Lower Back Ache

Is a lower back ache worse than a lower back pain? Is there a difference? More importantly is there something you can do now to ease your ache before it gets worse.

Read on to find out the difference between an ache and a pain. Which is more worrying for you and the steps you need to take now. There is also a simple technique you can use now to ease your lower back ache.

But first...

Should you worry about your lower back ache?

lower back ache

When you have a lower backache, you are actually in the early stages of discomfort. The ache is caused as a few muscles tire, they tighten and then the ache develops. Although it is less severe than actual pain, it still needs to be addressed now.

If not your ache with time will become back pain.

Most people wait until their aching back has become severe back pain before they address it. Just because it is minor, this doesn't mean you should not try to ease your discomfort.

Too many people wait until pain arrives before they plan to act. Inaction is actually the biggest cause of back pain. If you remove the ache before it becomes a pain you can stop the process from becoming worse.

Sure the statistics are frightening; the majority of back pain becomes chronic and lifelong. This is because people do not correct all the factors causing their back pain. If you don't correct all the factors causing back pain (tight muscles, weak muscles, joint movement and pelvic balance), then your ache will become back pain. The statistics point out that once pain arrives, you have a high probability that it will become chronic.

Please correct it now.

What can you do now?

As your lower backache is caused mainly by muscles, the main focus now is to relax the muscle and also to stimulate it. Why?

help with low back painMuscles tighten as they tire. The tiredness is commonly caused as the nerve and blood supply reduces or after a prolonged period of stress or overuse of the muscle. If it is stress or overuse, then you need to address these also.

Stretching the muscle is simple enough, the easiest stretch for your lower back ache is to bring your knees to your chest. This stretches the lower back muscles, which are a common source of the ache.

To stimulate the nerve and blood supply, you need to rub a reflex that activates the nerve and blood supply.

All you do is rub in a circular motion for about 10-15 seconds. Rub firmly but not aggressively. Do this once or twice a day and the supply will boost.

Where do you rub? The main reflex (there are actually a few) is just out from your spine at the base. It is around the dimple area in the low back, over the Sacro-Iliac joint (the bony prominence an inch out from the spine)

Although you can't over stimulate the reflex, once or twice a day is plenty to help ease the ache. However, if your ache only eases temporarily or fails to ease, then you need to look further. You need to actually follow a simple step-by-step approach to remove your lower backache.

The FIRST essential step in relieving lower back ache

The first step is the most important. Why?

If you cannot identify what is wrong, you will not know where or what to target. The generic type exercises ad stretches plainly do not help. If they did, back pain would have vanished from society, but it hasn't.

Being able to identify the cause, which is the distortion patterns that allow your muscles to tire and tighten, means you can ease pain quickly. You can also use the same techniques to monitor your progress to make sure all the causes have gone, not just your ache.

If you want to stop your lower back ache becoming a pain, you need to act.

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What is the best approach to ease your lower back ache?

To get long lasting results you must both remove the symptoms and the cause. First you must identify which spinal imbalances are present, then attack the symptomatic processes. This can be achieved by using many techniques from ice/heat, Acupressure and anti-inflammatory measures. Then you must perform corrective techniques that target the spinal imbalances.

The principles of Spinal Balancing address the both the pain and the root cause of the condition that is responsible for your lower right back pain. Through self assessments, your individual spinal imbalances can be identified, and a targeted corrective program can be developed for your specific needs.


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