Lower Back Pain Relief

Did you know that lower back pain relief fails in more than 75% of cases? You are more likely to remain in pain or become worse than get better.

Read on to find out why and what you must do to avoid the common mistakes other make. Avoid these mistakes and you can avoid these poor results.

Yes it is true, statistics point out that if you have back pain now, only 25% of you reading this will be pain free in one year. The rest are worse or the same. This includes those seeking help from practitioners or using various self help techniques.

Why are these results so poor, yet there are now more treatment options open to you, more knowledge to learn on the internet, yet these results are getting worse not better.

The BIGGEST mistake made with lower back pain relief

back pain mistakes The biggest mistake made is actually stopping. This means too many people stop seeking help or using techniques sooner than they should.

Pain is only a signal that your back has distorted enough to warrant attention. Pain does not tell you where the problem starts from, what you need to do to correct t or how long you should persevere.

Pain is just like a fire alarm, and that is all.

To avoid this mistake you need to keep using techniques until the pain has gone AND your body has returned to a normal functioning state. This means there is no muscle tension, muscles are strong and supportive, joints are moving well and your pelvis is balanced and aligned.

Failing to keep using techniques until this is achieved means you will add to those 75% + people in pain or worse in years to come.

The first and worst mistake

The first mistake people make is actually the worst.

The first mistake is not knowing what to target. Too many people use generic techniques in hope they will help. Even a lot of practitioners just go through the same routine with every patient, hoping they will get better.

Unless you know what is out of balance, you will not know where to treat.

Most people believe the causes of lower back pain is how you lifted, twisted or bent over. In fact this is not true.

The cause of back pain is the distortion patterns that exist in your spine that reduce the strident and resistance in your spine. If you lower your strength and resistance you will one day try to lift, bend or twist and suddenly experience back pain.

The final act did not cause your pain. If they did, then every time you have ever lifted, bent or twisted would create pain. Clearly this is not the case.

It is the build up of tension over time as your spine has tired and tightened due to these patterns.

If you want low back pain relief you must know what and where to target. This is the only VITAL step in lower back pain relief.

The VITAL step in low back pain relief

The only vital step in lower back pain relief is finding the cause. In fact you can use the same step to avoid the other mistakes people make.

distortions and lower back pain relief If you can identify the patterns of distortion causing your pain, you can use these same techniques to make sure you are in balance, not just out of pain.

Being able to identify the causes means you can target your lower back pain relief efforts, and keep using the techniques until pain has gone and you return to balance.

This way you can avoid the common mistakes people make that allow the statistics to be so poor.

What is the best approach to ease your lower back pain?

To get long lasting results you must both remove the symptoms and the cause. First you must identify which spinal imbalances are present, then attack the symptomatic processes. This can be achieved by using many techniques from ice/heat, Acupressure and anti-inflammatory measures. Then you must perform corrective techniques that target the spinal imbalances.

The principles of Spinal Balancing address the both the pain and the root cause of the condition that is responsible for your lower right back pain. Through self assessments, your individual spinal imbalances can be identified, and a targeted corrective program can be developed for your specific needs.


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