Lower Left Back Pain

Lower Left Back Pain is as common as lower right back pain. They are both similar events caused by the same mechanisms. Either way, when you have lower back pain on the left side, touching your toes is a dream not a reality because as soon as you move pain starts. So what exactly causes this left sided lower back pain?.

Lower Left Back Pain Causes

Almost all back pain is caused by many small events over a period of time, rather than a fall or injury. This is why most people suddenly find they feel stiff and sore in the area first and then it progresses to the point where pain develops.

With lower left back pain the same applies. The pain is caused by the many bending, lifting and carrying activities along with numerous other stresses that can affect the joint and muscles in the area.

You may notice pain as you bend forward, no matter whether you are trying to touch your toes, or lift an object, tie your shoe laces. Even simply lifting your leg or trying to get out of a chair can bring on the pain. Why?

With these activities you are using your Sacro-iliac joint. This is the joint that causes your back pain.

As with the right joint, there is no disc for protection, and you use this joint in almost every lower back movement. This is why this joint is not just a cause of lower back pain; it is involved in most lower back pain conditions.


Is there a simple way to eliminate lower left back pain?

Most people believe that the only way to correct joint movement is to consult a structural therapist. In fact there are many things you can do at home to not only ease pain but to also get this joint moving freely and easily. If you plan to use some techniques to remove your lower left back pain, you must follow a simple plan that makes sure each aspect of the problem is removed.

To correct this joint you need to address the three main mechanisms that cause the pain.

Correction 1:

You need to re-align the pelvis. As the Sacro-Iliac joint tightens it places strain on the pelvis and surrounding area which creates an imbalance in the pelvis. This imbalance is a protective mechanism to try to ease pressure from the joint. You need to balance the pelvis using simple pelvic balancing techniques to ease this tension.

Correction 2:

Release the tension in the muscles that support the joint. As the pelvis becomes out of balance the muscles in the area will work harder, tire and eventually tighten. As a result pain may spread around your lower back, pelvis and even down your leg.

The most commonly involved are the Piriformis muscles, the Hip Flexors and the Hamstrings. These muscles help support the pelvis and keep it in balance. It is the combination of both muscle and joint imbalance that leads to any pain and will cause the lower back pain on the left side.

Correction 3:

Remove inflammation. The Sacro-iliac joints are commonly involved when the lower back is unsettled and are the main joint involved with lower back pain. As the Sacro-iliac joint doesn't have the protection of a disc like other joints, it becomes inflamed easily and pain becomes quite irritating.

It is the inflammation that if left untreated can cause both the muscle and joint imbalances to become worse with time as the body tries to protect the area. You can use medication to ease inflammation, but simply applying ice to the area can work quicker and is often easier to use when pain first arrives. Even using Acupressure techniques can relieve the inflammation and ease the lower left back pain quickly.

Left side lower back pain can feel like a dull aches through to sharp pain, this can depend on the extent of these three issues that cause your pain.

It can be painful when you try to get out of a chair, or when you bend to tie your shoes. If you fail to address all three mechanisms that create your lower back pain left side, then you may find your pain becomes chronic. But you can use techniques at home to help ease pain and get the joint moving freely once more, click the following link to learn more.

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The first step in relieving lower back pain

lower left back pain pelvic distortionWith all back pain, including lower left back pain the first step isn't removing your pain. If this is a recurring issue or been occurring for some time you first need to work out which imbalances you have.

The first step in easing your pain is never stretching or strengthening, it is not even trying to get the joint moving.

The first step is identifying which type of distortion patterns you have.

Your spine and pelvis have 4 common types of distortion. Each one will change the movement of your Sacro-Iliac joints in certain directions and allow pain to develop. Knowing which imbalance you have allows you to not only remove your lower left back pain, it will also return your entire spine to a balanced state.


What is the best approach to ease your lower left back pain?

To get long lasting results you must both remove the symptoms and the cause. First you must identify which spinal imbalances are present, then attack the symptomatic processes. This can be achieved by using many techniques from ice/heat, Acupressure and anti-inflammatory measures. Then you must perform corrective techniques that target the spinal imbalances.

A technique called Spinal Balancing address the both the pain and the root cause of the condition that is responsible for your lower left back pain. Through self assessments, your individual spinal imbalances can be identified, and a targeted corrective program can be developed for your specific needs.You are able to remove pain at home, get your spine and pelvis working in a balanced manner and remove your lower left back pain. Click the link below to learn more about removing your lower left back pain.


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