaches. There are many breathing techniques you can learn along with simple ways to calm your mind. With a calm mind stress will melt away and you benefit from less headaches, more energy, better sleep and many other well researched benefits from using stress reduction.

Muscle Tension - the muscles in your upper back and neck refer pain to your head. Trigger points in your Upper Trapezius for example will commonly cause frontal headaches (headaches above your eye, making your eyes feel bruised and sore).

Trigger Points have been shown to be present in over 75% of all muscle related pain conditions, including headaches. Knowing how to release trigger points is therefore one of the key techniques in headache relief.

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Muscle tension develops as you perform daily tasks, such as lifting, bending, carrying and even prolonged poor postures. These stresses cause your muscles to tire and tighten and with time will pull your spine out of alignment, creating spinal imbalances.

It is these spinal imbalances that can create headaches along with back and neck pain. Identifying which imbalances you have will help you to find the cause of your headaches. Once you detect these patterns you can then perform corrective techniques to rebalance your spine, reduce trigger points and stop your headaches.

Why do so many natural headache relief techniques fail?

Most people are told that their headaches are due to muscle tension only, that massaging the muscles will give you relief. It may offer a temporary fix, but unless you remove all the causes, headache will return.

Medications, supplements an even stretches and exercises, will only go so far. They will not rehydrate your body effectively, will not help reduce your stress levels or rebalance your spine. They will help with symptom relief and that is all, a temporary fix.

What is the best approach to natural headache relief?

The best approach is to use a combined attack for complete headache relief. You must first rehydrate your body down to a cellular level. You must reduce stress by learning ways to breathe better and ways to help calm your mind.

Finally you must identify the spinal imbalances that are causing the muscle tension leading to headaches. Then perform corrective techniques to rebalance the distortion patterns that have occurred.

However, the first step is knowing how to relief your headaches now. Sure you still need to address the underlying cause, but easing pain is foremost in your mind. Click the link below to learn more about how to ease your pain almost instantly.


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