Lower Back Pain Exercise

Lower back pain exercise is used to remove your pain. Yet for most exercise fails to do anything at all except take up your time. There are some simple exercises you can use that will not only help your lower back pain, but will strengthen your spine at the same time.

Read on to discover the 3 best exercises to use that will help ease your pain quickly.

Remember though, all back pain is created by four main issues. You have muscles that are tight, others are weak, and you have joints not moving freely and your pelvis out of balance.

Although lower back pain exercise is good to use, it will not remove all aspects of your back pain. You should still aim to remove all the causes, or your pain will only temporarily ease.

Long lasting back pain relief is achieved by removing all the causes. But first...

The third best exercise for lower back pain

lower back pain exercise Exercising will build strength, and the muscle that commonly allows lower back pain to occur is your Erector Spinae group. These are the muscles that run either side of your spine. They help support your back and are used when you bend lift and twist.

Hence good strong back muscles will help to ease pain, but the main function is to prevent lower back pain long term.

When you exercise these muscles the best exercise to use is an isometric contraction of the muscle.

All you do is lie on your stomach and place your hands behind your head. Raise your shoulders off the ground and tense your lower back muscles. Use your hands behind your head to apply resistance. Contract the muscles as hard as you can for 7 seconds only and then relax.

It is as simple as that to build strength in these muscles. Perform this three times a week and your lower back will gain incredible strength.

One word of warning. If you are experiencing lower back pain, it may be best to avoid this exercise now, as it may aggravate your pain. It is a great exercise but more suited at removing the last parts of your pain and to prevent it returning.

The second best lower back pain exercise

Your abdominal muscles are the main reason why back pain occurs. Strengthening these again is the key to long-term back pain relief.

However, endless sit-ups will not achieve this. You need to target these muscles, but if the nerve and blood supply to these muscles is poor, all exercise will fail to improve their strength. This is why exercise is only part of an over all approach to relieving back pain.

You should still make sure joints move well, your pelvis is balanced and there is muscular balance.

To strengthen your abdominals effectively, once again an isometric exercise is best.

This is a technique that helps to build the strength in the abdominal muscles, while keeping your spine in a neutral position.

Start by lying on your back with knees bent. Your lumbar spine should be neither arched up and you shouldn't try to flatten it either. Just try to keep a small gap between the floor and your back. This is the 'neutral' lumbar position you should learn to achieve.

Breathe in deeply and relax all your stomach muscles. Breathe out and, as you do so, draw your lower abdomen inwards as if your belly button is going back towards the floor. This is called 'zipping up' - as if you are fastening a tight pair of jeans.

Hold the contraction for 10 seconds and stay relaxed, allowing yourself to breathe in and out as you hold the tension in your lower stomach area.

You can repeat this 5 times to give your abdominals a good workout.

The most important lower back pain exercise though is below.

The BEST lower back pain exercise

In fact the best exercise is not actually one that relieves any pain. The best exercise is an exercise in planning.

You cannot use any lower back pain exercise if you do not know what you need to target. Knowing what is wrong, what distortion patterns exist is always the first step in any exercise program.

If you can identify the distortion patterns, which are the true causes of back pain, you know which lower back pain exercises you need to use.

If you use the wrong exercises you can do more harm than good. Knowing what patterns exists allows you to use the best exercises for your condition. Being able to identify the causes gives you a tool to measure your progress also.

You can use the same diagnostic test to make sure you return to balance.

What is the best approach to ease your lower back pain?

To get long lasting results you must both remove the symptoms and the cause. First you must identify which spinal imbalances are present, then attack the symptomatic processes. This can be achieved by using many techniques from ice/heat, Acupressure and anti-inflammatory measures. Then you must perform corrective techniques that target the spinal imbalances.

The principles of Spinal Balancing address the both the pain and the root cause of the condition that is responsible for your lower right back pain. Through self assessments, your individual spinal imbalances can be identified, and a targeted corrective program can be developed for your specific needs.


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